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Is It Normal and Sanitary for a Red-eared Slider to Grow Algae on Its Shell?

Is It Normal and Sanitary for a Red-eared Slider to Grow Algae on Its Shell? 1

Hello! Congrats on your temporary friend! I have owned over 12 animals myself (I am 12) Including my two Red Eared Sliders ( I have owned over 40 pets during my life so far, 12 being turtles so I have a lot of experience) No you should not be concerned about it, unless it becomes worse.

You can take an old soft toothbrush and try to scrub some of it off. How big is the tank it is in? How big is the actual turtle?

also you should know, You should NOT clean the turtles tank daily. If you do not have a filter, you should change the water weekly, because the levels of calcium, iron potassium etc would be different in the new water than the old water and this might stress the turtle more then it needs to be, (cleaning a turtles tank is already very stressful, no matter how you do it and changing it too frequently may cause unnecessary extra stress. Good luck!

Love Emily

Is It Normal and Sanitary for a Red-eared Slider to Grow Algae on Its Shell? 2

1. How to Slide the Fifth Wheel Correctly on a Big Rig

It's pretty simple to slide the fifth wheel on a big rig. There are a few important steps involved in successfully moving the fifth wheel, in order to transfer weight from the drive axles to steering axle.

Professional drivers must be familiar with how to slide the fifth wheel on their truck. Otherwise, they can easily damage the vehicle when maneuvering in tight spaces. This is an essential skill for a trucker to learn.

Steps to Slide The Fifth Wheel on a Big Truck The first thing to do, when getting ready to make adjustments to it's position, is to lower the landing gear enough to take the weight and pressure from the fifth wheel and slider mechanism.This will make the adjustment easier on the truck. Yet it wo not add so much ground pressure to the landing gear, that the legs begin to lift the drives off the ground and the truck loses traction. The trailer brakes must be locked.

This is done by flipping the slider switch on the dash of the truck. This forces the air pressure to push the pins on either side of the fifth wheel into the release position. Once the landing gear is lowered, the next step is to pop the pins on the slider.

All truckers should know that it is important after flipping the switch, to get out of the truck and visually check both pins to ensure they have released properly. Keep these pins lubricated with a spray lubricant, to keep them sliding freely. If these pins are stuck, it can be a nightmare, to get them to release.

What if the pins wo not slide? If one of the pins does not slide out and release, gently rock the tractor back and forth to release the pressure on the pin, allowing it to slide. If the pin still does not release, listen for an air leak.

Air pressure can pop these pins out. If there is an air leak, there probably is not enough pressure to allow the pin to release. Once both pins are out, slowly and carefully move the tractor slightly forward or back, depending on where you need to move the weight.

If you need more weight on the steering axle to get as close to the 12,000 lb allowance as possible, gently back the tractor farther underneath the trailer. Keep a close eye on the distance between the front face of the trailer and the back of the tractor. If you are too close with the tractor to the trailer, it will destroy the swing-dip clearance.

If the tractor and trailer are too close to each other, they may hit, when taking a corner or going up a driveway. Produce haulers need to take precaution when loading at produce docks. They often have a steep dip in front of the loading dock, which can cause the truck and trailer to collide when backing in.

You will not want to explain the big dents in the back of the cab to the boss. The Pins on a Fifth Wheel The general rule of thumb is every cog on the fifth wheel slider represents 100 lb. However, do keep in mind, every rig is different.

For example, if 400 more lb. on the steering axle is needed, move the fifth wheel ahead four notches. Then reset the pins and recheck axle weights on a weigh scale.

Ensure both slider pins are locked back in and the landing gear is rolled back up before heading back to the scale. This procedure may take a few attempts to get it right. But it will save you time and trouble at the DOT highway scales.

You should enter the highway scales confident your axle weights are CORRECT EVERY TIME. The cops are not lenient when it comes to incorrect axle weights. Make sure as a professional driver, you know how to correctly slide the fifth wheel.

It's an important part of your job. WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION OF THE ARTICLE TO LEARN HOW TO SLIDE THE FIFTH WHEEL More Articles For You CDL Truck Driver Skills - Tips, Tricks + Knowledge to Kick Your CDL Skills Up a Notch! How To Set Up Axle Weights on a Semi Truck Cornering a Big Rig - The One Critical Thing All Truckers Should Know


Best things to feed a hatchling Red Eared Slider? New owner?

i work at Petsmart and when we get the baby red sliders in we feed them a few different things including, the floating log pellets, rosy red minnows or small comet goldfish (to many goldfish can harm them so only a few a week) and maybe a few small crickets if they will eat them.

the fish wont eat the turtle so u can buy 15 or so of the rosy red minnows and put them all in the tank. the fish however if not eaten within a day will need goldfish or tropical fish food flakes. the adult sliders can live on the log pellets


Can red eared slider eat saltwater fish?

