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The 7 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos

If you are looking for both a new gaming keyboard and a new gaming mouse, in this guide, we've taken a look at seven of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos.

For those of you that are looking to upgrade their gaming setup, but who are working with a somewhat limited budget, one option you have if you need a new keyboard and mouse, is to get them as a combo deal.

There are actually quite a few gaming keyboard and mouse combo deals out there and, in this guide, we are going to take a look at seven of the best options currently out there. Some of the mouse/keyboard combo options out there can be had for under $40. More expensive options can be had, too, and they include a variety of higher-end features, like mechanicle keyboards and/or RGB lighting.

So, if you need both a new keyboard and a new mouse for your gaming setup, a combo offering might be the best route for you to take. And, if that is the case, one of the options listed below should work for your budget and needs.

A Quick Look at the Best Keyboard & Mouse Combos

For a quick look at our favorite picks for the best keyboard and mouse combos, the table below showcases out top pick overall, our runner-up pick, our favorite combo that includes a mechanical keyboard, and our pick for the best value combo.

*To learn more about each of the keyboard/mouse combos listed above, click the "Read Review »" link to read our overview on that combo. You can also check out our Honorable Mention picks further down on this post.

The best overall keyboard and mouse combination for gaming is going to be this pair from Corsair. This backlit keyboard featured three different color zones and 10 lighting modes that allow you to set your keyboard lighting perfectly to match your personality, your game or your environment. It also contains a lot of tools that can be useful for gaming such as six macro keys that you can program for major actions in game and full multimedia control that allows you to adjust your audio settings, volume and more, all without interrupting your game. In addition to the full spectrum of features that the keyboard and mouse combination offers it is also incredibly responsive and intuitive. You wo not have to worry about keyboard or mouse lag because each button triggers the response the millisecond that you hit it. The mouse features 6000 dots-per-inch on the optical sensor with the most advanced tracking that you can get, and the keyboard and the mouse are both contoured perfectly to provide an ergonomic gaming experience. There are rubber grips to keep the mouse secure in your hands, and the keyboard provides easy access and intuitive placement that will help you game better. These are plug-and-play devices that will be up and running seconds after inserting them into an open USB port, and they are one of the top gaming keyboard mouse combo options on the market.

The runner-up is this ASUS Cerberus gaming keyboard and mouse that features two different lighting zones; one for the regular keyboard keys and one for the arrow keys and other keyboard keys that you use to game with. You also get a lot more macro options with this keyboard. There are 12 different macro keys that you can program. One of the only things that is lacking about this combination is that the W-A-S-D keys do not have their own lighting zone. Those are the keys most often used for movement in PC gaming, and it would be nice if they were lit up separately so you could easily find them in low light conditions. However, this combination has plenty of features to make up for that. For example, it features an internal metal plate that makes it more durable. With cheap keyboard, you can accidentally push them off the desk and you will have to replace your keyboard. But that wo not happen with this gaming keyboard, because it is reinforced by a steel frame inside. In addition, this keyboard is protected against spillage. It features a splash-proof design that incorporates drain holes far away from the vital parts of the keyboard so liquids exit quickly without leaving behind residue that will cause your gaming keyboard to stop working.

This is a terrific keyboard and mouse combination, and it is our choice for the best gaming keyboard/mouse combo that comes with a mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is not divided into zones, but it does feature multicolored lights on each key so that you can easily see it in the dark. Each key is lit by green, purple, red, blue, white, or yellow lights so that the label shows up clearly. It is a fast response keyboard that is perfectly for professional play, and it comes with a variety of extra buttons that are already programmed to shortcut your most commonly used internet actions. This keyboard and mouse combination also come with a multimedia function key and other shortcut keys that ensure that you can complete tasks quickly. For example, you can use the multimedia keys to control your playlist, including muting, volume change, skipping songs and playing, pausing and stopping. Then there are shortcut keys for accessing your email, opening up a browser window, going to my computer to search for files or opening your calculator for a quick solution to a math problem. This is a sharp-looking plug-and-play keyboard with a gaming mouse that has all of the buttons you need for programming in-game shortcuts. Ultiamtely, it is responsive, cool-looking, and versatile, and it is our choice for the combo that comes with a mechanical keyboard.

