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My Keyboard and Mouse Will Not Work?

Yea, sounds like the mainboard got fried. I would flash the BIOS and if that doesnt work, get a new mainboard. Does the keyboard work in the BIOS? Maybe it's a Windows issue

My Keyboard and Mouse Will Not Work? 1

1. Secondary keyboard shortcuts in Gnome

You can do that with xdotool. Just create a new shortcut with the command xdotool key --clearmodifiers XF86AudioRaiseVolume to raise or xdotool key --clearmodifiers XF86AudioLowerVolume to lower. Step by step instructions: 1) Install xdotool. 2) Open the shortcut manager (on 11.10 and later: Alt F2 and paste gnome-control-center keyboard) 3) Choose the tab "Shortcuts" 4) Choose "Custom Shortcuts" 5) Click on "" like in this picture: 6) At "Name:" paste vol. 7) At "Command:" paste xdotool key --clearmodifiers XF86AudioLowerVolume: 8) Close the dialog. 9) Click at "Disabled" and make your shortcut. 10) Enjoy ;-)

2. Whats a good gaming keyboard?

There are a whole buch of good gaming keyboards i will jut name out some of my favorite Corsair K60 and K90 KeyBoard] Razer's BlackWidow Gaming keyboard. Cooler masters CM Storm gaming keyboard And Logitech's G150 And G16 Gaming keybaords All of these keyboards are mechanical and have anti ghosting Besides the logitech G150 and G16 which have rubber dome switches

My Keyboard and Mouse Will Not Work? 2

3. My keyboard does not work?

Do not mess with it if it is old, just get yourself a new one. They do not cost a lot

4. Is there a way to replace a keyboard on a laptop?

Yes, and it's a pretty easy process. You need a couple of small electrician's screwdrivers, a new keyboard and a little patience. Then it's simply a matter of popping the machine open, disconnecting the old keyboard, installing the new and putting the thing back together. It's fairly straight-forward. Edit: The guys below me are wrong (though it is correct that the simplest solution is to get a USB-keyboard). You can change the keyboard, and you can get a new one quite cheaply off of eBay for instance. Just make sure you get one to your exact model.

5. where is the division sign on the keyboard?

The first answer is right!

6. Is there such a thing as a "quiet keyboard"?

theres one called the virtually indestructable keyboard. i had it and it's completely flexable and nobody can hear you typing at all.

7. what keyboard is great for beginners?

It is not advisable to learn classical piano by ear. You need to learn how to read music

8. Is there such a thing as a "quiet keyboard"?

I think applying logic and scientific inquiry can get you quite close to, if not truth, at least accuracy. And you can use similar methods for moral questions as well

9. Adding USB card to a pci slot?

You can use the keyboard the old fashioned way to install the drivers to your new usb card. WindowsXP may even detect the usb card and install them automagically if they are in the resident data base. after installing the usb card first then power down the computer and connect your mouse and keyboard to the new usb card. it should work . ..hopefully :).

10. Keyboard shortcuts keep resetting

In 14.04 System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> WindowsHighlight Toggle Shaded State.Backspace should disable it.It's my understanding that many of these are hard-coded and the fact that disabling does not stick is a bug. More information about it and the option to subscribe to notifications regarding it are available here.

11. Is there a backquote on the iPhone keyboard?

I find that the back quote or grave quote is only available if I use the iPad in a vertical orientation. The alternative apostrophe symbols do not appear when the device is help in landscape orientation

12. Having problems with USB keyboard?

Mine uses batteries at the back. Even the mouse, btw. REPLACE the batteries.

13. Rap microphone and piano keyboard?

Microphone- blue yeti (snowball) they have amazing quality!! Especially for rapping

14. Is the keyboard an archaic tool?

No not by any measure is it archaic. It has only been with us since the late 19th century. It is still today the best designed way to input text onto a form of media be it paper, on the internet, on computer when writing code and work, the uses are very prevalent in todays culture . It is very versatile and there just has not been a better way of having all the alphabet of ones language and punctuation available for expression .

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