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What Is the Best Laptop for Someone Who Always Seems to Break Their Computer?

I have an HP laptop. It's pretty good. I love the design of my lap top. It's all black on the cover and i have silver keyboard and mirror like mouse pad. If I were you though, I would get Sony -vaio

What Is the Best Laptop for Someone Who Always Seems to Break Their Computer? 1

1. My mouse pad won't work?

Most laptops have settings on the touchpad to switch it off. You can always plug in a USB mouse and use that. Look for any small button near the touchpad area and click it. Do not pound it. You can damage the computer.

2. why doesnt the laptop mouse pad work when we use things other that ur finger or hand?

It could have something to do with the heat from your fingers

What Is the Best Laptop for Someone Who Always Seems to Break Their Computer? 2

3. What can I use on my laptop mouse pad as a stylus?

Computer tech here....To make it easier to guide your pointer, use either a wired or wireless mouse. Wireless mice uses an infrared adapter that plugs into the USB port. There is also a port in the back of the laptop for wired mice. You can either use a regular wired mouse used on regular computers or a small wired one used for laptops. Those are optional that you can choose. Do not use any objects for as a stylus on the touchpad as it will result in damaging it. Hope this helps

4. what IS THE DESIGN of your MOUSE PAD? WHAT does it look like?

I use a labtop so I do not have one

5. What is the best brand of mouse pad for a laser mouse?

It becomes very difficult to use a laser mouse if the surface is not smooth. You wont be able to use a mouse on rough surfaces without mouse pad. I use computer daily but it was difficult for me to use the mouse without a mouse pad so I used to use keyboard instead of the mouse. but some it is not easy to always use keyboard instead of a mouse so I decided to buy a mouse pad. But i was not getting mouse pad at lowest price at the stores so i tried to search it online and from Buy Designer Gamer Mousepads Online India I got a very good mouse pad at an affodable price and i still using it and it has made my work easier.What is the best brand of mouse pad for a laser mouse?.

6. Survey: What color is your mouse pad?

im on a laptop so the color of that part is grey :P

7. Mouse pad on a laptop trouble?

Along with the calibration reload the drivers, too. There may even be a newer version which addresses your glitch. I have the same porblem with an older laptop of mine.

8. Is there any keyboard with built-in mouse pad for laptop?

Yes. You can check the below link. It is a very good product from logitechLogitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard (Black) Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard (Black)

9. Can i use my laptop's mouse pad as a fingerprint scanner?

How on earth could it? Think before you ask a ridiculous question. And make better passwords. It's not that hard. intertwine your name with some random numbers or something

10. Cork Mouse Pad Needs Life?

the dots may be a good idea but they may get hot and then turn in to a gooy mess.....(I've had it happen) there's stuff called quilt basting spray, just spray it on to the cloth and then stick it down it will hold for a while, they also make reposinational (probably not spelled right) spary adhivise that will do the same thing as the quilt basting spray but hold a little longer and stronger

11. Electric current from mouse pad?

Sounds some what like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

12. whats on your mouse pad (if you have one)?

No one needs mouse pads these days because mice do not have balls anymore

13. Who or what is on your mouse pad?

My infant son's hospital pic

14. Where might i find this anime mouse pad?

The price is better at that link, but the only other place is on ebay.... For the price though, I would keep it sealed and never use it! LOL

15. I'm using my high school diploma as a mouse pad, is that bad?

It depends: If you are using an optical mouse, it;s probably ok, but if you are using a mechanical mouse, the paper fibers could gum up the ball and the rollers after a while. As far as the social or political aspects of this practice, "bad" is not the right word. What are you trying to say? That your publicly provided education is not worth very much? Or that you were socially promoted and did not really earn the credential? The first amendment protects your right to express yourself this way, but you should make sure you really mean the message.

