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Im Cleaning a Computer Its a Dell Latitude D610 and now the Keyboard and Mouse Wont Work, What Can I

60 Viruses forget it that installation is gone, the only way to fix this is to reformat the hard drive completely and install windows again from a clean cd. that many virus's means the machine is beyond cleaning with any software out there.... what did you do to get that many

Im Cleaning a Computer Its a Dell Latitude D610 and now the Keyboard and Mouse Wont Work, What Can I 1

1. Can my Dell Latitude E6400 fit a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 graphics card?

You cannot change/upgrade the graphics adapter in Laptops. Whichever graphics option it came with from the factory, remains for the lifetime of the unit

2. What would happen if a hurricane formed in the southern hemisphere at say 10 degrees south latitude which would spin clockwise and it quickly went north and crossed the equator where they spin anti-clockwise? Would it reverse direction or fizzle out?

Interesting question. Given the way hurricanes that form north of the equator tend to go west, then veer north, then east, I would expect symmetry. So, this business of crossing the equator figures to just not happen

Im Cleaning a Computer Its a Dell Latitude D610 and now the Keyboard and Mouse Wont Work, What Can I 2

3. How would I repair my Dell Latitude Laptop?

What you call the charger also supplies mains power to the laptop. So even with a dead battery or no battery the laptop should still work with the cable connected. From what you described, it might be the fan is not working. It could simply be bunged up up dust and grit and needs cleaning. Suggest you use a can of compressed air to clean the fan. If that does not work I suggest you take it to a computer shop - they will be able to tell if it is the fan or something else.. .

4. How can I turn on the wireless switch of my DELL Latitude D520 laptop?

It's not a switch, it's controlled by your wireless software. My friend has one, you have to find the program in your start menu, I am sorry I do not remember it. But if you look through there you should be able to figure it out.

5. Laptop trouble, Dell Latitude D600, possible bad motherboard?

Ive got the same model and have had no such issues. Ring Dell support up and and tell them the situation, they should arrange for an engineer to come out

6. Help can't connect 2 internet have dell latitude d520?

Download the driver you need from Dell's site (go to the support section, follow the prompts. You will need the service number from the tag on your laptop to get the correct driver.) Put the driver on a flash drive, move the flash drive to the Dell laptop, install the driver, and you can download any other drivers you need directly to the laptop (because it will connect to the internet now). ANY time you are going to change or reinstall an operating system, download the drivers to an external device (like a flash drive) first.

7. Dell Latitude 620 drivers for wireless internet?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Dell Latitude 620 drivers for wireless internet? I have replaced my hard drive, but now I cannot access the internet, because I have no drivers. How can I resolve this problem ? any help please.

8. Is this tattoo idea cheesy?

Longitude and latitude is cool. Not cheesy at all. BTW make sure you choose a tattoo parlour with good infection control practices, the last think you want is to pick up some virus like Hepatitis C or HIV.

9. Hours of light per day based on latitude/longitude formula

I think thatprovide enough information. You put the equation from the second link into the equation from the first link. You get hours by multiplying the positive solution $omega_0$ by $2 cdot frac24texth2pi$. If the equation from the first link has no solution ($tanphi cdot tandelta>1$ ), this means day is either $24texth$ or $0texth$ long. As far as I checked equations' output, they seem to be consistent

10. Suitable processor for dell latitude d520?

I think the highest it will go up to is a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo T7600. If you dig through Ebay the T7600, T7400, and the T7200 are your best options. You want a socket-M Core 2 Duo processor with a 667MHZ front side bus. Centrino is basically a mobile platform brand that includes the processor, chipset, and wireless card and does not refer to a processor. You can have a Core Duo as part of your Centrino platform.

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