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Need Advice on a Bulged Disc........?

Need Advice on a Bulged Disc........? 1

A bulged disc, often referred to as a slipped disc or ruptured disc, will never be 100% of what it once was and the closest you can get to being back to normal is likely surgery. HOWEVER, many people are able to pretty much heal from a slipped disc and do core strengthening exercises and exercise caution in the future to where they live pretty much as if they had no disc problems. Deadlifts in the future are not a good idea, but hey - not being able to pump heavy iron is not the end of the world and you can still be quite buff.

When a disc "slips" or bulges, it often presses upon the sciatic nerve bundle resulting in muscle spasms that put even more pressure upon the nerves and usually the only way to break this cycle is to stabilize the back (thus the bed rest), relax the muscles and use anti-inflammatories to help reduce the swelling. Once this is accomplished, healing and repair can be accomplished by either allopathic physical therapy and/or surgery, or else spinal decompression by a qualified chiropractor. Decades ago, I had a slipped disc and went the allopathic route.

Bed rest and a combination of the muscle relaxer Flexeril, pain medication and a sterioidal anti-inflammatory was the initial treatment which was followed by physical therapy. It took a good year, but the results were good until one day I injured the disc even further and pretty well blew it out. Ultimately, surgery provided the cure, but it cost tens of thousands of dollars even decades ago.

Months ago I had a similar problem, as a likely result of a series of incidences that can best be summed up as being careless and acting like I was still young and immortal. I tried everything, but it only got worse and worse and ultimately became virtually completely dibilitating. And so, after a consultation and recommendation of a naturopathic friend who also co-moderates one of my health forums, I ended up going to a chiropractor who uses the DC9000 spinal decompression machine, along with electrical stim pads and a "cold laser".

Need Advice on a Bulged Disc........? 2

The spinal decompression truly works wonders, though one must be patient. In the end, your chiro can also lead you through some core strengthening exercises to help support the back and take pressure off the discs and spine in the future. Taking bromelain and/or other digestive proteolytic enzymes, fish oil and plenty of omega 3's, curcumin, L-lysine, glusosamine, chondroitin, collagen, MSM sulfur, silica and hiyaluronic acid help speed and support healing.

Ginger (either the fresh roots or a ginger extract) is a good natural anti-inflammatory. It will also help to get one of those refreezeable gel ice packs and use it for 30 minutes at a time as many times a day as you can (my chiro recommended ten times a day!).

Also, get a good lumbar support cushion for car rides and for sitting in the chair or sofa. Sleep in a fetal position with a pillow between the legs, or else flat on the back with several pillows beneath the lower legs to prop them up in the air. Walking helps too, even if you have to start out with small walks and hesitating steps like I did.

Eating a healthy diet and losing weight can also help. I ate mostly raw, mostly organic vegetables and fruit, cut out virtually all sugars and most coffee and soft drinks and also consumed plenty of ultra-healthy raw organic goats milk and organic free range eggs. And I lost over 15 pounds.

Once one has recovered sufficiently, they may also wish to look into a good inversion table, such as the Orthopod or the Dex II. I bought a unit made by Marcy that I like a lot. If you like exercise you will probably really like working out on the inversion table/chair (go easy though, especially at first).

About five months ago, I was barely able to walk, could only sleep for a couple of hours at a time when exhaustion finally overcame my pain, and was eating 20 mg diazepams (generic Valium) like they were candy - even two at a time barely numbed the pain, though it thoroughly numbed my brain. And I HATE mainstream meds! I could only make it up the stairs by holding on to the bannister with one hand and placing first one foot and then the other on one step at a time.

Today, after doing all of the above, I can scamper up those stairs two at a time if I want. I still have referred pain in my foot (due to the pressing of the bulging spine onto the sciatic nerve bundle), but it is mainly located in the area of my big toe and a bit in the arch area and is more of a dull pain than stabbing pains as well as numbness and dull pain along my right calf and in my entire right foot and ankle). My back still gets a slight ache if I sit too long and at time (though a nice orthopedic chair helps a lot).