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A Good Mechanical Keyboard for Professional Programing on Mac
A Good Mechanical Keyboard for Professional Programing on Mac
Here's a fairly detailed write up I did a while back for someone looking for something similar to what you want, recommending the "Anne Pro":'ll go through your list to address your needs specifically:Brown Switches YesMac Keys - Yes. The board has four layout profiles; one of them is dedicated for Mac and the other is fully customize-able including Mac key functions. The keyboard comes with Windows printed keycaps but they are standard size so finding keycaps with the Mac print on them should be easy enough.Construction - This category is a mixed bag with the Anne. It's plate mounted, has quality keycaps, and feels / sounds sturdy despite the plastic housing. I will say the stabilizers can be a little rattly out of the box, mine was enough that I spent maybe 3-5 hours finding and performing modifications to resolve the issue. I'll be happy to provide more info on my specific mods if you'd like, but it was less than $10 in materials and I'm very happy with the result. So it's not perfect but it's certainly something you can work with.Driver - There isn't an app or anything but Anne Pro works out of the box with MacOS. There are apps for Windows 7/8/10, Android, and iOS that you can use to customize the lighting and key layout.Numpad - No dice, this is a 60% board so it does not feature a numpad or dedicated arrow keys. I have my Fn button set to the CAPS LOCK key, and arrows bound to the function layer at WASD and IJKL, this layout works extremely well. Yes I miss the numpad, I will likely end up buying or building a mechanical one to pair with the Anne Pro at some point.Programmable RGB - Yes. There are a few dynamic light modes as well. Programmable RGB layouts are only possible as a static layout, you can't currently make custom dynamic layouts (though this feature is supposedly coming with the 1.5 firmware promised over a year ago, sooooo yea). The only other thing about the firmware that blows is that the on-board macros don't work, but I assume you can live without that since you didn't list it in your post.USB hub - The Anne doesn't have one of these unfortunately.So it's got just about everything aside from the numpad and the USB hub. Amazon usually has them for $60. It may cost you an extra $5-10 and a half a Saturday morning to get it where you want it, but you might be really happy with it right out of the box too. I'd recommend reading the answer I linked as it addresses some aspects of the board that weren't listed in your post in greater detail. There's also a dedicated community on reddit for this keyboard, so you can swing by over there to get a feel for common problems / solutions and popular modifications.If you have other questions about this board feel free to ask and I'll edit in my responses. Best of luck with the search!.• Related QuestionsBearded dragon info please!?Bearded dragons can be housed in a variety of enclosures as long as their basic requirements are met. All glass aquaria with wire tops are commonly used and are inexpensive to obtain. Custom built enclosures are also very popular and can be sized appropriately. The enclosure should have a basking spot with temperatures ranging from 90 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be provided by an overhead light in a reflective hood. Under tank heating can be used for night time use, supplied by a heating pad or tape. The enclosure should be large enough to allow the lizard to retreat to a cooler area (known as thermoregulation) as needed. A tree branch or log should be supplied for climbing and basking. Good substrates are newspaper, sand, pea rock or aquarium gravel. Substrates such as mulch, shredded tree bark, or corn cob should not be used as they can hold moisture and promote bacterial growth. Bearded dragons should be offered a varied diet consisting of crickets, mealworms, pink or fuzzy mice and a variety of greens and vegetables. Juvenile animals can be raised on small crickets and greens until large enough to eat mealworms and mice. It is very important to regulate the size cricket given to juvenile dragons. Large meals have been associated with partial paralysis and hind leg extension. A general rule is to use crickets no larger than the distance between the dragons eyes to the tip of his nose, and should be offered in several small meals per day rather than one large one. Crickets should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement every other day for up to three months, then reducing supplementation to twice a week. Fresh greens, such as collards, kale, and mustard greens should be finely chopped and offered every other day along with vegetables such as yellow squash, zucchini and shredded carrots. Be sure to thoroughly wash all greens and vegetables before offering them to your dragon. Bearded dragons in the wild get their water from the morning dew on plants and afternoon rains. In captivity, they seem to have a difficult time recognizing standing water. A simple means of offering water is to spray them at least once or twice a day with a spray mist bottle. They will lap up the water off of their noses and lower their head to standing puddles if some type of movement is detected. Bearded dragons (if kept indoors) will require full spectrum lighting with UV-B and UV-A, which helps in synthesizing vitamin D-3 which is required for calcium absorption. These bulbs can be purchased from Zoo-med (Reptisun 5.0) and are relatively inexpensive. Vitamin/mineral supplements which contain vitamin D-3 should be used to dust crickets and/or greens to ensure proper calcium absorption for bone development in growing dragons. Bearded dragons which are kept outdoors or are allowed at least 30 minutes of natural sunlight every other day will not require any special lighting as long as a basking spot with an incandescent bulb is supplied. Newly acquired bearded dragons should be allowed to get acclimated to their new enclosures and feeding schedules before attempting to handle them. Once acclimated, short periods of handling and hand feeding will quickly tame most dragons. They will be content to sit on a shoulder or lap for hours while watching TV or using the computer. Young children should be supervised and instructed on careful handling techniques. Be sure to wash your hands before eating or smoking after handling any reptile. practically everything you need to know :)
Multi-beneficial, Attractive Computer Keyboard Trays ...
Multi-beneficial, Attractive Computer Keyboard Trays ...
