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Why Isn't My Wireless Mouse Working?

I am not very familiar with laptops, but since they tend to be oriented toward those little touchpads rather than real mice, I would look around the case for something that lets you switch over to a real mouse. Hope that helps.

Why Isn't My Wireless Mouse Working? 1

1. Wireless mouse not working on my new notebook?

Is the mouse actually turned on (usually from the bottom)? You can also try going to the device manager In "my computer" and going to where the mouse is listed. Uninstall it and then restart your computer

2. Logitech wireless mouse not working with gigabit ethernet adapter plugged in?

The problem has nothing to do with the mouse's nano USB receiver or the Thunderbolt Ethernet adaptor, and everything to do with the Thunderbolt port next to the USB port.If you are running Windows on your Mac the Thunderbolt ports are not plug-and-play therefore you can plug a device into the Thunderbolt port and the mouse still works fine, however once you re-boot Windows with a Thunderbolt device, such as the Ethernet adaptor, plugged in and the device is recognized and the Thunderbolt port opened. Even if you "hot" unplug the device the Thunderbolt port stays open and continues to cause the problemIf you move the mouse within 1 inch of the USB receiver it works, but if it is further away it seem the open Thunderbolt port causes a problem, perhaps distorts the 2. 4GHz signal from the mouse, or maybe the motherboard and Thunderbolt and USB ports are not well grounded from Apple.The exact same problems occur even if you are running Apple OS-X Y, the only difference is that the Thunderbolt ports are plug and play therefore the problem is continuous from the time you boot the system no matter whether a Thunderbolt device is plugged in or not.If you disable the Thunderbolt ports in Windows and OS-X Y there is no problem. The question is: is this an isolated problem with just USB Nano receivers, or does the Thunderbolt port cause a problem for any USB device plugged in? If it does, this is a serious design problem because that would mean that a USB hard drive will cease to operate correctly while the Thunderbolt ports are open.Yes, moving the USB device to the other side of the laptop computer also solves the problem, but that limits the use of all the ports which we paid for.Macs were nenver designed to use USB Nano mouse receivers. They were designed to use the Apple mouse which I think is Bluetooth

Why Isn't My Wireless Mouse Working? 2

3. My wireless mouse is not working properly. Help!?

You may have a problem with your battery if you are using just standard alkaline. This is a digital peripheral and you need to have the new Nimh batteries for this. Or the new E2 disposable ones. They last longer. If you spilled something on it you may have coated the terminals or circuit board with sticky stuff. It may not be able to work at all.

4. My wireless mouse is not working properly, help please!?

Try changing the batteries before doing anything else

5. My wireless mouse is not working! Help please!!!?

Try rebooting the computer.--Was there another USB device installed on the computer right before this started happening? If that does not fix the problem, try the mouse in another USB slot. If it is still not recognizing the mouse (pointer is still not working). Try the mouse on another computer-- If the same problem occurs then you know it is the mouse and you will need to replace it (both the USB plug in and the mouse). If it works on another computer you may want to see if another mouse (has to be USB works on your system). It could be a driver issue or the USB ports on the motherboard have gone bad.

6. How is my wireless mouse working on one battery when it requires two?

1) Magic. 2) No. Take advantage.

7. Logitech M205 Wireless Mouse not working,please help?

Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working

8. Left click on a wireless mouse not working properly?

Get a new mouse, dude, they are cheap.

9. Why is my wireless mouse not working?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Why is my wireless mouse not working? My mouse is not working. When I click the receiver lights up and the click works but when I move the mouse the receiver does not light up and the cursor does not move on the screen. I tried unplugging the receiver and plugging it back in, I also tried reinstalling the software. Its a wireless HP...

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