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Keyboard and Mouse Not Working?

I would look into the bios settings and see if the USB option is enabled for legacy mice and keyboards as well as any other USB options are there to enable

Keyboard and Mouse Not Working? 1

1. what gaming pc parts should i buy?

It should be possible to build a mid range gaming PC for that much. both have some barebone kits for sale as well as individual parts. You will need a Case Motherboard with built in sound CPU RAM Hard Drive DVD Drive Video Card Power Supply and an OS. you may need other things like Monitor, keyboard and Mouse as well. Good Luck

2. Pc disables keyboard and mouse!?

You have practically done what is necessary, better bring it to a computer shop so that it can be fixed by an expert technician

Keyboard and Mouse Not Working? 2

3. Actionscript - Disable Mouse Move?

Actionscript can not control elements outside of flash's parameters. If you want something that tries this you might look into is using javascript, as that can the browser window and (possibly) the computer. EDIT: You can always use actionscript to create a custom cursor (an image that follows the cursor, and hides the natural image of the cursor), then freeze it.

4. how do i change computer mouse? when i plug a new mouse in, the laser is on but the mouse doesnt work?

you will have to install the driver for the mouse, if it came with a disk , use it to install the driver, otherwise look under the mouse and get the driver from the manufacturer's website. if you have vista u can always go into device manager and update the driver. sometimes this works

5. How to change mouse DPI?

My wireless Logitech MX Performance mouse has DPI of 400 to 1600. To set the speed in Ubuntu I go to System Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad which brings up this display:Sliding the "Mouse pointer speed" changes the DPI rate for comfortable use. In Windows Logitech also recommends setting the DPI by sliding the Mouse Pointer Speed. Specifically it says:Some report that for gaming mice the slowest pointer speed setting (above) is still too "insanely fast". In this situation you need to find the xinput name for your mouse using xinput --list --short:From the list we see the mouse is named "Logitech Performance MX".Next we need the details of the mouse using xinput --list-props "Logitech Performance MX":We need to multiply the constant deceleration above by 5 (recommended for gaming mice) using:Again 5 is recommended. On my platform (1600 DPI mouse) I used 2 (double slow) and had to increase the Ubuntu Mouse Pointer Speed slider bar from 1/3 to about 7/8.If the above does not work, other recommended settings for gaming mice are:NOTE: Replace "Logitech Performance MX" above with the mouse name your xinput reports.NOTE: The above changes are for Ubuntu 10. 04 - 16. 10. For Ubuntu 17. 04 see Lowering Mouse Sensitivity in Ubuntu and Fedora where the bulk of this information comes from.Special thanks to Q&A that popped up this afternoon: Corsair M95 Gaming Mouse too sensitive / speed too fast. How to reduce speed?

6. How to trap mouse in the house?

You can buy mouse traps almost anywhere. Grocery store, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc

7. What wire can I use to connect my PC to my TV?

the suited is DVI output to HDMI enter if a greater moderen liquid crystal exhibit for suited effects and what i take advantage of on a 32". make helpful your liquid crystal exhibit helps HDMI and get the cable, no longer affordable. THen get a instant keyboard and mouse

8. What's the best program to clean my Mac?

Do you have a wireless keyboard or mouse? If yes, I would replace the battery. If not, unplug the keyboard and mouse and then plug them back in to make sure your connection is good. This strikes me as a keyboard or mouse problem. Try a different keyboard and mouse if you can borrow one

9. my a/c unit contactor burn. but the a/c unit or the blower dont turn on at all? why that?

Sounds like a simple problem. I am sure you've checked the obvious; (1) Your breaker or disconnect switch to the condenser is off. Or the disconnect switch is in upside down; (2) The breaker or power supply to your furnace is off; (3) If you let the 2 thermostat wires leading to the condenser touch or ground out while the thermostat was calling for "cool" then you've either blown the fuse on the circuit board or there is no fuse the next check would be the transformer. Turn your thermostat fan setting to "on" from "auto". If it comes on obviously the air handler has power. However, DON'T assume it has no power if it does not come on. It may be the fuse or transformer causing loss of 24 volts (5) If you have a board with a fuse on it and the fuse is good, which also confirms that the transformer is ok, try using a jumper wire from terminals "R" to "G" where the thermostat wires are wired in. This should cause the blower to start (there may be a time delay of up to 60-90 seconds). If that starts, try jumping "R" to "Y" which should turn the outside unit on. (do not forget to hold in the panel switch). Look for loose wire nuts, mouse or dog chewing and even weed eaters are common culprits. If none of this make sense get back on and someone will help you out. Good luck!

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