From Redragon comes the best value option; this K552-BB gaming keyboard and mouse combo that comes with all of the peripherals you will need to get started in PC gaming: a keyboard, a gaming mouse, a matching mousepad and a gaming headset with the same red and black theme colors. This is a super cool package that packs so much into a little tiny price that it is difficult to justify choosing anything else. Each of these components separately might cost between $25 and $50 but you get them all for a lot less than you would expect. The two things that make this our choice for the best value keyboard and mouse combination is first, how many things it comes with for such a low price, and second, the fact that it can be both your gaming computer keyboard and your keyboard for office work. The shortcut keys allow you to access email, internet browsers and files on your computer instantly, which means you will spend less time working and more time gaming. It's a gaming keyboard that tries to make things as simple and uncomplicated as possible so that you will have more time to play your favorite game. The bottom line here is that the headset is high quality, the mouse is an actual gaming mouse which comes with a solid pad and the keyboard can compete with any stand-alone gaming keyboard on the market that alone sells for the price of this package.

The first honorable mention is this Cooler Master set that has full LED backlighting and an ergonomic gaming mouse that is lit up on the sides and on top go always let you know where your mouse might be hanging out on your desktop. Although the keyboard is not zoned by color in the same way that other gaming keyboards are, it certainly is attractive and cool, because the colors display in a rainbow from one end of the keyboard to another. It works on a spectrum where you start off with purple, transition into blue, then green, then yellow, then orange, then red and then chartreuse. It is an extremely good-looking keyboard. One of the things that make this keyboard unique is how solid the keys feel when you click on them. You wo not have to wonder if you hit the key hard enough or must smash down keys in order to play your best. This keyboard is tactile, and there is a lot of weight behind each press. Other features include 26-key anti-ghosting, four mouse DPI levels ranging from 500 to 3500 that you can adjust on the fly right at the top of the mouse, two active mouse effects, nine RGB LED keyboard effects and much more. This is a mouse/keyboard combo that is going to improve your gaming experience.

Another honorable mention is also from Cooler Master. It is the Devastator 3, and it has many of the same features that the previous entry did. There are also a few changes and new features that make it unique compared to the other Cooler Master gaming keyboard and mouse combo on this list. However, this review starts with the same great features that make the other one such a great choice. Those include the LED backlighting that comes in seven colors and which lights up the key label in bold, bright colors that make it easy to read in the dark, the tactile feel of the keyboard and the solid way that it strikes and the multiple DPI settings for the mouse that you can change on the fly. The DPI settings are a little bit different for this model. You still get four, and they are still controlled by a button on the top of the mouse, but they come in 800, 1200, 1800 and 2800 DPI options with this model. You also get a full multimedia control panel with two volume buttons, a play-pause button and two navigation buttons for audio playlists or internet radio players. You get all the standard mouse buttons as well as some additional gaming buttons, and this is one of the most budget-friendly options on the market right now.

Our final review is for another Redragon product. This is the S101 Vajra, and it belongs on this list of the best keyboard and mouse combinations for gaming that are currently available. Although it is the most budget-friendly option of all the keyboard and mouse combinations that we have reviewed here, part of that is that it is refurbished. This might seem like a reason to skip this keyboard and mouse until you realize that it was refurbished by the manufacturer Redragon. That means that it is basically the same as a brand-new keyboard and mouse that has never been unboxed. Redragon is one of the most respected brands out there for premium keyboards and mouses. In addition, there are plenty of features to love about this product. The keyboard offers full backlighting in a variety of colors, extra buttons for getting online or skipping through tracks on an audio playlist and many keys that do double duty thanks to a handy function key on the lower right side. All of the F-keys have dual functions, as do the arrow keys and the document navigation keys like HOME and PAGE UP.

Which Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo is Best for You?

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then opting for a gaming keyboard and mouse combo is an option worth considering for anyone who needs a new gaming mouse and keyboard. And, if you are considering getting a gaming keyboard and mouse combo, one of the seven options listed above should suit your needs. You can also check out the relevant guides below to see more options that might work for you.

The 7 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos 1

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