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Keyboard and Mouse Vs Console Controller?

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Keyboard and Mouse Vs Console Controller? 1

1. passing data from Page controller to component Controller

If you follow the comments to your question you should be able to pass references from page controller to component controller and vice versa. But then you end up in a scenario where both controllers are coupled so closely together, that you may also think about using only a single controller for both

2. Xbox 360 Controller ( Wireless ) and Xbox 360 Controller Elite?

You might be looking the Elite Controller that includes the rechargeable battery pack and cord. If so, then yes it is definitely higher. But the Elite Controller by itself without the charge cord and battery pack, like the other guys here have already stated, is the same price as the white wireless controller.

Keyboard and Mouse Vs Console Controller? 2

3. PCI IDE Controller

The motherboard's BIOS must have a setting for Option ROMs, SCSI Cards, or something along those lines; it must be disabled if your PCI IDE Card is not showing up. It's also possible you already have 4 cards with Option ROMs, or some of those option ROMs take up more than one "slot" (keeping it simple...). A side thought, the HD or DVD drive might have incompatibilities that do not allow them to both work on the same channel. Has this system worked before? This is not likely, but one might be damaged or something like that too

4. Reference an Attribute from Controller

You need to make this helper "utility" component as extendable so as to make the helper.js shared across components.For example consider below utilityHelper.js:Now when you extend this utility component and you can access the new/modified values as below:testCompController.js:

5. Xbox 360 rapid fire controller?

6. Gun shaped video game controller?

i dont think of they ought to count quantity in case you purchase the console and get a game with it. eg people purchase a Wii because of the fact they wont the Wii no longer Wii activities. in the event that they count quantity that why no longer minesweeper or solitare because of the fact they wold have offered over a minimum of 300milion because of the fact it comes with each and every microsoft laptop you purchase. i be attentive to massive mario bros got here with a NES even with the undeniable fact that it replaced right into a defining game in that era and replaced into between the reason that console offered so properly, Wii activities hasnt defined something and people dont purchase a Wii purely for Wii activities

7. What parts to get to replace a cooling fan and relay module for a 2009 Crown Victoria?

You need the fan and controller made for your car. That eBay fan you listed here wo not cut it. To get an idea of what that Crown Vic needs, try rockauto. com and look up the radiator fan assembly and the cooling fan control module

8. xbox 360 controller to pc help?

You need to go to the control panel and select the controllers tab and your controller will show up. If you have windows vista you need to click on the classic view link on the left side then click on the game controllers button

9. Network unclaimed shown for network controller

First, I suggest you remove the incorrect and probably conflicting driver. At the terminal:Reboot and then run:Post the result and, depending on the outcome, I will further edit my answer to propose a solution.The first link you gave is the correct method; however, it appears that something has gone wrong with the compile process. Let's see if we can fix it:Any improvement? If not, reboot and post again:

10. Is it possible to play FFXI on PC with a controller?

THAT GAME SUCKS and yes you can, most ffxi PC players normally use a controller

11. What is the difference between a Controller and Microcontroller?

What you described first is what is called I/O port addressing, popularized by Intel. Intel microprocessors have I/O addresses separate from memory addresses, e.g. you can have I/O port 45, and also memory address 45, and there is no conflict. Whereas Motorola-style microprocessors use the same address space for both memory and I/O, so address 45 has to be one or the other. Which one depends on the design of the system. This distinction (Intel vs Motorola-style addressing) goes back 40 years. So yes, the I/O address would be put on the address bus. In the Intel 8080 for example, which had a 16-bit address bus, the I/O address would be put only on the lower byte of the address bus since there was a maximum of 256 I/O port. In addition, a line would be asserted indicating the address on the bus is for I/O and not memory. Meanwhile, as you said, all hardware controllers are listening to the bus. Another term used for controller is peripheral. When the address on the bus matches the address of the peripheral, then data is either passed from the microprocessor's data bus to the peripheral (writing), or from the peripheral to the microprocessor (reading), depending on additional lines which indicate whether data is being written to or read from the peripheral. I have been using the term microprocessor, instead of microcontroller, because microcontrollers in general do not have external address and data busses, so your first example would not make any sense with microcontrollers.A "hardware controller" is not the same thing as microprocessor or microcontroller, rather it could be a peripheral card in your PC. What is a little confusing, in the case of a peripheral card there is almost certainly a microcontroller on the hardware controller or peripheral, but that microcontroller is just part of the peripheral, and you cannot equate hardware controller = microcontroller. In any case, what you are referring to as a "controller" is a piece of hardware. However, it may not be a separate piece of hardware like the peripheral cards I have been referring to. Instead, it might simply be a separate chip on the motherboard. Modern PC's typically have two I/O chips, one called the Northbridge and the other the Southbridge. The Northbridge usually has a memory controller and video controller. The Southbridge handles interfaces such as USB, audio, serial, ISA bus, interrupt controller and the IDE channels. And finally, the controller may be integrated right into the microprocessor or microcontroller itself; that's always the case for microcontrollers since their I/O is part of the chip and they generally have no external address or data busses. So instead of putting I/O addresses on an external address bus, the processor would just write and read directly to/from registers within the chip.If you are writing a standalone program (no OS like Windows) for a microprocessor or microcontroller, you do not have to have software drivers to talk to it, rather you can write directly to the hardware yourself if you want to. But these controllers are often pretty complicated to understand at the hardware level, and so it is much easier to use a library provided by the chip manufacturer. (And if there is not one, programmers often make their own and use them from one project to the next, or even share them on a GitHub.)In the PC, using a operating system like Windows or Linux, regular programs are not allowed to talk directly to the hardware (if they try, it causes the program to be terminated). This is enforced because if a program could muck around directly with the hardware, it would be too easy to take the entire system down.Rather there are software device drivers that have a set of standard interfaces for each type of peripheral. This isolates the hardware details of how to talk to the peripheral, and instead presents a higher-level I/O interface to the programs running on the PC to talk to it. Device drivers can even make one piece of hardware look like another. All PC's used to have hardware RS-232 communication ports. Now they seldom do. Instead, if one really needs to have a hardware RS-232 interface, they can purchase a USB to RS232 serial adapter. When this is plugged into a PC, it's driver creates a "virtual" COM port in the device manager list, and a user programmer cannot tell the difference between this and a real COM port on the back of the PC

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