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My Dream Gaming Laptop Build

Up until a couple of years ago I would never recommend gaming on a laptop. The costs of a top of the line laptop was very high and even then, the performance was no where near a gaming PC. But times have changed, the hardware engineers have managed to miniaturize the latest technologies and costs have plummeted. So if I where to put together my dream gaming laptop what would I put in it?


You should be looking for one of Intel's multi processor chips. Right now the most powerful one is the Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor. It has 12 MB of total L2 cache and a 1600 MHz front side bus.


Laptop screens vary between 14 and 17 inches. For a gaming laptop you want a 17 inch screen with around 12,000 pixel high definition.

Graphics card:

NVidia makes the best gaming graphics cards for the laptop. You can check out NVidia's site to see what's out. Currently their best card is the GeForce 9800M GT in a dual GPU SLI configuration. It has 1GB of dedicated memory, and supports DirectX 10.


4 Gig of DDR2 Memory. There is no point in having anymore memory than that, at this time.

Gaming mouse:

The touchpads are horrible for gaming. I recommend a gaming mouse like my favorite the Razer Lachesis or a gamepad if you prefer one of those.

DVD/Blu-ray disc player:

With this gear you will be able to enjoy high definition blu-ray discs, so you should get a player that can handle them. Also get one that can read double-layer DVDs. Double layer DVDs hold double the data that an older DVDs holds.

The hard drive:

I would go with a 7200 RPM 250GB SATA with NCQ. If you need more disc space I would add another 250 GB drive. Now I know some guys would say, go with the 1 TB drive, while others will recommend a solid state drive. The problem with the larger discs are that you can't get the same RPMs out of it, which makes them slower. The solid state drives are more stable, but I don't think the technology is as fast as the conventional drives yet.

Operating system:

Must have Windows Vista.

With this build you will easily be able to handle games that bring even the best gaming PCs to their knees.

My Dream Gaming Laptop Build 1

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