And so I still have a ways to go, but that is to be expected. Many years ago I had back surgery for a similar disc problem and it took fully six months for the numbness to disappear. As it is, I am back to about 90% and continuing to improve each week.


Xbox 360 Damaged Disc Question?

No, you can not . If the disc is not able to be read on your console, it can not verify


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That message means that your DVD DRIVE does not support DVD-R. Get some DVD+R disks and you will be able to burn them.

(Or get a more modern drive.)

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Since the mass is at equilibrium, the force due to rotation which depends on $m,\omega,r$ acting in the radial direction should be equal to the force due to the spring which depends on $k$ and $x$. The springs can be thought to be composed of 2 springs in parallel.

Equate them to find $x$

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    Most mechanical keyboards weigh about 1.4kg or 3lbs. Not sure why they added "mechanical" in the product description, because that is clearly false.

  • What Is a Mechanical Keyboard?

    Mechanical keyboards have physical switches beneath the keys that recreate the experience of typing on a typewriter. Press a key, and you press its switch. Although different types of switches are used in mechanical keyboards, these keyboards generally result in more accurate typing.

    Mechanical keyboards may seem like clunky relics of a bygone era of computers. Still, for many people, newer membrane keyboards do not have the same satisfying sound or feel. Today, most laptop and desktop keyboards are membrane keyboards.

    This means the keyboard is composed of a set of three plastic membranes, with dome-shaped rubber switches underneath each key. Press a key, and the rubber switch pushes through a hole in the middle membrane to connect the top and bottom membranes, creating an electrical circuit that causes the keyboard to send the input to the computer. This design is inexpensive and spill-resistant, but it does not give as much tactile or audible feedback when you press a key, which can change the way you type.

    In comparison, the membrane keyboard may feel flat or mushy. If you spend a lot of time at a PC keyboard, it may be worth your while to switch to a mechanical keyboard. Some manufacturers make mechanical switch keyboards that feel like the classic IBM Model M.

    These designs usually help you type more quickly and accurately. Plus, mechanical keyboards last longer than the standard PC pack-in keyboards. It may also deliver a more satisfying writing experience.

    Those who may find a mechanical keyboard to be a sound investment include office workers whose jobs depend on speedy and reliable data entry, gamers, and professional writers. There are several advantages to mechanical keyboards, including longer key life, improved accuracy, and sturdier designs. Apart from being more expensive than most Bluetooth and wired membrane keyboards, the biggest drawback is that mechanical keyboards are loud.

    While the volume depends on what kind of switch the keyboard uses and your typing technique, mechanical keyboards are louder than other types of keyboards. This may not be a problem for office workers or in environments with coworkers who wear headsets. Mechanical keyboards are heavy—usually around three pounds—and tend to last longer.

    Mechanical switches are certified to outlast rubber-dome switches almost across the board, regardless of manufacturer—unless you spill a drink on it. Mechanical keyboards may force you to type differently. Membrane keyboards require you to press the key down as far as it will go to complete the electrical circuit.

    With mechanical keyboards, you only have to press until you hear the click, which means that the key travels a shorter distance.

  • Is a Mechanical Keyboard Really Worth It?

    Yes,it's. Accuracy. With a mechanical keyboard, when you press a key, it works every time.

    With a membrane keyboard, over time they wear out much faster than mechanical keyboards, and when the keys wear out, you can not just go and replace that particular key, you need to get a whole new keyboard. On mechanical keyboards, each key has its own individual switch underneath. If a key wears out, you can easily replace the switch underneath with a new one.

    Customisation The keys in a mechanical keyboard are available in different weights, colours and materials. If you like a keyboard to have spongy keys, then a "normal" membrane keyboard is good enough. A good quality membrane keyboard is often great for about a year, then starts to feel less responsive, and then some keys do not always register on the first press, or need to be pressed harder than others to respond.

    If you prefer the keys to feel light and accurate, or firmer to press than a typical keyboard, or dream of a keyboard with a combination of both light and firm for different keys throughout the keyboard, this can only be achieved with a mechanical keyboard. There are different switch types, or "colours", which determine the weight required to press each key. If you type a lot, or play games for hours on end, the difference in weight is noticeable over days or weeks of typing.

