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How to Remove Fingerprint Stains From a Computer Mouse?

Isopropyl alcohol (also called isopropanol or dimethyl carbino) which should be available in any chemists/drug store, is an excellent cleaner. Simply invert the bottle on a (woman's) face cleaning pad and wipe the surface. It's also great for cleaning the underside of mice getting rid of the gunge which builds up there.

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ax number of bags

An upper limit is $16$: the number of balls in each bag is between $0$ and $15$, so if we have more than $16$ bags, two are forced to have the same number of balls.We can achieve $16$ as follows:Then bag #$k$ contains $k$ balls total: the $k-1$ balls inside the previous bag, and one more


Is there anything I can add to homemade bread to preserve it?

When making the bread dough. What you should do is bake what you need and wrap the unbaked dough in plastic wrap and place in the fridge if your going to bake it within a week or two or freeze the dough this way you dont have so much bread going to waste


How to Clean Engine Block Surface For MLS Gaskets?

As long as there are no nicks or burs on the block you are good to reassemble, clean with brake cleaner and red scotch bright.Aluminum head should be as smooth as possible to allow sliding on the gasket as it will expand faster and farther than cast iron. Clean same as block


Is it worse to buy drinks in glass bottles or plastic bottles?

glass bottles are waaaay better. they cant even really recycle the plastic bottles (even though they say they do). im taking a class on least you can reuse you glass bottle and wash it in hot water and not worry about chemicals leaking into your drink :) so glass is all around better


How to use or adapt this artificial plant?

Not really home improvement but I'll try. What if you took a plastic pot that you could hang, drill a hole in the bottom of it and insert the stem into the bottom of the pot. You could also put some artificial plant in the pot. Hey, I'm an engineer, what do you want


If the most of UV light is absorbed by glass, does a person wearing prescription eye glasses need to wear sun glasses?

Eyewear is not usually made of glass these days. Some plastic lenses block all UV, but some plastics allow some UV to pass so a coating is used.For glass.. see this article about car window glass. Not all UV is blocked without a UV treatment.


May I request canonical resources?

Excellent question. The community will have to decide, but my personal understanding based on the last couple of times that this question has been discussed is that canonical reference requests are on topic. The definition is as you've stated - references that almost all scholars in the field would point to.Dissenting opinions?


EMI/RFI emissions and computer cases

There are fine mesh vent screens available for emi/emc shielding. Can't recall what they were rated to. You should be able to find them with google.To get a rough idea for holesize, Microwave ovens run at 2.

4 GHZ same as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can see the hole size in their windows


What was used as paint on insulation/conformal coating in the 1950s?

For many applications, a fast-drying varnish or enamel was used. The base was whatever volatile organic solvent was available at the time. The material left behind when the solvent dried was whatever plastic material was available. Nitrocellulose was developed in the mid 1800's and used as a plastic or plastic coating for many purposes


How do I germinate the Venus Fly Trap seeds?

properly venus fly traps take about a 365 days to advance I extremely have one myself and it took continuously to advance a million 365 days in case you water it on a daily basis water it until eventually eventually the airborne dirt and mud floods a touch reason they cant be overwatered plenty


Can I buy a plastic or acrylic taper and stretch my ear then immediately wear silicone plugs?

Silicone jewelry isn't safe for healing stretches. And you need to stretch gradually. If you want a large hole in your ear immediately, you need to go get pierced at that size or have that much flesh removed from your ear.

If you want healthy ears, you don't skip sizes at all.


Making a dark blue room feminine?

Maybe try and add some black accents. To me that sounds very luscious and gorgeous! At Target you can almost always find some vintage looking wall accents and posters of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Maybe a Parisian kind of room? When I think of Paris I always think of old movies and art!


What can I do to get models to take my small camera more seriously?

If you have a tablet, you could use it to carry a portfolio with samples of your work. A smartphone would work as well, but the screen is a bit too tiny... (and a tablet looks more professional ;) ). A printed portfolio works as well, of course, and allows a larger size, but is bulkier


Between abstract and concrete

I don't understand what exactly you are searching for. In your example of violence, the best word that can be ascribed for a term for which the definitions change from person to person is subjective.

So, words like love, success, happiness, etc are subjective because there is no one standard definition for these terms.


RJ45 sleeve slips off after crimping

Your picture indicates that you cut the outer shield too far back. That is, the strands are too long, leaving nothing to grasp the shield.As you note it works. But it is weaker overall, and you should start again, make sure the exposed wires are not too long and then crimp again.


What's the difference when asked for debit or credit by a store when using credit and debit cards?

It depends on your bank and your terms of service, but using the card one way or the other may affect things such as how long it takes to process, what buyer protections you have, etc. It also affects the store as I believe they are charged differently for debit vs credit transactions


Can you eat the seeds of Tamarind if you roast them or boil them?

I just soak the seeds until the skin is soft. This takes a few days, and the water has to be changed every day. Afterwards, you can wash and roast or boil them as you like.

Some people are making a desserts with tamarind seeds... I just like to make tea with it


How to preserve leaves between sampling (collection) and analysis?

You may want to see:Mark W. Chase, Harold H. Hills; Taxon, Vol. 40, No. 2, 1991, pp. 215-220: 'Silica Gel: An Ideal Material for Field Preservation of Leaf Samples for DNA Studies'Summarized, the process would be the following:Note: Freezing by submersion in liquid nitrogen is also a viable approach, yet might be less practical


DPST switch control 5vDC and 220vAC

Using a DPST switch like that, you need to be very careful about creepage distances between the mains and 5V USB terminals of the switch.If there's any possibility of mains voltage leaking across the insulation to the extra low voltage side on a damp day, then the arrangement could become very dangerous


Does use of cermet pots lead to scratching in a DC audio circuit?

