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Sharing a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Sequentially Between Two Macs

Sharing a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Sequentially Between Two Macs 1

My recommendation is to not switch.The problem with any switching solution, hardware or software is there is a lag between 5 and 10 seconds. So if your intending on switching back and forth quickly between platforms you may not be satisfied with the time requirement to switch back and forth. I have a IO gear hardware switch for the past 3 years and it takes about 5 seconds each time to switch back and forth with the mouse and keyboard. So I have a wired keyboard for when I need to switch back and forth quickly for pits and pieces of what I am working on

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how do i fix my computer mouse?

If the mouse came with any CDs that say "installation" on them. Insert them in the laptop and reinstall the software.

Sharing a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Sequentially Between Two Macs 2

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Why is my mouse not clicking?

If it's a wireless mouse, replace the batteries.Reboot the computer.If neither of these does the job, check the connection back to the computer, whether that's a USB cable, dongle, or Bluetooth pairing. If nothing seems amiss and the computer still fails to recognize the mouse, borrow a different mouse and try that. If the borrowed mouse works where the original continues to fail, get a new mouse

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If I get a cat, will it try to eat my computer mouse?

Yes, it will definitely try to eat your mouse if you leave it unattended. Cats eat mice; everyone knows that. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy method of training your cat to leave the mouse alone. Like all predatory animals, cats respond to dominance. If you can establish early on that your mouse is the dominant one, then your cat will become submissive and will never bother your mouse. Here's how to establish mouse dominance: 1) take hold of the mouse with your right hand 2) hold the cat by the back of its neck with your left hand 3) smack kitty in the face several times with the mouse Do this, and you will never have to worry about your cat eating your computer mouse.

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What was wrong with my pet mouse?! plz help?

Hi there, Unfortunately, your mouse has been bitten on the ear by another mouse. It is possible that your other mouse has bitten her ear as two females are known to fight. Another possibility is that a regular house mouse has attached your pet through the bars of the cage. If the ear has dried blood on it, chances are the wound is healing. If the mouse looks ok and not fretting in anyway, I would leave it for a few more days but keep a good eye on it for any change at all. A quick trip to the vet is still in the cards if you notice any changes.

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wirelss mouse PLEASE HELP?

the wireless mouse has an on and off switch, maybe the mouse is still switched off.or the mouse itself is damaged or something.try checking that

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Make mouse left-handed and touchpad right-handed

I understand your frustration, but this problem can be solved very simple with the help of xinput tool.First plug in your USB mouse, then run the following command:to see the id of your mouse. The output of above command it can be similar to:In the above example the USB mouse has id=11. We will use this id in the following command which will swap buttons to be left handed only for the USB mouse (and not for tauchpad):In general:To revert the change, use:To make the change permanently, add the following command at Startup Applications (search in Dash for Startup Applications):Update:Since the id might change after reboot but the name of the USBmouse not, you could also grep for the name of the mouse and apply it. To skip the details reg. picking out the name the final solution looks like:pack it into the above mentioned Startup Applications you will get finally:

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my mouse moves with a jerky motion Is there a way to correct this or do I just need a new mouse?

If it is just a standard mouse then the ball and the rollers inside are dirty. You need to clean them. The best way to clean the rollers is to put wedge something in between a roller and the mouse to keep the roller from spinning and then clean the grit and grime off of it

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