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What Is a Good Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Go with a wired mouse gaming is more complicated with a wireless

What Is a Good Wireless Gaming Mouse? 1

1. Dell XPS 420, wireless/wifi question?

it looks like you had to make the option of wifi when you bought it, if you didnt choose a wifi option then i should presume the answer is no it has not got wifi, that being said to make it wifi capable if it is not already, you basically have 2 choices a usb dongle, which requires no knowledge of pc's and doesnt affect the warranty in any way shape or form, just buy it install teh software and plug it into a spare usb port, the other option is to go for a pci wireless networking card, this is sometimes the more expensive route and to be fair I have never noticed any real advantages over a usb dongle, the only difference is that to go the pci route you have to open the case in order to fit it, which for most computer manufacturers means voiding any warranty you have on the machine

2. Why define 11 wireless channel?

The best channel to use depends on what channels other nearby access points are using. If you see several wireless networks (your neighbors, etc) then you might want to adjust your channel to avoid theirs. Unfortunately, it's not quite a simple as finding a channel that no one else is using. Each channel overlaps with the channels next to it. They overlap a lot with the very next channel up or down, and a bit with the second one in either direction. So, if you have a neighbor who is using channel 1, channel 2 will be noisy and channel 3 will be a bit noisy. Since your channel will also spread over 5 channels itself, the best channel to choose would be 6 (so that 5 and 4 are avoiding your neighbor's signals on 1,2, and 3. With the 11 channels available, you can only have 3 APs operatings at peak performance in the same area.. one on chan 1, one on chan 6, and one on chan 11. Every other channel would interfere to some degree with another. In a crowded area, sometimes there wo not be any free space and you just have to experiment a bit. As a general rule, stay as far away from the strongest signals as you can. good luck.

What Is a Good Wireless Gaming Mouse? 2

3. How to find the wireless MAC address (aka BSSID) of any wireless access point

Use iw device scan to show all information about currently visible networks. The output has more than an entire screenful per network, so use grep to trim it down:For some very old Wi-Fi card drivers, you will need the iwlist device scan tool instead:Aircrack also comes with the airodump-ng tool which repeatedly shows all networks it sees. (You need to enable monitor mode first, using airmon-ng. ).

4. add more outlets controlled by a switch (wireless)?

If these items exist, I have not seen or heard of them and I've been doing electrical work since 1977. Good Luck. Now, IF, the outlets are in the same room as the one with switched outlet, you may be lucky enough that the wires "flow" thru the outlets that you want to control. This will mean that you will have to do some investigation work. If I can help any more, Check out my profile and send me a message.

5. How to install wireless security system, funny or not?

hahahaha......loved it babe!! that should work. maybe i will try it. im just glad that it was not an energizer joke!! lol my limit is almost up. if i dont get all urs answered then i will finish in the morning.

6. a lil more help with my wireless plzzz?

You need the chipset drivers

7. Is Google fiber the only gigabit wireless network?

Another example that previous posters have missed is the public fiber rollout by Chattanooga Tennessee.Chattanooga's super-fast, publicly-owned InternetThis so scared private internet companies that many of them passed state laws against counties and cities building public internet infrastructure

8. which are the best pair of wireless headphones for ipod ?

why dont you try sony?

9. corporate network: wireless vs wired

Art department files tend to be rather large. We have a limit of 50MB per email just to accommodate the art department and sometimes even that presents problems. While 50MB may not be huge, that would be for a single image and of course a typical document will consist of a number of images, possible even hundreds. Clearly, this would make wireless far too slow.We use 1Gb cable throughout but have wireless for the occasional laptop or iPad user who needs access but is not going to be transferring significant data. I suggest you do likewise.As politely as possible, tell your boss he needs to stick to his own area of expertise and leave you to do your job properly.

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