I have two red-eared sliders. Since their normal habitat is freshwater, their environment would not be suitable for having saltwater fish live.

If you drop the fish in and they eat them right away, they should not be harmed by that. Adding salt to the turtle water would not be a good idea, however; they are not made to handle that.

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  • RGB Arrangements of Cell Map

    These are selections of colors based in evenly ordered RGB levels which provide complete RGB combinations, mainly used as master palettes to display any kind of image within the limitations of the 8-bit pixel depth. 6 level RGB Red #000000 #330000 #660000 #990000 #CC0000 #FF0000 Green #000000 #003300 #006600 #009900 #00CC00 #00FF00 Blue #000000 #000033 #000066 #000099 #0000CC #0000FF Having six levels for every primary, with 6³ = 216 combinations. The index can be addressed by (36×R)+(6×G)+B, with all R, G and B values in a range from 0 to 5.

    Intended as homogeneous RGB cube, it gives six true grays. Also, there is room for another sorts of 40 colors, so operating systems or programs can add extra colors. Systems that use this software palette are: Web palette Apple Macintosh 256 color default palette.

    It also contains four gradients of ten shades each for gray, red, green and blue.6-7-6 levels RGB Red #000000 #330000 #660000 #990000 #CC0000 #FF0000 Green #000000 #002A00 #005500 #008000 #00AA00 #00D400 #00FF00 Blue #000000 #000033 #000066 #000099 #0000CC #0000FF This palette is constructed with six levels for red and blue primaries and seven levels for the green primary, giving 6×7×6 = 252 combinations. The index can be addressed by (42×R)+(6×G)+B, with R and B values in a range from 0 to 5 and G in a range from 0 to 6. The same case as the former, but with an added level of green due to the greater sensibility of the normal human eye to this frequency.

    It does not provide true grays, but remaining indexes can be filled with four intermediate grays. In any case, there is little room for any other color. 6-8-5 levels RGB Red #000000 #330000 #660000 #990000 #CC0000 #FF0000 Green #000000 #002400 #004900 #006D00 #009200 #00B600 #00DB00 #00FF00 Blue #000000 #000040 #000080 #0000BF #0000FF This palette is constructed with six levels for red, eight levels for green and five levels for the blue primaries, giving 6×8×5 = 240 combinations.

    The index can be addressed by (40×R)+(5×G)+B, with R ranging from 0 to 5, G from 0 to 7 and B from 0 to 4. Levels are chosen in function of sensibility of the normal human eye to every primary color. Also, it does not provide true grays.

    Remaining indexes can be filled with sixteen intermediate grays or other fixed colors. In fact, this is the best balanced RGB master software palette[citation needed], in a compromise between the RGB arrangement based in the human eye's sensibility and a sufficient remaining palette entries for another purposes. 8-8-4 levels RGB Red #000000 #240000 #490000 #6D0000 #920000 #B60000 #DB0000 #FF0000 Green #000000 #002400 #004900 #006D00 #009200 #00B600 #00DB00 #00FF00 Blue #000000 #000055 #0000AA #0000FF The 8-8-4 level RGB use eight levels for each of the red and green color components (3+3 high order bits), and four levels (2 low order bits) for the blue component, due to the lesser sensitivity of the normal human eye to this primary color.

    This results in an 8×8×4 = 256-color palette as follows: This RGB software palette occupies the full 8-bit range of possible palette entries, so there is no room for other fixed colors. Software using this palette must draw their user interface elements with the same colors used to show pictures. Also again, it does not provide true grays.

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  • Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlighting

    Josh Spoors does a great explanation on the different switches, so I am not going to do it again. But what I am going to do is to recommend you a product. Since the K70 RGB with Blue Switch is discontinued, there is another great product.

    Let me introduce you to the GSkill KM780 RGB with the Cherry MX Blue switch. GSkill is new to the keyboard market but is a very good player in the RAM industry. Their first attempt at a keyboard is great.

    It is solidly built, comes with genuine Cherry MX Switches, and has almost all the features a K70 has

  • What Does RGB Stand for in Gaming? What Is a RGB Keyboard? – GamingChairz

    RGB is the name of a color model and refers to the primary colors red, green, blue. Colored backlight effects of gaming accessories are becoming more and more popular. Meanwhile, there are not only cool backlit keyboards but also backlit computer chassis, fans, backlit water cooling systems, even RGB backlit gaming chairs.