It is not surprising that people are quite sensible in preserving this important utility in every possible manner. That is the reason you can see a large variety of computer accessories so as to protect the electronic device and also to facilitate the user in optimally using it.From this standpoint, it hold a remarkable significance. Majority of computer users like you know that the keyboard is a sensitive part and so it requires do protection. Therefore you must know about the computer keyboard trays without wasting time.Diversity of computer keyboard trays There are many companies in India which manufacture modular furniture fittings and accessories. Computer keyboard trays are predominantly inclusive in their product range. Some of India's leading companies like Devatha Industries produce these trays from variety of materials. You can get keyboard trays made from metal, plastic, wood, etc.You may also choose tray for your computer keyboard according to your utility and preference. For example, you can have a keyboard tray with pencil box or one which has an enclosure to keep mouse pad. You may look for lightweight keyboard trays or even a compact one if you have limited space.Advantages:You may count on innumerable advantages with the idea to buy keyboard tray for your computer. Firstly, the most concise benefit of such a tray is that your keyboard remains less exposed to dust and moisture. Particularly when you have a sliding tray, it remains under cover when not in use.Secondly, it is easier to adjust the keyboard height or placement according to the user's requirement. Also, different users can work on the same computer just by adjust the computer keyboard tray as require and can conveniently work on it for hours. Thirdly, your tr-ay remains secured from any mishandling, wear and tear or breakage. As a result, you can durably use it for years - thanks for your decision to purchase it.Economical solution for your need By now, you must have understood that keyboard tray is a significant enclosure to your computer. If you are wondering about its cost, you should relax because this is an economical solution and it adequately meets your requirement and budget.All you need to do is just the decision and you will see that computer keyboard trays are enormously beneficial to you.
Keyboard and Mouse Pad Frozen for Toshiba Laptop?
Keyboard and Mouse Pad Frozen for Toshiba Laptop?
My old laptop did that a lot and the issue was actually that the keyboard track pad are wired together where they connect to the motherboard. The connection was loose and would disconnect from time to time. If you have restarted it and its still not working, try looking up a service manual for your computer and try that.1. what IS THE DESIGN of your MOUSE PAD? WHAT does it look like?Blue with an office product logo on it....IT WAS FREE!2. what can i use for a mouse pad(laser wireless)?I use a cheap-*** neoprene laptop case. it's plain black, moderately thin and works like a charm for what it is. All you really need is something plain black and slightly textured3. Can you get a replacement mouse pad for a keyboard tray?Call 3M. I am sure a replacement pad is available. 3M Global Headquarters Postal Address: 3M Corporate Headquarters 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 Phone: 1-888-3M HELPS (1-888-364-3577)4. why isnt my acer mouse pad working?I used to be going to claim drivers, however it sounds as though if you are having disorders with the touch pad and the USB Port you may have a motherboard challenge... Send it into Acer for repair... Hope This Helps!5. So my ergonomic mouse pad drives me crazy. Can it really be helping?Mine helps me a ton. Of course I play a lot of Starcraft 2 so my mouse hand is moving a hundred miles per hour. That's probably why I notice the help. You just have to get used to it. At least that's what I keep telling my wife, she hates my gaming pad for the same reason. "Its annoying. ".6. What is the difference between a tablet and a computer?1. Compare the different brands of tablets and laptop computers. Companies such as Apple and BlackBerry produce the iPad and Playbook, respectively. Several computer companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer produce laptop computers. 2. Note the physical differences between tablets and laptops. While tablets vary in size, they are one sheet that is largely an LCD touch screen. Laptops also vary in size, but always have two sheets -- a screen on the upper half and a keyboard on the lower half. The two elements of a laptop are connected via a hinge; you close the laptop to keep it safe while you cover the tablet with a protective film to avoid it getting scratched. Tablets are smaller than laptops; the iPad measures 9.5 inches by 7.31 inches and weighs 1.33 lbs. A standard Hewlett-Packard laptop has a 15. 6-inch screen and weighs 5. 5 lbs. 3. Analyze the differences in the technical specifications between the different styles of devices. In terms of storage, iPads have models with 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes, while laptops usually have hard drives of at least 300GB and routinely up to 500GB for standard models. The iPad boasts 10 hours of battery life for using the Internet and multimedia functions while Hewlett-Packard's standard laptops typically range from 4 to 6 hours of battery life. 4. Contrast the navigation styles of tablets and laptops, which are significantly different. To navigate a tablet, you use your finger to press icons on the device's touch screen. Sliding your finger across the screen will also change what appears. Laptops require navigation through the built-in keyboard and built-in mouse pad located below the keyboard. You can also use a peripheral keyboard and mouse that connect via USB cables.5. Familiarize yourself with the different functions of tablets and laptops. Both have many similarities, such as the ability to use the Internet and send and receive email. Tablets allow you to quickly download a variety of applications and laptops act more like desktop computers; to obtain a new program, you have to purchase it and install it. Most laptops have disc drives, so you can play music or install software with a disc. Tablets generally do not have disc drives and you will have to download software and music.What is the difference between a tablet and a computer?7. Bought a mouse pad with a California proposition 65 warning on it?People still use mouse pads?8. Whys isnt my mouse pad on my toshiba workin?Yes, Chris is calling the "touch pad" a mouse pad, but everyone knew exatcly what he meant, so relax Racingfan3. F5 can mess up many laptop users for use
What Material Is a Computer Mouse Pad Made Of?
What Material Is a Computer Mouse Pad Made Of?
