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Hyperxalloyelite Aloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Is Not Easy to Use

The more the e-sports wind blows, the more hot the surrounding brands are ready to go, with the intention of occupying the high point of the system. I don't know who can win the final victory, but I firmly believe that a prepared brand can always laugh to the end, and hyperx, which is frequently popular, is one of them. From alloy Mars RGB mechanical keyboard to FPS Pro Professional E-sports mechanical keyboard, and then to hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard in this evaluation, all fully show hyperx's increasing brand confidence in E-sports equipment.

The mechanical keyboard packaging of hyperx alloy elite aloy elite version is the same as the previous product packaging. It is permeated with a smoke filled E-sports wind. It seems that at this moment, it is in the vortex center of the battlefield rather than the unpacking site. It has a strong sense of appeal. At the same time, it also makes the brand recognition effectively maintained.

Outline of outer packaging

The cherry red axis logo in the upper right corner of the packing box brightened the author's eyes, and the expectation of this mechanical keyboard increased by one point.

Next, it's time to lift the veil to see what the bride looks like. The author can't help bumping around. After all, it's a major event in life.

The moment I opened it, I smiled like a girl. I tore the film while it was hot. When I picked it up, I almost flashed to my old waist. Unexpectedly, it was full of weight. It was because the front used a whole steel plate, which was no different from the key cap. It almost stole my heart. The whole steel plate can not only provide stronger stability and durability in daily high-strength use, especially in fierce high-strength games; It can also bring a more comfortable key pressing experience.

Keyboard list

The floating island key cap design is adopted. There is no redundant frame protection around. It looks very neat. In particular, the visual effect is very thin. It is even more beautiful when the light is on.

The integrated connecting line ensures the stability of transmission to the greatest extent. The connecting line is black and thick. The diameter of the main line is 7.5mm (equivalent to the power line of most notebooks), and the diameter of the branch line is 4.5mm. Compared with Apple's fragile data line, it can be said that this keyboard connecting line is very durable.

The 1.8m long wire is wrapped by nylon wire, which can fully meet the daily use.

The back of the hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard is equipped with a USB2.0 interface. At the beginning, the author still wondered why the branch line has two USB interfaces. Here, the author guessed that the power supply of the keyboard and USB interface should be sufficient, so the dual USB port design is adopted.

Generally speaking, the bottom of the keyboard is a smooth road. You can see that three parts of the hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard are recessed at the bottom, so that it can bear more force. Two adjustable feet at the top and two fixed feet at the bottom are matched high and low, which is more stable.

Shaft body description

The hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard sent for testing this time is the red axis version. In addition, there are tea axis and green axis for favorite players to choose. As the "fever reduction axis", the red axis switch is a linear switch; There is no bump in its propagation path to provide tactile feedback. These switches can register a repeated touch without resetting after passing through the bump, so that players who need to double-click or click the keyboard three times in a row can gain an advantage in speed. The smoother movement also makes these switches quieter in use than touching and clicking switches, and the trigger pressure gram is only 45g. Compared with the black axis, they feel lighter and lighter. They are applicable to a wider range of people in both daily life and games.

104 key standard design, shortcut function keys and volume wheel are placed in the upper left corner and upper right corner respectively, which is very convenient for daily use and adjustment.

It supports dynamic RGB light effects, red, blue and colorful backlights, and has different light effect modes. It can be adjusted respectively through the two shortcut keys in the upper left corner of the keyboard. The actual effect seen by the naked eye is very beautiful. The effect is as follows:

Light effect custom mode press and hold the brightness and game mode (g key) keys in the upper left corner of the keyboard until the backlight is completely off. You can touch the button that needs to be lit. Then press and hold the brightness and game mode buttons again to save the settings.

Lamp belt drive

As an elite mechanical keyboard, the game attribute is of course the first, so the keyboard light band must be adjustable, and the hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard is no exception. It can be adjusted through the hyperx nguity software (available on the hyperx nguity official website).

There are three different modes of light adjustment, effect, area and freestyle. The effect is to select the color you like, and then select the light band effect, which can be applied. Area adjustment is to divide the keyboard into five parts according to the color indication in the figure, and wait for the area to be adjusted. If the first two methods can't meet your personalized requirements, then freestyle is to click on the keyboard letter to be adjusted, modify the desired color, and save it.

The game mode is very easy to understand. After all, it is a full key non impact mechanical keyboard. In order not to cause unnecessary trouble in the game, you can choose to turn off the easily touched key in the game.

Powerful and easy-to-use macro functions are also available.

what! You are not satisfied with these! Well, fortunately, for most popular games on the market, this driver has a default light band, which can be used directly.

Click the "" on the far left to enter the default game setting light band of the program. As shown in the figure below:

List of supported Games:

The author selected and translated several current games: Alien: isolation, Jedi survival and killing, watchman, wizard 3: (crazy hunting), world of Warcraft, CS: go, dota2, my world, etc.

If you think program customization can't meet your personalization, no problem, you can adjust it. Take the default customization of watchman as an example, and the program customization is as follows:

Click customization in the lower left corner and select the required key. After selection, the application can be used.

Drag the new custom configuration of the watch pioneer to any of the three HX icons below with the mouse to save the settings to the keyboard, which can be called through the light switching key on the keyboard.

Modifiable key cap

The transparent key cap of double injection molding process is the mainstream method at present. The key cap of hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard adopts ABS surface skin coating, which feels very soft and has good friction damping. From now on, I can see you again with greasy keyboard.

The key cap height of hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard is the mainstream height in the market, so there is a lot of room for transformation. The only thing to pay attention to is whether the large keys match.

In addition to making articles on the key cap and key shaft, the key cap of hyperx alloy elite aloy elite mechanical keyboard conforms to ergonomics, and the laser engraving process is beautiful and more durable. Space, enter, shift and other large keys are also equipped with satellite axes. No matter how you hit them, you can get efficient and effective feedback.

Eight titanium texture keycaps are attached, which brings a stronger sense of E-sports to the all black keyboard, and the commonly used WASD adds anti-skid texture to facilitate rapid positioning in the fierce group war.

Randomly matched with a plastic palm wrist support, also covered with a layer of skin like material. The English keyboard input area is added with anti-skid texture, which makes the palm feel very obvious. It can make the wrist comfortable and easy to carry in long-term competitive competitions.

Game experience

Warcraft requires many large-scale continuous and mobile operations. During the test, I feel that the hyperx Mars RGB mechanical keyboard is very stable and sensitive to the movement of characters. During the game battle, the hyperx Mars Mars RGB mechanical keyboard has sensitive feedback and can well complete the switching of various skills. It is fully competent for the current popular large-scale games. The key feels crisp and has no empty key path, which greatly reduces misoperation and has a longer service life.

CS anti terrorism elite has high requirements for the reflection and non conflict of the keyboard. During the test, this keyboard did not disappoint the author. It has strong rebound, sensitive response and obvious sense of hierarchy. The characters move quickly and accurately, turn flexibly, and take the lead everywhere in the game.

As a universal axis, the author randomly gave it to another female colleague. After using it for a day, the female colleague told me that this keyboard feels great in use, just like the smell of an old wine, which is long and distant.


As a mechanical keyboard with a red axis, the author typed this article with it. The double touch makes the author suddenly feel a little unbearable to end this article. As a new star of E-sports equipment, hyperx continues to charge the commanding height again and again through a series of new products, especially the mechanical keyboard of the heart of E-sports. Hyperx is still expected to stand at the commanding height in the near future.

Hyperxalloyelite Aloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Is Not Easy to Use 1

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