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Should I Get a Gaming Mouse of Gaming Keyboard First?

I agree with the others, you will see a huge difference by buying a gaming mouse. A gaming keyboard is great, especially in MMO, and RTS games but you wo not be "wowed" by how much better it makes your gaming experience. A gaming mouse CAN do that however

Should I Get a Gaming Mouse of Gaming Keyboard First? 1

1. Are SSDs the best upgrade for the money to average user (and if so, in which circumstances?)

Tom's Hardware has some excellent articles about storage device performance.In particular: How Do SSDs Redefine Storage Performance?To repost some of the conclusion here:EditIn response to comments: Whether investing in SSD makes sense for your situation is, well, situational. If you are primarily performing calculations on small datasets, obviously parallel processing would benefit far more than storage improvements. Basically if your requirements involve data access being a key factor to evaluating performance, such as database applications, file server, etc. then SSD will prove to be a more worthwhile investment. If your needs are more consumer-based such as internet surfing or gaming, then improved boot and loading times for game data will probably be less valuable than faster broadband or graphics processing power, respectively. The cost/benefit analysis of an SSD upgrade is very dependent upon the composition of your computer hardware and the expectations and demands. If you have a relatively new Windows 7 computer but for some reason only have 2GB of RAM, then you will likely have better performance from a $50 RAM upgrade than a $300 SSD

2. Do game phones exist and if yes where can i buy one?

Not such, like a PSP phone does not exist. But there is a Sony Ericsson Yari, which has good gaming capabilities, like gesture control for gaming, via Videocall camera, but it's only java. F305 is a low-end gaming phone. And iPhone has good graphics for games. If you want a good portable gaming device, PSP is the best answer.

Should I Get a Gaming Mouse of Gaming Keyboard First? 2

3. Have you ever bought a laptop at Walmart?

It really depends on what you will be using the laptop for. If you are just going to be browsing the internet and typing, a $300 computer from Wal-Mart will be just fine. I bought my laptop at Best Buy for $800 because it had a particular graphics card for gaming.

4. Is a gaming laptop less power full than a gaming desktop?

yes because with desktops you can have a faster processor because there is more room for cooling, in a laptop you will get a lot of overheating problems. plus you cant add a seperate video card on a laptop but with a desktop you can

5. On a scale on one to ten what dos this computer rate?

Depends on its purpose. But, you have a WEAK graphics card with a 24" high rez you are evidently not gaming. But you do have a TV tuner, so that explains the weak graphics and 24' monitor. For watching and recording TV...4 (nice monitor). For gaming....0. Overall.......0.5. My scale is based on an AMD X2 3600 as the lowest 1 and the QX6700 quad as the highest 10.

6. Should i get a mac or pc for gaming?

definetly by a pc. NEVER by a mac for gaming.

7. Are these good specs for a desktop of today? for gaming?

What type of gaming? MMO? FPS? Also, please post the specs of the video card. This machine would be good for POGO games but not much for any "Real" game out there

8. console gaming vs pc gaming?

you dont need to upgrade every year with a PC i only upgrade roughly every 3 years is plenty each new bit of hPC hardware isnt much different to each other thats why i generally wait a few years for my pc to get old and always stays better then a console and is cheaper. say if i buy a new GPU today next year there will be more newer ones that arent too much more powerful but if i wait 3 years tehn there will be more of a difference but over the 3 years my pc is still better then any console

9. Which computer RAM is better?

The RAM in the first link has a CAS latency of 8 whole the second has a latency of 9. The first is technically faster. However, you wo not notice any difference between them outside of benchmarks and really memory intensive tasks. For gaming there will likely be no real difference. For practical purposes, you might as well get the cheaper one as the two sets are virtually identical otherwise. That or whichever color you like more.

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