it depends mostly in our country Philippines its made of foam?1. What mouse pad would you recommend for PC gaming?Even if you prefer the aesthetics of your workplace free of any kind of mouse pad, you might still want to consider one if you use your desktop for frequent gaming. The consistent tracking of a conventional mouse pad is a huge boon to gamers, especially those who play games with fast movement like shooters or MOBAs. And "gaming" branded mouse pads tend to be oversized, allowing for consistent tracking with big, sweeping motions that would make a $10 puppy-printed pad wimper in fear. Some specialty models will cover a whole desktop, including underneath a keyboard and anything else you happen to be using.There's a speed element, too. Gaming-specific pads are designed to enable quick movements without skipping or dropping refresh cycles on your mouse's sensor. There's a lot of variety to be had here-standard cloth pads in various sizes and thickness, hard plastic pads for a super-fast glide, even a few metal pads for something heavy and reliable. Some gaming mice even come with specialized software that allows the user to set up specific profiles for different surfaces.What mouse pad would you recommend for PC gaming?2. Mouse pad for Razer Mamba?I dont use mamba, i use a mice with simmilar tracking tech, and also i got a firend with the mamba.. This problem is not the color, since these "high tech" mice use optical signals, much like fiber optics, the problem you are facing is reflectivity, a black surface could be highly reflective, and a white surface coudl have 0 reflectivity... If you are buying "expensive" pads any of them should be ok... Note that reflectivity may be lost with time.. but if you run into any trouble a white papper page will fix it ^^ EDIT: also a non-cloth pad is advisable...3. I need a good gaming mouse pad that wont scratch my mouse or mouse pad.?Rocketfish Mouse Pad4. dell laptop mouse pad scroll problem?Go to and download notebook system software, then reboot,install intel chipset driver, reboot then install synaptics touchpad. If it does not work after that, it's probably the "palm rest" that needs replacement5. What is the best mouse pad for competitive games like PUBG, CSGO, etc.?Well any time mouse pad that's suits your sensitivity.. If u play on a really high sens then u need 1 with more than average length and ofcourse rubber grip at bottom is must. The upper foam must be smooth.What is the best mouse pad for competitive games like PUBG, CSGO, etc. ?.6. Mouse pad on Gateway laptop randomly stopped working?This Site Might Help You. RE: Mouse pad on Gateway laptop randomly stopped working? I was on my laptop when everything was working fine when all of sudden, my mouse pad stopped working and my speakers went on mute. I thought that my computer had just frozen, so I shut it down, but the mouse pad still isn't working. Anyone know how I can fix it?7. Toshiba mouse pad locked, How do I unlock it?I had to use step #2. Thank you for this comprehensive list of to-do's. Much appreciated8. what do you look for in a mouse pad?i bought this dog padding from petsmart - it makes very good mouse pad esp for optical mouse. the material is not smooth, it is like a plastic cream color woven material. it does not reflect. but it makes a very good mouse pad9. My built in mouse pad on my laptop keeps getting stuck in one spot. How do I fix it?first wht you could do is, increase the "sensitivity" of the touchpad. you will find this settings in the Mouse properties. Go to Control Panel >> double-click Mouse icon. Mouse properties box will open. in here, you will find many different options and tabs. browse through these options, and you should find option to change the Touchpad Sensitivity settings. Increase the 'Sensitivity' and that will do the trick. if tht doesnt help, then i would suggest you uninstall and reinstall the touchpad driver/software.10. My mouse pad isn't working, do I need to change the batteries in it or do I need to buy a new one?your mouse pad has passed on i am afraid, you should give it a proper burial
What Could I Use Instead of a Mouse Pad?
What Could I Use Instead of a Mouse Pad?
I would try one of those rubber things that are used to open jars if you have one or put some plastic wrap on a board. You need something with a little "stickiness" to it to make the little ball in the mouse roll1. What kind of mouse pad do you have?i dont use one!2. Where could I find a kit to make a counted cross stitch mouse pad?you might try some of the mousepads that you can insert your own photo, just do a cross stich pattern that happens to be that size and then insert it in the mouse or try your local camera store, like Ritz camera or Wolf Camera or Kits Camera. good luck3. How can my mouse pad be disabled automatically when using an external mouse?I've never heard this being done before. I would not be surprised if you can not without third party software4. is it better to use a mouse and pad for gaming rather than the laptop touch pad?Mouse helps a ton. Touchpad sucks horribly!5. what IS THE DESIGN of your MOUSE PAD? WHAT does it look like?Silver HP with red infrared6. How do you clean a liquid gel mouse pad?Dude a little water would do, make sure it's dry before you start using it7. How can someone take a picture and have a mouse pad made up of that picture?Walgreens does it and Walmart...Staples8. My gateway laptop mouse pad is frozen, how do I fix it?F6 worked for me, have been researching ths for 3 days, then i came to ths page and read it. Thought, ok easy, i will try it. It worked folr me, MOUSE PAD now works. Thankyou..9. My laptop mouse pad isn't working?1 check you dont have a mouse lock button around your mouse pad if its orange/red click it and will release your mouse to work 2 . If its disconnected inside the laptop than you need to take the bottom off, take the motherboard/components out and its a little ribbon wire that plugs into a white port honestly though take it back where you got it fixed and get them to do it!10. What is a "3D mouse pad”?I have one...the breasts are filled with silicone and feel "Real". It is quite comfortable to rest your wrist on them and it reduces carpel tunnel type muscle strain. I prefer a Tt eSports Dasher silk covered mousepad over this though.11. whats a cheap good gaming mouse? and mouse pad?Cheap Good Gaming Mouse12. Do you put your wrist straight on the mouse pad or do you have something supporting it?right now it's in a brace because it hurts but usually i have the foamy thing on the mouse pad13. laptop mouse pad problem!?check your settings in the controll panel under mouse and keyboard and if that doesnt work bring it back to where you purchased it and they might know14. my new step-dad bought me a computer and the mouse pad has tittts as the wrist rest...what should I do?Tell your mom you are not comfortable with the mouse pad and you would like a different style...I am sure she would understand. (Poor taste by your new step-dad)15. What to take pictures of?ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! romote phone paper hat pen card cup holder clip rock desk mouse [computer] dog graass bowl picture shoe dirt something black light chair sheet glasses stapler wheel hair lysol coffee pot keyboard ON OFF door wood weed girl boy kiss pants panties leg tree skateboard party penny ground doornob leaf police man firetruck something orange fairyy tounge tooth nose ear eye quarter money roof chingle store mall salt pepper U sleeping 1. condom 2. spoon 3. bottle cap 4. thong 5. nail clippers 6. candle 7. ice cube 8. slipper 9. thread 10. glow stick 11. needle 12. stop sign 13. blouse 14. hanger 15. rubber duck 16. shovel 17. bookmark 18. model car 19. tampon 20. rubber band 21. tire swing 22. sharpie 23. picture frame 24. photo album 25. nail filer 26. tooth paste 27. bath fizzers 28. tissue box 29. deodorant 30. cookie jar 31. rusty nail 32. drill press 33. chalk 34. word search 35. thermometer 36. face wash 37. paint brush 38. candy wrapper 39. shoe lace 40. leg warmers 41. wireless control 42. boom box 43. quilt 44. stockings 45. card 46. tooth pick 48. shawl 49. speakers 50. key chain 51. cork 52. helmet 53. mouse pad 54. zipper 55. glasses 56. lamp shade 57. sketch pad 58. gage 59. plastic fork 60. flag 61. clay pot 62. check book 63. CD 64. #2 pencil 65. fake flowers 66. sticky note 67. hair tie 68. credit card 69. sun glasses 70. seat belt 71. buckel 72. button 73. canvas 74. vase 75. lip gloss 76. rug 77. gel 78. twezzers 79. toe ring 80. scotch tape 81. bow 82. white out 83. grid paper 84. earser 85. puddle 86. cement stone 87. sponge 88. lace 89. outlet 90. frizz control 91. sailboat 92. screw 93. sand paper 94. eye liner 95. pool stick 96. pop can 97. balloon 98. spring 99. ipod charger 100. twister
How Do I Turn on Mouse Pad Scroll?
How Do I Turn on Mouse Pad Scroll?
Get the mouse with wheels to make the scroll... Good luck!1. How can I make the keys on my laptop mouse pad not move the cursor? I still want to be able to click and use them.?This actually varies from one track pad to another. At the bottom there is a section that is actually a button that clicks and this area may or may not be touch sensitive, for moving the cursor.You could look for one that has a separate button for clicking that is not touch sensitive or you can practice tapping or clicking without sliding your finger. I really like the old Thinkpad design with a stick/button for controlling the cursor located in the middle of the keyboard with its own separate buttons above the track pad.Some people tape a non-conductive material where the buttons are to prevent touch-sensitivity.How can I make the keys on my laptop mouse pad not move the cursor? I still want to be able to click and use them. ?.2. Do I Need A Mouse Pad For Gaming? | Tech User's GuideIf you recently purchased a gaming mouse or are looking to get into competitive gaming, you may find yourself asking yourself whether you really need a mouse pad for gaming. And most importantly will a mouse pad make a difference in your gaming performance? In the past, mouse pads were needed because the old trackball mice used a rubber ball to track surfaces. The rubber ball needed a surface that could provide enough grip for it to roll. This was provided by a mouse pad. But today's optical and laser mice are much more advanced. Instead of a rubber ball, they constantly "take pictures" of surfaces which are then compared by your computer to give a representation of how far a mouse was moved along a surface and in what direction. This means that in most cases a modern mouse will work just fine without a mouse pad. So, what is the point of having a mouse pad for gaming? The following are some of the reasons why you might consider getting a mouse pad: To prevent scratches on your desk Lots of surface options to choose from To increase the lifespan of your mouse's feet To make it possible to use an optical mouse on a reflective/glossy surface Mouse pads have a uniform, flat surface which helps the mouse sensor track your movements with a lot of accuracy. Accuracy is especially important when playing MOBA or FPS games where your movement has to be precise. For example, when playing a game like Overwatch or CS:GO an even surface allows you to move with precision and have more control of your crosshair. On the flip side, if the surface is uneven, you may miss your target or giving away your position, costing you the game. Using your gaming mouse on your table will certainly cause the area in which you move your mouse to develop permanent scratches over time. This makes your gaming desk look less appealing, especially if it has a painted surface. The best way of avoiding a worn area is to get a gaming mouse pad. Even a cheap gaming mouse will prevent this kind of damage from happening. 3. Lots Of Surface Options To Choose From With gaming desks, you are stuck with only one surface type. But if you want to be able to switch between surfaces to get the perfect glide that matches your play style and taste, getting a mouse pad makes sense. Mouse pads can be made out of plastic, cloth fabric, aluminum, or glass. Each of these materials has a different feel and texture making it possible to get one that suits your specific needs. Unlike desk surfaces that often develop bumps, notches, and other inconsistencies on the surface, gaming mouse pads are rigid and usually have a consistent texture. This keeps friction constant, making it possible to predict how far your mouse will move when force is applied. Without consistent friction, maintaining pointer precision can be hard because you can not start and stop your mouse with accuracy. Hard surfaces, such as those found in most gaming desks, can cause strain or irritation to your wrist after long gaming sessions. A better alternative would be to get a cloth mouse pad that is more comfortable so that your wrist is not constantly pressing against a hard surface. In fact, some mouse pads have a squishy wrist rest to provide some extra support to your wrists. The comfort level varies depending on the thickness of the mouse pad and the material used. 6. Increase The Lifespan Of Your Mouse Feet Surfaces such as tables tend to develop scratches and bumps caused by normal wear or objects falling on them. Using your gaming mouse on such surfaces will cause the mouse feet to wear out sooner. Preventing mouse feet from wearing out is important because they minimize friction and allow your mouse to glide smoothly and effortlessly. The best way to increase the lifespan of mouse feet is to get a mouse pad. Also, mouse feet are louder when dragged on hard surfaces such as wooden desks. You can significantly dampen this noise by getting a cloth mouse pad. High-end gaming mouse pads such as the Corsair MM1000 Qi and the Razer Firefly are not just slabs of plastic or cloth. They now come with additional features which include: USB hub/pass-through-allows you to plug your gaming mouse directly to the mouse pad itself, thus freeing up USB ports on your PC. RGB lighting- enables you to customize and sync RGB lights to match the patterns of your other peripherals. Wireless charging- enables you to charge your phone or wireless mouse by simply placing it on the mouse pad. This way you do not need to worry about the battery life of your wireless gaming mouse. Gaming Mouse Pad Buying Guide: What To Look For These features are not necessary but are added for convenience and to make your overall gaming experience more immersive. 