    But what does RGB stand for in gaming? Without a doubt, features such as fast keys, tactile feedback, key assignments for macros, anti-ghosting, etc, are important for good gaming keyboards, but aesthetics and lighting should not be neglected either. So you will soon come across backlit RGB keyboards, as it's clearly one of the most advertised features among gaming keyboards.

    Understanding what RGB really means and how it will affect your gaming experience is important. What Does RGB Mean? • RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue.

    It is based on the three-color theory by Young and Helmholtz, which describes the color vision of humans. It's is also a term used to describe the type of display of a television, but it can also be used with any type of item that requires the use of the colors red, green, and blue, especially keyboard backlighting. • Nearly all colors that the human eye perceives can be displayed with the three primary colors red, green, and blue.

    • Over 16 million colors can be replicated depending on the ratio of how the 3 basic colors are mixed. So what does RGB Keyboard mean? Now that you have a clear understanding of what RGB is in the first place, you might be wondering, how does this relate to a traditional keyboard?

    Any time you see a gaming keyboard that advertises alternating lights or breathing LED light, it will incorporate RGB technology. It means that the keyboard lights up in several different colors in a specific repeating pattern such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green, cyan, and even violet. Depending on the type of keyboard you are interested in, you might be able to stop the RGB lighting on a specific color, choose the speed of the alternating colors, or turn the LEDs off altogether.

    Backlighting is what can make the high-quality appearance of a specific gaming keyboard, as the majority of high-end models do include RGB lighting, whereas the lower quality models do not. The Benefits of an RGB Keyboard Instead of wondering, what is RGB keyboard, it's time to think about its benefits and how it can transform the way you game and the way that you use a traditional keyboard and mouse set. The RGB backlight illuminates the keys so they are better visible in low light environments and it also looks really cool.

    The first and most obvious benefit of a backlit keyboard with RGB lighting is the fact that you can use it at night. However, it's important that you find a model that offers "backlighting" through the keys, rather than through the base of the keyboard. This is because lights on the bottom of the unit are not going to help you when it comes to being able to see the keys in a completely dark room.

    Though it will put off a brilliant display of colors on the top of your desk, it's simply not necessary. Imagine having the ability to boot up your computer in the middle of the night and get into the perfect horror adventure game without having to turn on the lights. A backlit keyboard is an essential partner for working in low-light situations.

    Even for individuals who find it difficult to see the printing or laser engraving of key markers, having backlighting gives you the ability to be able to see what you are typing on a regular basis. Although this theory may not apply to every piece of technology, it's certainly applicable to keyboards. A company that is willing to add more to their products is willing to charge more, and as a result, they have to provide customers with a higher quality product than ever before.

    As mentioned, low-quality gaming keyboards are not going to worry about bells and whistles, as they will be too focused on creating a functional product for a cheap price. However, a top keyboard from more prestigious brands is not only going to offer a phenomenal base model but a model that also offers a variety of aesthetic features, such as RGB lighting. It's always better to opt for a design that you are going to be able to use for years to come, instead of choosing the less expensive option that's only going to wear out in the coming months.

    Above all else, RGB keyboards look so much cooler than regular keyboards. If you are looking to put together the perfect gaming setup that you can share with your friends and family, you are going to need the perfect pieces to go together. There's nothing quite like having a brilliant display of colors shoot across your desk and up through the keys on your keyboard, it simply helps it to look more modern and high-tech than traditional designs.

    For the next step of learning what an RGB keyboard is, you need to look at more features a good keyboard has. You can browse our guide of some of the most popular keyboards to find the perfect one for your needs. With the help of an RGB keyboard, you are going to be able to elevate your gaming one step at a time.

  • Good, CHEAP RGB Backlit Keyboard?

    As said before, to that price, you will not found something that satisfies all your requirements. A few month ago, I was in the same situation: looking for a RGB, mechanical, well built keyboard at a price as low as possible.Obviously I had to make some concessions and I finally went to the Corsair Strafe. This keyboard is very well built (plastic, but good plastic) and is "only" 100€.It's higher than your price range (like the Quickfire XT / TK) but at this price you have RED backlight that is fully customisable.

    It also comes with a numpad.One more thing, becarful to the type of Cherry MX you choose (Corsair Strafe is sold in several versions in which the type of switch is different). You will notice that the Strafe also exists in an RGB version, at 170€

  • Is There a Type of Keyboard in Between a Standard Office One and Gaming Mechanical Keyboards?

