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Microsoft still Debates on Bringing Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox One

Microsoft's plan to provide the keyboard-mouse support for Xbox One remains unconfirmed, and the debates pile up accompanied by concerns. Of course, you can use adapters to make it savvy for your Microsoft games, and the company is aware of it. But it has been a long time since they are saying that an official solution for the gamers is to come. Even, Mike Ybarra, the corporate VP for Xbox Program Management said last September that this is "definitely coming."Well, Ybarra did not say anything about time and neither revealed details on what form. "We have to be very smart in how we do that. Originally Published In TechGenYZ.

Microsoft still Debates on Bringing Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox One 1

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Does GRUB2 support /boot on LVM on MD-raid?

GRUB2 on Debian 9 is definitely able to read from a normal ("linear") LVM2 volume on MD raid1 (metadata v1.2). However I found this only seems to work if you do insmod lvm before insmod mdraid1x.If I load them in the opposite order, it changes the order of the devices shown by the GRUB ls command (!), but it does not add the lvm devices to the list. To get grub-mkconfig (which is the backend for Debian's update-grub) to detect the second Linux instance as suggested on the RAID wiki page, it sufficed to install the os-prober package. (I expect the Debian installer would have installed this package automatically, if it had seen a second OS when it originally installed the boot loader. Particularly if there was a Windows install). Interestingly, the generated config loaded lvm after mdraid1x. However it also loaded diskfilter before mdraid1x. It also used the hidden lvmid/... path instead of (lvm/...). For the sake of our sanity, let us ignore the latter difference, and imagine that the early diskfilter load is probably what lets this config work :). I am not sure where you are expected to learn either of these methods :-/

Does Barack Obama still support Partial Birth Abortion?

Microsoft still Debates on Bringing Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox One 2

It must be exhausting to paste the same question, over and over again, knowing full well you are just trying to spread lies. The partial birth abortion ban was meant as a gateway to overturning Roe V. Wade, which is why Obama opposed it. The procedure, despite what you are desperately trying to get people to believe, is simply not infanticide following birth. That is not reality. Democrats who did not oppose the ban were likely scared to seem too pro-choice, as the Republican politicians and the Christian fundamentalist backers that introduced the legislation manipulated the situation so that it seemed that opposing the ban was some kind of beastly act

How (not why) can Democrats still support the Clintons?

I can not vote yet, but my whole entire family are Democrats and they can not believe how nasty the Clintons are

How do some channels support Standard Definition and High Definition?

A lot of the channels just broadcast their HD feed & even if you are subscribed to their SD feed you would get the HD one as well, which would result in the letterboxing

Does this motherboard only support 3.25 GB of ram?

Its seeing that you could have the 32-bit variant of windows, it simplest reads as much as a useable Max of 4 gb of ram theoretically, some like my vista industry 32-bit version nonetheless says 4gb hooked up in system homes or utilizing freeware like speccy, but only makes use of about three.3-3.5 GB Max it allocates for process use. It has to do w 32- bit vs. Sixty four-bit math that IM not going to get into but sincerely you need a 64-bit variation of home windows. It's going to use four GB of ram, just do not use any starter versions you should be best. I might reccomend home windows 7 64-bit official

How can creationists support their beliefs if they are totally demolished by basic chemistry and physics?

The more illogical a religious person's position is the more faith it takes to believe it, and so the more deserving they are of divine reward. Thus providing more evidence that the world is about 4.5 billion years old strengthens creationists' position.

Use RV stand to support car during repairs?

yes they will be good make sure they are steady and well placed though .all the best

Future of tech support engineer?

If you keep your eyes open you will see the end of this job approaching. You need to monitor other NEW projects in your R&D section and learn the technical issues of one of the promising ones so you can slide over to it. take continuing ed classes associated with it. become an expert in that technology. Keep current on as much as you can. Do not go too deep on one issue but be prepared to cram for the one which is going to be next. Become the best choice as the next tech rep for it

Who told Americans that they should support Capitalism?