8. Make It Possible To Use Your Optical Mouse On A Reflective/Glossy Surface Unlike laser mice, optical mice do not work on shiny or reflective surfaces such as glass. Therefore, if you plan on getting an optical mouse to use on a glossy or glass surface, then you will definitely need a mouse mat. Do You Need A Mouse Pad For A Laser Mouse? Laser mice can work on all solid surfaces without issues. However, you should consider getting a mouse pad to enhance tracking, protect your desk surface from scratches, increase the lifespan of mouse feet, and provide comfort to your wrists. Gaming Mouse Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing Do You Need A Large Mouse Pad For Gaming? You do not need a large mouse pad if you are comfortable playing games with your mouse set to a high DPI or if your current mouse pad does not restrict mouse movement. How Big Should A Gaming Mouse Pad Be? Consider getting a large or extended mouse pad If you find yourself constantly reaching the edges of your mouse pad or if you want your mouse and keyboard to be on the same level. Conclusion- Reasons You Need A Mouse Pad For Gaming Even though mouse pads do not guarantee that you will become a better gamer, they definitely matter for gaming. Mouse pads can help you maintain pointer precision and get better tracking. They also prevent rapid damage to mouse feet, as well as permanent scratches to your gaming table or desk. If you get one made out of cloth, it will provide a more comfortable surface for your wrists to rest on.3. What kind of mouse pad do you have?Mine is a picture of me! :P lol
Who Else Uses Their Cat As a Mouse Pad?
Who Else Uses Their Cat As a Mouse Pad?
I would pick her up and move her and if that doesnt work spray her with ice cold water1. strange, mouse pad never works easily especially on low sensitivity?Unjack your mouse out of your computing gadget and then jack it returned in. in case you are working XP or Vista then somewhat bubble would desire to pop up telling you that the device got here across new hardware. If that would not help, then you definitely would desire to get yet another mouse and notice if that one works. If that would not paintings then you definitely would desire to purpose to do a device restoration. persist with the link below to confirm a thank you to do a device restoration2. Can you use a mouse without a mouse pad?You can use it without a mouse pad. You can buy a good optical mouse for 10 dollars if you shop around. The old ball-type get dirty and jam up and skip. If you need it right now, take it apart and clean the ball area and the ball. Any flat surface that is fabric like or a magazine should work. I got my optical mouse at Home Depot; believe it or not they have an aisle for electronics and pc mice3. what IS THE DESIGN of your MOUSE PAD? WHAT does it look like?i dont have one... i have a optical one.. and my couter is granite...(i am at work)4. My mouse pad is messed up on my dell latitude D531.?Right click on the touch pad icon in task tray, click on properties and adjust settings. You can also go to control panel and pointing devises and set up touch pad or mouse settings. Hope this helps5. Should i see much of a change with this mouse and pad?perhaps somebody set it to slow so it sounds such as you are able to desire to press down no longer trouble-free. First examine the mouse speed. (via fact there is such lots of abode windows OS at present getting used, i am no longer able to teach on precisely one version of abode windows) Get to the mouse settings interior the administration Panel. it would be below the "Hardware and Sound" class. click the Pointer ideas and notice if the value is on slow. no count if it rather is on the midsection to quickly, then the mouse pad could be defective. additionally be sure you put in the mouse driving force that got here with the workstation. If that's all put in, the value is nice, them the mouse pad itself could be defective6. Difference between optical/laser mouse pad and regular?Gaming mouse pads are usually bigger as well7. What laptop can I buy that does not have a mouse pad that you cannot feel the left and right click buttons?I think what you're asking is for physical click buttons. Something like this:There's actually a good example right there- most ThinkPads have them. Some like this model even have two sets of them. Other business/workstation model lines also have at least a few models that do (e.g. HP's EliteBook or Dell Latitude).I've seen that most Sager/Clevo gaming models have physical buttons too.What laptop can I buy that does not have a mouse pad that you cannot feel the left and right click buttons?.8. What is the design on your mouse pad? (If you have one)?Black and square- Default style9. What's on your mouse pad?Picture of my girlfriend feeding some goats at the petting zoo in Florida during our vacation10. the mouse pad mess me up typing.need help?Are you talking a separate mouse or the touchpad on a laptop? If it's the latter, you can go into the control panel and turn down the sensitivity or if you are running a separate mouse, disable the touchpad completely.11. Mouse pad or no mouse pad? destroys your mouse if you do not use one..well at least thats what happened to my old one when i didnt use a mousepad12. How long does a mouse pad usually last?I've had this one everysince i got a computer and thats been nearly 10 years. Mine still looks ok. It is dark blue with rain drops on it. K2
Toshiba Mouse Pad Locked, How Do I Unlock It?
Toshiba Mouse Pad Locked, How Do I Unlock It?
Toshiba Touchpad Not Working1. my mouse pad isn't working on my hp laptop! What does the orange light on top of the mouse pad mean?Light Up Mouse Pad2. Toshiba laptop i zoomed way out with my mouse pad on accident idk what i did but how do i fix it?If you are using Firefox, press Ctrl0. If IE, press Ctrl* In either case, you may play around with the magnification level by pressing Ctrl and the Plus/Minus keys.3. HP laptop keyboard, mouse pad problem please help!!!?it may be that the laptop was shaken while it was delivered to your house. from experience, i try not to use the touchpad because it is very sensative. and if i start tapping on the touch pad, the curser moves around all over my screen, instead i bought an ordinary mouse and i much prefer that. try holding down the (on) button. the one you use to turn the laptop on. hold it down for approxamately 10 seconds and let the laptop turn off, and then let go. that way it will restart and that should do that trick. hope this helps.4. I have a question about a laptop mouse pad locking up.?Go to the device manager, then uninstall the track pad under human interface devices. Now restart your computer. It will detect the trackpad again and reinstall it. It should be working.5. My laptop is frezing and disconnecting when I put my hand near the mouse pad??Check your battery in the mouse if it is wireless6. Laptop mouse pad not working with keyboard?My laptop is like that too, it's not broken. I do not see why you would want to move the mouse whilst typing anyway? :/7. I'm using my high school diploma as a mouse pad, is that bad?I am in my 30s, and I never had an employer or university ask to see the lovely sheet of paper issued to me on graduation