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The Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100

BLUETOOTH headphones have been around for a while now, but ever since Apple abandoned the headphone jack (with Google, HTC and co following suit), they've now become essential.

In fact, it's getting harder to imagine how we ever put up with fiddly wires in the gym, in the bath, while running or doing chores around the house. It's time to cut the cord.

The difference between Bluetooth headphones and wireless headsets are mostly tech-stuff about infrared and radio frequency waves; the important thing to know is that while Bluetooth headphones don't have as long a range as the wireless variety, they're generally more flexible in terms of connectivity, and of better quality.

They also tend to be cheaper, not least because the market is so competitive. The earbuds tend to be cheaper, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're inferior, just that they have a shorter battery life than over-ear headsets (charged via a USB cable).

With decent quality sound to be expected in even the lowest priced headphones, the key concerns are: will the earbuds pop out? Will the headset feel too tight? When buying online, always read the reviews.

We've rounded up the best Bluetooth headphones priced at double figures you'll find.

Designed with adjustable headband, metallic slider and protein leather to ensure the perfect fit, the ergonomically designed Tribit XFree adds further comfort with cushioned earmuffs that mould to your ear.

The dual powerful 40mm sound stage drivers deliver hi-fi audio with rich bass and natural clarity.

The built-in rechargeable battery can provide you with up to 40 hours playtime and they fold up neatly without affecting their shape and comes with a cable if you want to use them in wired mode.

Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides a quick and stable connection with your device, while the decent quality built-in microphone allows for hands-free calls.

For full-size headphones, the Plantronics Backbeat Go 600 are surprisingly lightweight, and comfortable with it too thanks to the memory foam earcups.

They provide immersive audio with advanced acoustic technology that delivers a rich and deep sound, with two EQ profiles that allow you to choose between bass boost or balanced mode.

The 18-hour battery life from a single charge is a bonus.

Designed for durability and comfort, the Bullets Wireless allows you to effortlessly switch between music, calls and Google Assistant.

The Magnetic Control feature means you won't have to press the pause button on your phone to stop the music - a simple clip turns them off, separate them and it's back again.

The perfectly weighted aluminium alloy construction ensures the earphones stay in place.

The ISOtunes Pro, made by the company that pioneered industrial tested and certified noise isolating Bluetooth earbuds, has a 27 db Noise Reduction Rating.

It manages to block out external sounds thanks to their Comply foam ear tips that fit tightly - there are three different sizes to choose from, plus a custom-fit memory wire that conforms to the ear for an extra stable fit.

The background sound cancellation, extremely handy during phone calls in noisy areas, has been tested to eliminate steady sounds such as lawn mowers and vacuums on full blast.

This Optoma NuForce with ear-hugging anchoring hooks ticks all the boxes for fitness fans.

The interchangeable silicone ear tips and ear wings provide maximum comfort and a secure fit, with great audio and sound isolation thanks to the graphene-coated drivers.

Sweat-proof, quick charging, durable and lightweight, with 10 hours of music playback and access to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. The 30-foot range is also a major plus.

We've got loads more recommendations in our dedicated Sun Selects section And if you're looking for more top tech , we've got you covered.

The Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100 1

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