Ignorance in respect to socialism/communism and Soviet history is one of the pillars on which American values rest. If something goes wrong about capitalist system, government is to blame. If you have problems with socialism, it's because it's unsustainable. It's much easier to see the world as black-and-white

As a Republican, do you actually buy that Trump cares about 'cancel culture' when practically all he does is try to 'cancel' people and brands who don't support him enough?

And who the hell believes that this arrogant "yankee" from Long Island, who knows and cares less about US history than the average 3rd grader, could possibly give a damn about the so-called 'cultural heritage' of Mississippi or Alabama - places he would never even seen before his first campaign? Like Bolton's book makes clear, there is not a policy, not a position, not a speech which is not first and foremost about what is good for DJT and his re-election effort. When will people in the south wake the f*ck up and realize he is playing them for fools?

Configure Meteor in a server without websocket support

You can achieve that by using environment variables. Remember to always do this on server, either by using /server/lib or /lib/server folder or Meteor.isServer flag. This will do the trick:You can read more about using environment variables with Meteor on Meteorpedia.

Will canon 5d mark iii support all canon and tamron for canon lenses ?

That's honestly ridiculous. You could have requested about lenses for video, so i am going to anticipate you heard that the Canon 5D cameras are the pleasant DSLRs for video - many persons say this. And obviously at the time you had more cash than feel so went out and bought it, unbeknownst to you that the camera does not make the video just right - the lenses do. The whole body sensor simply offers you higher manipulate of your DOF and higher ISO performance. If you are looking to shoot video, then promote the 5D Mark III and buy a VIDEO digicam. It does not matter what your intentions are, every body is going to endorse that you just sell the 5D III. And that i suggest the equal thing. However one of the most rebel (xxxD) cameras or if you happen to pick the higher body, a 60D. Then purchase your self 2 or 3 lenses with the other $2,000 unusual you've gotten left over. For video and stills you will be able to need to appear into prime lenses or usual zooms. My recommendations headquartered upon earlier experiences: Canon 24-70mm F/2. 8L - this is your usual zoom. Excellent all round lens. Canon 35mm F/1. 4L - A first rate focal length, certainly on full frame. Easily certainly one of Canon's satisfactory top lenses. Canon 50mm F/1.2L - all people must possess a 50mm lens. That is the great. I would in no way mount something less than L best on my 5D Mark III's or my 1D Mark IV. If you put a affordable lens on an costly digicam then you will be able to vastly minimize the excellent of your images/video and spot how unhealthy most lenses really are. More cost effective lenses (they may not seem affordable to you, however something below $1,000 is traditionally pretty low priced) will exhibit extreme vignetting, delicate corners, softness vast open, focal point transferring etc. Sell the 5D III and purchase the rebel T4i and some L lenses. You can produce significantly better first-rate pix/videos. However, if you quite do have extra money than feel like i believe that you can simply purchase the lenses to your 5D III. I do not forget once I started I had to work my *** of and purchase my equipment second hand. Oh the thrill of being a spoiled little one, lucky you

Disable X support for emacs globally [duplicate]

So far I've had success making bash aliases for emacs and sudo. Edit your /.bashrc (or /.bash_aliases if you use that) to include the following:I am still disappointed that the latest emacs-nox does not just work out of the box.Update: I found I had not properly removed the old version of emacs. Make sure when you run the remove command, you include the *:

Neocons: why does your "support" of our troops have to include killing them and destroying their lives?

Having been raised as a 'military Brat' and serving interior the U. S. military, US military Reserve, and US Air stress Reserve for 9.12 Years. i will continually help the U. S. military until eventually i am in my grave. i am a disabled Viet-Nam era Vet 1973 - 1984. God Bless us of a, take care of our provider members!

Why do people assume that people who support health care and free education are...?

These days are hard to live. It's not because of we are lazy. But the situation is getting worse than ever. No one can anticipate what will happen tomorrow. Lie your hope in True God by praying then do the best what you can do.