day. They go directly to the high school instead, and ask for a transcript as proof of graduation. So you can do whatever you want with your HS diploma. I stuck mine in a big footlocker some 18 years ago, expecting to someday maybe look back on it fondly. I've never looked at it once. My B.A. degree I have hanging on the wall. It's your degree, you know how proud (or not!) you are of it, treat it accordingly.8. mouse pad on Dell laptop not working?touch pad horizontal and vertical mesh of conductor twine that are tender to conductors basically as basically they are able to regulate the magnetic field as ensue whilst u use Ur finger on the touched and not something ensue once you utilize pen as pen is nonconducting cloth . the x and y axis are detected by potential of replace in magnetic field altered by potential of the touch9. How come sometimes when I use the mouse pad on my laptop it suddenly...?The far right edge of the mouse pad is meant to allow you to scroll up and down (like the wheel in the middle of a regular mouse). If you stay away from the edge it wo not do that. Sometimes the very bottom is also designed to allow you to scroll left and right too.10. Hi how can I save a picture without a mouse or working mouse pad?Use the tab, ctrl, alt, enter and arrow keys to maneuver threw the screen. Very time consuming but you can do 99 % of everything with a keyboard.Here are the basics!!!Ctrl A: Select all items in a window. Ctrl C or Ctrl Insert: Copy selected or highlighted item (e.g. text, images and so on).Ctrl V or Shift Insert: Paste selected or highlighted item.Ctrl X: Cut selected or highlighted item. Ctrl Z: Undo previous action. Ctrl Y: Redo action. Ctrl N: When File Explorer is your current window, open a new File Explorer window with the same folder path as the current window.Windows key F1: Open "how to get help in Windows 10" Bing search in default browser.Alt F4: Close the current app or window. Alt Tab: Switch between open apps or windows.Shift Delete: Delete selected item permanently (skip the Recycle Bin).Start menu and taskbarYou can use these keyboard shortcuts to open, close and otherwise control the Start menu and the taskbar. Windows key or Ctrl Esc: Open Start menu.Windows key X: Open the secret Start menu.Windows key T: Cycle through the apps (including pinned apps) on the taskbar. Windows key [Number]: Open the app pinned in the [number] position on the taskbar. For example, if you have Edge pinned in the first position on the taskbar and you click Windows key 1, Edge will open. If the app is already open, a new instance or window will open. Windows key Alt [Number]: Open the right-click menu for the app pinned in the [number] position on the taskbar.Windows key D: Show or hide desktop (Windows key , will display the desktop briefly).The desktop: Windows, Snap Assist and virtual desktopsThese shortcuts control how individual windows act on your desktop, including virtual desktops. Windows key M: Minimize all open windows.Windows key Shift M: Restore minimized windows.Windows key Home: Minimize all windows except the selected or currently active window. Windows key Up arrow: Maximize selected window.Windows key Shift Up arrow: Maximizes the active window vertically while maintaining its width.Windows key Down arrow: Minimize selected window. Windows key Left arrow or Right arrow: Snap selected window to the left or right half of the screen. (If the window is already there, Windows key Up or Down will snap it into a quadrant.)Windows key Shift Left arrow or Right arrow: Move selected window to the left or right monitor. Windows key Tab: Open Task view (virtual desktops).Windows key Ctrl D: Add new virtual desktop.Windows key Ctrl Right arrow: Move to the next virtual desktop (to the right). Windows key Ctrl Left arrow: Move to the previous virtual desktop (to the left).Windows key Ctrl F4: Close current virtual desktop.The Windows keyThese keyboard shortcuts use the Windows logo key to perform various tasks, such as launching both Windows and third-party apps. Windows key A: Open the Action Center. Windows key S: Open Cortana in text mode, so you can type in the search bar. (Windows key Q does the same thing.)Windows key C: Open Cortana in listening mode (similar to saying "Hey, Cortana").Windows key E: Open File Explorer.Windows key F: Open the Windows 10 Feedback Hub. Windows key Ctrl F: Search for PCs on a network.Windows key G: Open the Game bar.Windows key H: Open the Share sidebar.Windows key I: Open the Settings menu.Windows key K: Open the Connect sidebar (for connecting to new Bluetooth devices or Miracast).Windows key L: Lock your computer.Windows key O: Lock screen orientation.Windows key P: Open presentation or projection sidebar. Windows key R: Open the Run window. Windows key U: Open Ease of Access center.Windows key W: open the Windows Ink Workspace for scribbling on tablets or touchscreen laptops.Windows key Print Screen: Take a screenshot of the entire desktop and save it to the Screenshots folder in the Pictures folder. Windows key () or (-): Zoom in and out with magnifier.Windows key Esc: Exit magnifier.Command PromptYou can use these keyboard shortcuts inside the Windows 10 Command Prompt.Ctrl C or Ctrl Insert: Copy selected text to the clipboard. Ctrl V or Shift Insert: Paste copied text inside the Command Prompt.Ctrl A: Select all text on current line. (If current line has no text, all text inside the Command Prompt will be selected. )Ctrl Up or Down: Move screen one line up or down.Ctrl F: Search Command Prompt via Find window.Ctrl M: Enter Mark mode (allows you to select text with mouse). Once Mark mode is enabled, you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor around.Shift Up or Down: Move cursor up or down one line and select text.Shift Left or Right: Move cursor left or right one character and select text. Ctrl Shift Left or Right: Move cursor left or right one word and select text.Shift Page Up or Page Down: Move cursor up or down one screen and select text.Shift Home or End: Move cursor to beginning or end of current line and select text. Ctrl Shift Home/End: Move cursor to beginning or end of screen buffer and select text and beginning or end of Command Prompt's output.Hi how can I save a picture without a mouse or working mouse pad?
My Mouse Pad Is Not Working!!????
My Mouse Pad Is Not Working!!????