    *** Typical computer users may not notice any difference, unless they type a lot. *** Many Switch Types Available Cherry MX is a type of switch, and comes in many "colours", from brown, blue, red, black, white, green. Each colour has a different feel and sound when you type on it.

    The switch under the key is the same colour as the weight of the key. ie if you have Brown switches, the plastic of the actuator under the key is actually brown in colour, as a means to visually identify the weight of the keys easily. There are other brands of switches, such as ALPS and Topre, which are quieter, or just have a different feel.

    I have tried and owned many brands of mechanical and membrane keyboards, and there is a noticeable difference between them, especially in terms of noise. Mechanical keyboards are mostly loud, even when using Brown switches, (considered a quiet type) and typing on one in an office is very likely to annoy people around you, if they prefer a quiet working environment. Key caps can be replaced This allows a large amount of customisation and personalisation.

    Have a look at this range to see what sorts of colours, fonts and styles are popular at the moment. A lot of the key caps are themed or based on marketing gimmicks, but there are reasons to use specific types of key cap materials. ABS and PBS are the two more common types, PBS is preferred for having a softer texture and durability whereas ABS is the type that is often shiny, and the lettering tends to wear out faster on these than on PBS.

    PBS key caps cost more than ABS though. As a gamer, I have tried many keyboards, as I wear them out after a year or two. I have tried good cheap membrane keyboards, and relatively expensive membrane keyboards that have not been as good as the cheap ones.

    Typing on a mechanical keyboard is often faster, because each key you press works first time, and continues to work first time as the keyboard ages. If noise bothers you, have a look at the Topre Realforce range. They are not cheap, but they offer the best of both worlds.

    In all,Mechanical keyboards provide you with a fantastic typing experience. Each keystroke feels gratifying and authoritative, unlike on a common dome-switch keyboard, which feels mushy Once you start using a mechanical keyboard, it will be hard to switch back to an ordinary keyboard. You will have more incentive to type more and maybe improve your typing speed.

    I use a laptop as my main work machine, but I have a mechanical keyboard hooked up to it 99% of the time.

  • Are Mechanical Keyboard Buttons Soft and Ergonomic?

    Hello! What Is a Mechanical Keyboard?: A mechanical keyboard uses actual, physical switches underneath the keys to determine when the user has pushed a key.

    Press a key, and you press its switch down. Press the switch down, and the keyboard sends a signal to the PC telling it that you pressed that key. Every key on a mechanical keyboard has its own independent mechanical key switch mechanism, delivering crisp response and tactile feedback for a completely different feel with each key stroke.

    Membrane (standard) keyboards are by far the most commonly used with today's computers. They are designed so that all the keycaps are positioned above rubber domes, which in turn are above a plastic membrane that spreads over the entire keyboard. Mechanical keyboard have a tactile key while the other has no tactile feedback.

    Also mechanical keyboards require less force, that means comfortable keys and you having less finger pain. Mechanical-switch keyboards use real switches underneath every key. Depending on the construction of the switch, such keyboards have varying response and travel times.

    Most mechanical keyboards have soft buttons for an ergonomic control of your keyboard and your typing. Try going to your local electronics store and see a demo unit and feel the difference between a reg. keyboard and a mechanical keyboard.