    You could just get a standard mechanical keyboard.Something like the Logitech K840, which is a mechanical keyboard with no RGB or unusual gaming features. Other than a floating layout, its a standard keyboard. You could opt for the Nixeus Moda V2, which is a ten-key less keyboard with a floating key layout.There are plenty of mechanical keyboards without RGB or colored keycaps, you just have to look a little bit.Is there a type of keyboard in between a standard office one and gaming mechanical keyboards?


  • 7 Best Gaming Keyboard in 2021 : Best Budget, Mechanical, Mini & RGB

    Before jumping into a keyboard purchase, there are a few things to consider. Keyboards vary in almost every way you can think of, from different sizes to different features. Choosing the right one can actually come down to several factors, not just one.

    In this section, we are going to look at a few of the possible variables you may come across to help you make a more informed decision. The first thing to think about when buying a gaming keyboard is selecting the right form factor for you. Do you want a full-sized keyboard with all the standard keys on?

    Or maybe a Tenkeyless keyboard to save space? A full-sized board is exactly what it says on the tin and features the number pad to the right as you would expect. Full-sized keyboards also have extra room for fancy features like volume bars and dedicated media keys, so bear this in mind.

    Keyboards have had some really interesting form factors developed, and you can often see sizes range from 40% to 100%. Tenkeyless keyboards (TKL) offer computer enthusiasts all the joys of a great keyboard, only at 80% the size of a full board. Essentially a TKL board does not have the number pad on the side, saving room and giving you a more versatile small form factor.

    Of course, you can go even smaller to a 60% sized keyboard too. The 60% keyboards are similar to TKL except they lose the function keys at the top and squash your function keys and arrow keys closer to the letters on the board. If you want something even smaller than that, you can go 40%.

    However, at this size, you are limiting the number of key binds you can have for your games. With a 40% board, it may be pocket-size, but they often wo not have arrow keys or number keys, and a lot of your function buttons are squashed into peculiar places. So you may have heard a lot of talk about switches when hunting for your next keyboard.

    Switches are the main feature to almost every mechanical keyboard, and they are essential to consider as each switch has a different characteristic - including feel, actuation pressure, and responsiveness. Understanding what switches best suit your needs comes down to a few factors, but for the most part, gamers prefer Cherry MX Red switches. Cherry MX Red tends to offer gamers a fast linear option.

    Red switches tend to have a lower actuation point meaning you have a more responsive keyboard. Exactly what you need when playing those fast-paced competitive esports titles. Some people prefer to have mechanical purely because of the tactile feel and sound they produce (it can get addictive).

    Again, using Cherry MX switches as an example, Blue switches offer a clicky tactile feel when you press the key. This type of switch produces a clicky sound notifying you of a keypress, but you also feel the keypress when it actuates. Whatever you decide, do not worry, most keyboard manufacturers release mechanical boards with multiple switch types to cater for everyone.

    Membrane and mechanical keyboards differ significantly but only underneath the surface. Gamers prefer mechanical type keyboards because of how durable they are. Furthermore, mechanical keyboards are easy to customize and are considered to be highly responsive.

    Mechanical switches often tend to be louder, but there is such a wide variety of switches available that you can dampen the noise level and still benefit from the low actuation force required to press the key. It is worth noting that membrane boards tend to break quicker due to the membrane layer flattening out over time, resulting in the keyboard becoming less responsive. Mechanical keyboards are easy to disassemble and clean plus when you factor in the sensitive switches they feature; they are a must for gamers.

    While it does not have anything to do with performance, aesthetics play a huge part in the selection process. Keyboards with full RGB customization options are preferred these days, and ideally, you would want one that can be customized to your liking. You would struggle to find an uncomfortable keyboard, but you will find the more premium boards feature luxury extras like wrist rests and adjustable feet.

    Keyboard Switches also factor into the comfort side of things as Cherry MX Reds may offer the ultimate for gaming performance, but they do tend to be quite loud so make sure you get the right ones! Nowadays, high-end keyboards come with a whole plethora of features. For instance; macro keys can be a huge asset while gaming, multimedia and volume keys offer some extra convenience, and replaceable keycaps can offer a textured feel.

    As with most hardware, the more features your keyboard has, the higher the price tag is likely to be. If you are looking for a keyboard that offers mechanical switches, full RGB, a wrist rest, and a cool design, just be ready to pay the price. The final thing we need to consider before purchasing a gaming keyboard is, how much are you willing to spend.

    Price is, more often than not, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing new hardware and peripherals. Are you only willing to get a gaming keyboard under $50? Your budget has the ultimate say about this matter, and you must evaluate ahead to make sure you are investing in the right product.

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