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Problems with Keyboard and Mouse?

Did you turn on the keyboard and mouse. That's a real easy thing to fix. If it's bluetooth, make sure your computer's bluetooth is on by using an old keyboard and mouse to turn it on. If they are bluetooth and come with usb wireless plug-ins, make sure you have them plugged in correctly

Problems with Keyboard and Mouse? 1

1. why are the buttons on the keyboard not alphabetical?

This is just a theory, but i think they are in order by most used, and the most important ones are easy to reach/

2. How to disable a Laptop keyboard?

You should be able to go to Device Manager and find the keyboard, right click on it and disable it

Problems with Keyboard and Mouse? 2

3. Usability testing a Chorded Keyboard

I am going to assume your aim is to determine whether a given physical/digital chorded keyboard device has usability issues when used by users who are familiar with using a chorded keyboard (e.g. court stenographers). Your situation might be, for example, a need to evaluate various replacement devices due to obsolescence or usability issues with the current deployed devices.So...Research the current situation to determine what factors are more important than others, and typical usage scenarios. Things like speed of entry vs accuracy, short bursty dictation vs sustained endurance-testing transcription, level of ambient distractions, and so on.Talk to existing users - find out what issues are being reported with any current equipment, find out how they became proficient, how they determine their proficiency level. Compare and contrast the user's comments with comments from managers, stake holders, project sponsors etc - there may be hidden differences in values to be resolved, and there may be usability issues being hidden by workarounds. Find out what class of errors are occurring frequently, and which are causing the most problems.Decide on the primary purpose of testing. Consider whether you are testing for purposes of discovering as-yet-unknown problems, or testing relative quantitative qualities (speed, accuracy, etc). (aka Formative vs Summative usability testing)Shape and design your usability tests based on your research. These factors will determine what minimum ratings for accuracy and speed are to be tested, and what relative weightings to assign to any analysis of results. You also want to be sure you will test relevant scenarios, and not wasting time/effort testing irrelevant scenarios.Watch out for the Experience Law of Learning if doing repeated tests with the same subjects/participants. Look to training materials for example texts to test with

4. How to edit read-only file in /etc? [duplicate]

By default you have wight permission to hosts file to root user only, as shown below:Hence you have to use sudo to edit this or else you can use below command to become roothowever this is not recommended at all.safest and recommended it you use below command to edit the filethen press "Esc" on keyboard and then type ":w!" to write the changes to the hosts file then agin type ":q" or ":q!", this should shall do the trick for you

5. DIN 5 keyboard to USB?

Nope. USB uses a different protocol.What you can do is use two convertors.Alternative one single device from DIN 5 to USB might exist, but there are a lot of years between those standards and even if one existed it might be very rare and or every expensive

6. is a keyboard worth $499 worth it?

It depends in your preference. I found this nice model of keyboard, Yamaha YPT-320. Its a 61 Key Personal Keyboard with AC Adapter, Deluxe Keyboard Stand and Professional Headphones and only worth $139.00 :) Cheaper but very nice as a gift this christmas! You dont have to shed too much money if you can buy something cheaper with the same high quality.

7. Is there a way to replace a keyboard on a laptop?

you will probably need to take it somewhere to get fixed or you could just plug in a usb keyboard or you may be able to pop the keys offf htat are sticking, and check underneath for debris.

8. 88 key keyboard or 76 key keyboard?? 10 POINTS!!!!!!!?

Go with the full size keyboard. I did not pay attention when I was little and bought mine, it's not a full size keyboard and I was using it the other day to work on my upper register and to work on the song Phantom of the Opera...I was rudely surprised to find out I could not even finish playing the song because the final E was not on the keyboard. So if you really want to learn, yes it makes a big difference.

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