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Cherrymx1.0tkl Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Design and Workmanship Are Good, Especially the Cost P
Cherry 1.0 unpackingWhen you see cherry MX board 1.0 TKL in front of you, you still have a wave of screaming and shouting from fans and media at the press conference. Cherry has always been the existence of faith. There is no doubt that cherry MX board 1.0 TKL (hereinafter referred to as cherry 1.0 TKL) has been waiting for a long time. TKL is tenkeyless, that is, it lacks a 10 digit keypad. As the name suggests, this is a small keyboard.Before evaluation, feel the parameters of cherry 1.0 TKL in general. Equipped with its own cherry MX switch, family style appearance, fine frosted upper cover, monochrome / no backlight, full key and no impact, the price is 499 yuan, etc.Front of packagePackage sideBack of packageCherry's packaging is mainly black, white large-scale model and red cherry logo, which are simple but impressive. The lower right corner is equipped with its own MX switch logo. On the back, cherry 1.0 TKL's shape, product introduction and features are listed, which is quite concise and clear.ORIGINAL CHERRYOpening the package, original cherry comes into view. Without looking at the modeling design of the keyboard, original can know that this is a keyboard that pursues the original, that is, it returns to the family design style.enclosureIndeed awesome, the shape is minimalist, the attachment instructions and the removable foot braces.It is your style that matters.Cherry 1.0 TKL is black, simple and simple. It is a belief "Crazy" to return to the family design style. It uses 87 keys, small and lightweight. The internal material of this keyboard is the same as MX 8.0, but the shape is unique. We continue to look at the details.This keyboard has a frosted upper cover, which feels delicate and comfortable. The black mirror material is added to the frame, which is full of texture in the light.Cherry's logo is decorated with metal. It's faith.The folding design is adopted at the direction key position, which is novel and unique, and has also appeared in the design of MX 9.0.From the side, the keyboard has design elements, adopts sharp edges and corners, and achieves rounded chamfer through Seiko grinding. The key cap adopts the original height, which conforms to the ergonomic step key cap, and the upper and lower frame slope design makes the game office easier.The back of cherry 1.0 TKL is actually made of gray frosted material, which really looks dirt resistant. Cherry's logo is engraved at the bottom and red stickers are used to introduce the relevant information of the keyboard. The whole is still simple, low-key but not simple.There are four anti-skid foot stickers at the bottom. Generally, there are six anti-skid stickers on the market. In addition to two foot braces, four corners will be equipped. Don't worry. If you are worried about anti-skid, cherry is very considerate to be equipped with removable foot braces. Users fold the original foot braces and buckle the removable foot braces to the card slot, so as to have a large area of rubber anti-skid foot pads, Provide strong anti-skid effect for players.Cherry's wire has always taken a soft route, with a length of 1.6m. There is an anti pull and shielding ring at the USB interface. The cherry logo on the USB glitters after power on. I think the gold plating of the USB interface is standard, but cherry 1.0 TKL does not.The key cap is also cherry styleKey capKey capTransparent characterCherry 1.0 TKL adopts ABS UV coated key cap, which is delicate and comfortable, and the light transmission design makes it unobstructed every time. The surface material problem also causes the unavoidable oiling problem. Pay attention to daily cleaning. The characters adopt thin laser etching technology, symmetrical and beautiful, round and thin, very cherry style.Area F of cherry 1.0 TKL has complete functions. Games, office and entertainment can be switched freely. F1 F3 can be muted and the volume can be adjusted. F4 can turn off the backlight and F9 can lock the win key to prevent misoperation.Cherry MX red axisCherry MX red axisLarge key positionOf course, cherry MX axis body should be used for cherry keyboard. There are four options: red, black, green and tea. The author received cherry MX red axis. The red axis belongs to cloud and flowing water type, with soft hand feeling, but it triggers quickly and rebounds quickly. Although there is no paragraph feeling of green axis, the hand feeling is still the same. Long term use will not make fingertips tired like the black shaft. However, the feel is subjective and varies from person to person. The good news is that the press conference in June said that cherry's first experience pavilion was opened in Beijing, with more rental services. You can experience cherry for 80 cents a day, so that young friends can feel cherry's sincerity.Monochrome backlight is also beautifulCherry 1.0 TKL is divided into monochrome backlight and no backlight. I still like monochrome backlight, but I still look forward to cherry RGB in the future. 6 lamp effects: constant light, breathing, single light, radiation, custom (WASD and direction key light) and wave.This keyboard has no impact design. All keys are operated at the same time without conflict.To sum up: this keyboard is small and convenient, and can be used freely in both office and games. I believe cherry will release a large keyboard or carry an RGB mechanical keyboard in the future, and you can continue to look forward to it.If you only love the backlight (such as me), this one is very suitable. The design and workmanship are good, especially the cost performance of 499 is gratifying. Although it is a pity that there is no black technology, the price is enough to appreciate once. Entry level cherry likes to plant grass.
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