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Logitech Announced a New Master Series Keyboard and Mouse

Today, , taking into account MAC digital creators, which will be available in August. Although the original MX keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse can be used on apple and windows devices, these new versions are suitable for Apple users and are adjusted for "speed and accuracy". They have a dark gray appearance that matches other apple devices and do no harm.

The MX key (99.99 yuan) layout for Mac is specially designed for use with MacOS, ipados and IOS devices. The three dedicated easy switch keys in the top row allow you to pair up to three devices, such as Mac Pro or MacBook Air, and easily switch between them immediately. Its buttons are spherical with rounded edges to provide comfort and efficiency. It also has a backlight of a proximity sensor, which will automatically adjust when you are close to or away from the keyboard.

MX Master 3 ($99.99) for Mac is as beautiful and hard as previous versions, but now with gesture buttons, you can fully customize it for various popular applications, such as Adobe Premiere, final cut pro, Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Office suite. The MX Master 3 for Mac makes it easy to switch between machines, view open applications and scroll 1000 lines per second.

Pre order from today, these two products will be listed in Canada and some other countries / regions in July and launched globally in August.

Logitech Announced a New Master Series Keyboard and Mouse 1

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