put in the drivers cd when u got with the computer and install the driver for the touchpad.. and look whether the touchpad buttons ai not stuck.. and also try doing fleepower.... that is turn off the laptop and remove battery and unplug the ac adapter and press the power button for thirty seconds and put the battry and power on... and if stilll it does not work.. default the bios .. if it still continues flash the bios by downloading it from the internet.... this should fix the problem...... all the luck1. My mouse it is at the edge of my mouse pad, and i need to move right.?put the pc off i meean off then go to the back of the pc remove the mouse cable then put it back in then try again if that dont fix it open the mouse and check the the slders have not come off2. Survey: What color is your mouse pad?black and it has a nice palm rest :D3. Better to have no mouse pad or a cloth like one?buy a gamer's mousepad4. What kind of mouse pad do you have?i have a touchpad5. my laptop mouse pad is broken?I would recommend getting it looked at maybe its jsut done for or maybe just wiring problems. but for now if you cant afford it you can buy a wireless mouse at like Best Buy for like $306. As a gamer, should I be using my whole mouse pad?I have been using higher DPIs, moving my whole arm is just too much work. And i do not see how it would really affect anything as a gamer. Just do what you are comfortable with and you should not have to worry Comfort=better performance. But if you do get used to using your whole mouse pad, then you will probably get more headshots :)7. the mouse pad on my laptop stopped working.. help me?take the battery back out leave it and then put it back in again that should work8. Laptop mouse pad stopped working out of nowhere ?Call HP ASAP while the laptop is still under warranty. For the first 30 days you can return it for a replacement; after that, you can return it for free repair for at least a year9. My laptop mouse pad is laggin/not reacting?Restart your computer and tray again10. i need help with my mouse pad on my hp laptop it won't scroll anymore?It might be a problem with the wiring connecting the mouse pad to the motherboard. I would take it to a computer specialist to see if they can fix the problem. There also might be a screw on the bottom of your laptop that you can remove to find the wiring. A wire might have come loose, or it could have fried11. What's Up With The Mouse Pad On My Laptop?bad **** always happens when you spill water on running electronics12. Is $1,300 USD a good price for a gaming setup with a monitor PC keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad?I would say it depends, it's a bit on the high end and assuming you're really setting yourself up for the latest games at good quality. If you don't insist on that and are fine with the countless great games you can download from repack sites that would last you a decade at least, you can even do it a few hundred dollars cheaper. If you need the latest games at great quality, it sounds reasonable. Is $1,300 USD a good price for a gaming setup with a monitor PC keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad?13. How long does a mouse pad usually last?probably couple year if you keep it clean. get a new one then if u need to14. High-pitched noise from Logitech Performance MXMy MX Master will get coil whine only moving to the left and only when mouse pad is not on perfectly flat surface.Swapping the USB receiver port seemed to work at first and a new rechargeable battery also seemed to work at first as other answers suggested. But in the end a perfectly flat surface for the mouse pad was the ultimate solution.
Hooters Mouse Pad, What Do You Think?
Hooters Mouse Pad, What Do You Think?
Your husband loves the boobs and no doubt your soon does too. Hey, I love boobs, that's one of mans favorite pass times looking at boobs. The bigger the better. Give the kid the mouse pad and tell your husband whenever he goes to Hooters he must take you along.1. Who or what is on your mouse pad?My mouse wo not works with a pad so I have to use just a plain sheet of paper and tape it to the desk2. I'm using my high school diploma as a mouse pad, is that bad?No its Not bad. there are better options. . . But its not bad. perhaps you just want to take a few extra classes? I just completed 2 semesters of ap world history online. . in 1 week so its kind of.. Awesome. haha3. how to disable the zoom feature on the mouse pad for an acer laptop?well your headset question is resolved but get the DX11 its the X11's with a dolby sound proscessor they are the most amazing thing in the world, your looking at about 140$ though4. On my laptop, the tap-to-click feature of the touch/mouse pad does not work...Is there a way to enable it?There must be a function on top of issues panel under printers and different hardware (if utilising domicile windows XP) i am to undecided approximately domicile windows Vista, in spite of the fact that, i would be getting a laptop with Vista quickly, and that i am able to look into it. desire this facilitates. the terrific ingredient to do is to call your laptop producer or examine on the working systems internet site5. my dog licked a sticky mouse pad catcher. Is it poisonous?Not toxic. Just sticky. No worries6. Why doesnt my mouse pad on my laptop work while the charger is plugged into the laptop?there is a possible that the battery is can use the solar charger7. Laptop cooling pad with mouse pad?This Site Might Help You. RE: Laptop cooling pad with mouse pad? Im looking for a cheap laptop cooling mat/pad with mouse pad8. how to make my mouse pad work again?If you smacked it around enough you probably killed it, if not the system the HDD. The HDD heads would have bounced and crashed into the platters everytime you smacked the system. Does the system still try to boot, but come up as no media or boot failure? Or does nothing happen at all?9. What color of mouse pad should I use for an Optical mouse??U need a mousepad to keep the mouse sliding smoothly and prevent scratching it. Any colour but black will do10. Where can you get a cheap or FREE mouse pad ?craigslist, goodwill, garage sale, walmart, many others just THINK!!!11. mouse pad for dell?Go to wal-mart and get a mouse with a scroll bar12. My laptops left button on it's "mouse pad" only works if I press it down with almost all of my strength.I doubt it, if you have the warranty then say its broken. But if you dont want to then the kinda wet your hands it might slide13. Survey: What color is your mouse pad?Black With the Dell logo in the middle (:14. the mouse pad on my daughter's laptop is not working.?I do not understand what you mean by mouse "Pad" maybe the mouse had a hair of lint in the ball underneath? You can take the ball out and clean it - spray the opening with canned air. If you did not mean the mouse pad - but actually the mouse - then you can use the arrow keys and enter key... do the following: 1. click on the start butter for windows 2. use the arrow up key until you reach control panel hit enter 3. use arrow keys up and down until you come to "Mouse" enter 4. again using the arrow keys and tab - go to enable mouse and X - 5. click apply that's it! it should work15. My kid dropped my laptop, and now the built-in mouse pad doesn't work?Step 1: Give the kid your laptop and stick a mouse into one of the USB ports. Step 2: Go to Best Buy and get yourself a new laptop. I am sure there is a cheaper way to resolve this issue, but with the Magic 8 Ball's proven method, you get a BRAND NEW LAPTOP. Hello? EDIT: Check out the guy below me with the "more simpler" plan. Be sure to listen to his wealth of knowledge.
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