If you buy a case that has a usb 3.0 slot but the motherboard doesn't support 3.0 can you still put it together?

My god man , how many times are you gonna ask this same stupid question? Asking it under a different name is just pathetic

Do you STILL support 'cash for clunkers'? Car dealers don't?

Never did and never will. This is just another example of Obama putting his mouth in operation without engaging his brain. Basically, this program is just an expansion of welfare

Why doesn't he support the major oil pipeline coming out of Canada? Is there a good reason he's not on board?

Our native people are against the pipeline because of environmental issues do we need more spills in our lands and lakes ? no we do not. And it is coming from Canada not Usa so it is a Canadian decision mostly and our First Nations peoples should be heard loud and clear.

How do you deal w/ a Paranoid Schizophrenia parent? Do you know of any on-line support groups?

This website offers alot of information and links regarding schizophrenia. It may be helpful. My grandmother had paranoid schizophrenia, and it is frustrating to family. Hang in there

58% support stricter gun control laws. should we tell the nra?

If this is true it may well be because most do not know what laws are already in place

My pregnant girlfriend left me for her friends support.?

ok listen.. you sound like such a good guy. you do more than is expected of you. But please try and understand the mostly likely reason for her leaving is because of her crazy hormones. I broke up with my fiance when i was 7 weeks pregnant.. and i came around and realized i was acting ridiculous. You have been there for her she will come around. Its ok.. you sound like your are going to be a great daddy!

24/7/365 support [closed]

One of the place I worked at had a 24/7 monitoring center. It took basically 10 staffers to fill all the slots, to have "spares" and to have a manager in charge. The biggest problem was the graveyard shift (2400-0800) since there was basically one guy coming off shift (in the entire building) and one guy coming on shift. Any delays meant automatic overtime for the guy on shift and if the midnight guy was a no show, a nice 16 hours shift.We also had terrible turn-over rates on those jobs and much difficulty recruiting for the night/evening shifts... Of course the non-peak shifts were only staffed with "operator" level employees with technical back-up on call. Basically management was unwilling to pay well enough to get highly technical resources to do night shifts, especially if they had families

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Vivo Iqoo Flagship Mobile Phone May Support RGB Lighting Effect
Recently, two models of v1824ba and v1824a mobile phones have been connected to the network of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Previously, the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology only gave the parameters of these two models. Now their ID photos have also been published. V1824ba and v1824a are the same mobile phones. They should be the flagship mobile phones of vivo iqoo to be released on March 1.There seems to be a slender light band in the center of the back of the mobile phone, which may support RGB light effect. In addition, the buttons on the left and right sides of the new machine are also dyed light blue, which is in sharp contrast to the tone of the whole machine. On the right is the volume key and power key, and on the left is a game key. When turned on, the mobile phone will enter high-performance mode, because the design of iqoo new machine is really like a game mobile phone.It should be noted that previously, iqoo officials disclosed that this is an E-sports mobile phone, which will have an extraordinary E-sports experience.In terms of performance, the new iqoo machine also meets the conditions of game phone. It adopts Xiaolong 855 processor, is equipped with 8GB / 12gb memory and 128GB / 256gb body storage. It should have 8GB 128GB and 12gb 256gb versions and run Android 9 system. Prior to the official notice, the aircraft also has a 4000 MAH battery, supports 44w super fast charging, as well as type-C interface, NFC, 4D vibration motor, etc.Iqoo new machine has at least two colors of blue and gold, and the body size is 157.69 × seventy-five point two × 8.51mm, 196g, equipped with 6.41 inch AMOLED screen, resolution 1080 × 2340, support screen fingerprint. There are three rear cameras, 13 million pixels, 12 million pixels and 2 million pixels respectively. The third camera may be a depth of field lens for background virtualization. The new machine also supports super HDR, with a front camera of 12 million pixels.
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