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Pc Disables Keyboard and Mouse!?

You have practically done what is necessary, better bring it to a computer shop so that it can be fixed by an expert technician

Pc Disables Keyboard and Mouse!? 1

1. What kind of mouse is this?

Release it back outside. You should have released it outside as soon as you could. It's a wild animal, not a pet. It does not deserve to be stuck in captivity.

2. Is this a good quality mouse?

in case you go with some thing stunning looking or with lots of configurable thoughts then you certainly can get the Mad Catz Cyborg RAT 9 (or the extra much less costly under pressure out RAT 7). those adult adult males are especially sturdy at what they are doing and supply great thoughts to Razer (hate them) and Logitech (too mainstream for my area)

Pc Disables Keyboard and Mouse!? 2

3. what is the difference between a wireless optical mouse and a wirless lasser mouse?

i do not think there is any difference - best brand ? mice are commodity items built in the far east at lowest possible cost and then re-badge as the customer wants, just do not buy the cheapest

4. Show a user that no interaction is possible on a picture frame

If you can add code to the script: have the cursor change to a DO NOT ENTER symbol when mouse-over. You can add the CSS style on the picture frame "cursor: not-allowed" depending on if the picture frame is a DIV or an IFRAME. This can be applied to most anything (textarea, forms, images, etc). If you cannot change the code - can you add a small, transparent icon to the top right corner of each photo? Perhaps a subtle "do not touch" icon? Try one of these that I just custom created for you :)

5. Momma mouse adopting another mouse's babies?

This is definitely possible! Lactation depends on the internal urges to nurture young, even if a baby has not been born some women can begin to lactate in order to accomodate their desire to nurture. If this new mother mouse believes that she needs to take care of the abandoned young, then yes she can continue to produce milk for them and they should survive. Just make sure she is also looking after her own! Maybe it will turn out to be like.... mouse swap! Has this helped?

6. I am looking to build my own computer...?

You start off by knowing the different parts to get. I wo not go into the specific makes and models, just an overview of the components that make up a computer. Casing - The housing for everything. Commonly called the CPU although it is incorrect. Comes in different sizes, but normally get a mini tower casing. Motherboard - the main and biggest circuit board where everything connects to. Processor - this is the correct CPU. It is the brain of the computer. RAM/Memory - this is the memory that CPU access to perform calculations. All active programs are loaded into the RAM. Hard disk - the storage for all your stuff. A DVD/CD drive - optional. Video card - takes care of all your displays. Sometimes can be integrated into the motherboard. Sound card - takes care of all your audio. Mostly integrated into motherboard. Extra fans - optional to cool your CPU. The CPU comes with an inbuilt fan and heat sinker. All the above fits into the casing. The rest are things like monitor, keyboard and mouse. And of course you need to buy an operating system installation disc

7. Whts the difference between an optical mouse and a scrolling mouse..?

Optical mouse has red laser underneath that it uses to monitor movement. Pro's: Less cleaning, quicker, more accurate Con's: The pointer will jump now and again if you have a mousemat with black areas on it. A normal mouse has a ball that moves Con's: Its slow, less accurate basically crap! A scroller is a wheel like thing on top of the mouse and it can be on both a normal mouse and an optical one. Its good for scrolling through long word docs or webpages instead of having to drag the sidebar down at the right-hand side

8. Would two mice be okay in three connected Crittertrail cages?

That's HUGE for two mice. They will be happy to have all that room. Mice and rats get used to you schedule, normally, but hamsters kinda do what they want. You can train them to wake up at a certain time by giving them treat at the same time each day. So when they hear you they will wake up and beg for treats. That's the time you should hold the, and then put them back with the treat so they will enjoy waking up. I have a black bear hamster. Hes the sweetest thing in the world but you have to wake him up before you hold him or he will pee on you. I would not try to pick them up while they are sleeping because they might bite you for scaring them. Mice and rats will wake up when you are up. My rat and mouse actually used to wake me up for school. All rodents have different personalities so its really just a matter of learning what your pets personality is. You can get all the advice in the world but most of the time just bonding with your animal will tell you everything you need to know about them

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How Can I Fix Computer If Keyboard and Mouse Don't Work?
How can i fix computer if keyboard and mouse don't work?I think the USB driver softwares has been damaged.or the keyboard and mouse wire has gone bad.try checking those— — — — — —Laptop is working, keyboard is not, what are my options?get the keyboard replaced. you can buy a replacement on ebay and take it to a tech so they only charge labor— — — — — —What is the best way to keep a computer keyboard clean?Low pressure canned air that can be purchased at any supermarket and turning the keyboard upside-down and shaking lightly— — — — — —Microsoft keyboard: Letter keys to Numbers?Restart computer If still happening, try another keyboard. If is stops, the keyboard is bad. — — — — — —Piano vs. keyboard? what should i do?try the keyboard for starters . It's cheaper than a piano . Besides the keys are the same but on a different scale . It's like that old wives tale , you start out on a acoustic guitar , before you can play electric nonsense you can start on a electric guitar , they are both same configuration except one is electric and ones acoustic that's all. Same thing with keyboards and piano one is electric and pianos acoustic that's all . If you are into Techno music that will great place to start— — — — — —My keyboard on Windows 10 is all messed up?Go on eBay and search for the keyboard for your make and model you can get one for under $20 then watch the video on YouTube for your particular make and model on how to replace the keyboard is going to charge you $125 to replace the keyboard it's a five-minute job just watch the video it's very easy— — — — — —Something's wrong with my keyboard?Are you talking about a laptop keyboard or standard PC keyboard it can change how you deal with it. Because you are having issues with the P I would say the keyboard could be going bad or depending on what kind of keyboard it could just be dirty under the keys. Make sure to check to see if the caps lock and number lock are on or off. If that's not a issue just clean the keyboard. Flip it over, pat it to get anything in it out. Laptop keyboards can be caused by the same thing so try doing the same and get some compressed air to blow anything in it out. I am a computer Design Engineer and Tech, if I knew what keyboard you had I could be more helpful. I have a ASUS Republic of Gaming Notebook and had stickey keys because my Son plays video games too much. I used air and cleaned it up and do not have anymore issues. If you can tell me more I can help you. I am on my cell phone but can login to my yahoo after I get my computer back from my son, so tell me what kind of keyboard, computer or laptop it is— — — — — —Enharmonic keyboardAn enharmonic keyboard is a musical keyboard, where enharmonically equivalent notes do not have identical pitches. A conventional keyboard has, for instance, only one key and pitch for C and D, but an enharmonic keyboard would have two different keys and pitches for these notes. Traditionally, such keyboards use black split keys to express both notes, but diatonic white keys may also be split. As an important device to compose, play and study enharmonic music, enharmonic keyboards are capable of producing microtones and have separate keys for at least some pairs of not equal pitches that must be enharmonically equal in conventional keyboard instruments.— — — — — —How do I clean a modern keyboard?Unless you spill something on and inside the keyboard them all you need is a can of compressed air— — — — — —Apple Wireless KeyboardThe Apple Wireless Keyboard is a wireless keyboard built for Macintosh computers and compatible with iOS devices. It interacts over Bluetooth wireless technology and unlike its wired version, it has no USB connectors or ports. Both generations have low-power features when not in use. It was discontinued on October 13, 2015, and was succeeded by the new Magic Keyboard.— — — — — —how do i clean my keyboard on my laptop?Pictures of the replacement keyboard show obvious indications of screws holding the keyboard down on this laptop, so you might be able to remove the top bezel (just under the screen) by removing the battery and pressing up on some clips that hold it into place. This plastic plate may also require a prying tool to pop up. Once that's done, there's a ribbon flex cable under the keyboard that needs to be carefully removed. Once that's out, you can take the keyboard and shake it over the sink. The operation requires no more than a few make-shift tools and a screw driver to do, and takes about 10 minutes. I do not know your particular laptop, but that should give you some clue about where to start. I linked a video to illustrate what I mean, and I hope it gives you a good step about where to start.
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