If adjusting the pot causes a jump in the DC level of the circuit, you'll hear it as scratches, whooshes, or something. You could even use photocells with no mechanical parts whatsoever and still get adjustment noise.To avoid this problem, don't put a DC potential across pots that touch the audio path.


After laptop lid closed keyboard not responding

I recently had this weird problem(My laptop is Sony Vaio too). I just pushed the button under the Vaio logo (the button is under a piece of plastic) on the back until the laptop shuts down(You can alternatively wait for the battery to drain). When it booted back it was fixed


Anyone own Modern Family season 1 on DVD?

Yeah, it sounds like you got bootleg. DVD should play clear in a BluRay, not spotty. I have rented the first two seasons, and in both cases the images on the DVD were printed on did not look bad.

Future references, only buy from reputable dealers ie Amazon, or a brick and mortar store.


Charger with burning smell

It's not worth the potential fire hazard. If you go to and look at the reviews on the MacBook chargers, people are very frustrated with the need to replace the chargers so frequently due to wear exactly where you described it. I would highly recommend replacing the charger over repairing it


William James Principles of Psychology and Brain Plasticity

The difference is that these days

- it is known that plasticity (mainly) occurs in the synaptic connections,

- the biophysical changes that implement the plasticity are known.

- this knowledge allows manipulating and blocking of memory formation.For instance in the 60s is was still thought that memory was stored in DNA.


My dogs lips and gums are changing color

Definitely does not look a pigmentation due to the swelling. What your original veterinarian suggested would be vitiligo, which is gradual and does not generally happen within a week. My best guess would be that it is an allergy because of the swelling, I would get a second opinion on it from another veterinarian.


Is a grommet needed for romex into this metal junction box?

You don't use a grommet in this application but rather an appropriate clamp. The correct type depends on what you are connecting here but the usual thing for non-metallic cable is something like this: jpg.


Removed space bar to clean, now it doesnt want to work!

Did you make sure that there isn't a bit of plastic that got moved when you cleaned it? The fact that it's hard to press down points to it not fitting in there well enough.Try taking it off again and pressing on the trigger without the button and see if that works


What species is this interestingly colored brown moth

It could be Pyralis farinalis, the meal moth. It is a cosmopolitan moth of the family Pyralidae. Its larvae are pests of certain stored foods, namely milled plant products. I don't think it's adults feed as they do not live long after mating.Here is a link to its Wikipedia article:Pyralis farinalis


When should I use a discussion of vs. a discussion on vs. a discussion about?

I would probably lean toward about as in:We had a discussion about otters and other salt-water mammals.Using the preposition of there feels wrong to me. In a subheading on a paperA Discussion of Otters and Other Salt-Water Mammalsit would feel as if it was the otters who were having the discussion.


water vapor vs air (in a balloon)

The air in the balloon will be saturated (with water vapour) and the air outside not. As a result there will be a vapour density (or partial pressure) gradient between the inside and outside of the balloon that will drive the mass flow of water vapour through the balloon and to the outside


What happened to LEGO Service?

As I am not a LEGO employee I can only guess, but I would say the LEGO Service line got replaced with LEGO Pick-a-Brick (and LEGO Services Bricks & Pieces) as a way for customers to get their hands on quantities of specific pieces. The LEGO Store Pick-a-Brick wall serves a similar purpose


Cutting insulation of speaker wire without damaging inner wires

Being stingy, and not averse to minor personal injury I'd attack the white outer with my trusty pocket knife, The idea is to cut it most of the way through the white layer and then flex the cable until it tears the rest of the way though.Cutting while flexing works well too


How did the police save the hostages in the bank in Inside Man?

Robbers had managed to bug the conversations of the police officers in the MCC by planting a transmitter on the drawer given to them with their demands in it. When they heared the plan to enter the bank through the device, they released all the hostages and just got out along with them


How can I disable the IR/Remote Control on an HP laptop?

Put a mug of coffee/tea in front of the sensor.This method has the advantage of not needing any driver deactivating/reactivating, it's easy to set, and unset!If you prefer playing with drivers, you can deactivate it in the device manager, it will most likely be the one described at this link


Relative positioning system using Electromagnetic field from a wire

The datasheet for that sensor says it triggers at 200 Gauss and releases at about 130 Gauss. That is 0.02 Tesla and 0.013 Tesla.The equation for magnetic field strength from a straight wire carrying current is:

From Physics Centralwhere $u_0 4pi times 10^-7 $ Tesla/m/ampI get 1000A before your chosen sensor will trip at 1cm.


How do I organise my cards in the Dominion big box insert?

The first thing I would do is leave out the Alchemy set. Beyond that I personally prefer alphabetical for the straightforward reason that it takes less time to dig out cards when you're setting up, and given that (after Possession) setup is the most annoying thing about playing Dominion this is pretty important

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I Spilled Maxell Scratch Remover for CD-ROMs Accidentally on My Computer Mouse and It Damaged It - W
CD are made from a high quality plastic that can withstand some chemicals. Why: The plastic in the Mouse is not designed to be cleaned with strong chemicals. If there is any thinners in the solution, it will disolve many types of plastic. How: You spilled the Maxell Scratch Remover for CD-ROMs on your computer mouse.1. Paper or plastic?Cash; I do not give credit2. What type of metal is most used to make cars?Most structural body parts are made of cold-rolled steel because it is stronger. Non-structural parts can be made with hot-rolled steel because it is cheaper.Steel is still, by far, the most used metal. Many parts are made with plastic, fiberglass, even carbon fiber.Aluminum is being used more, but makes a very low percentage of the total3. Paper or Plastic?I like using both. Paper because I need bags actully for my recycle. I like plastic because I use the bags for my small trash.4. what is clay when it is soft and pliable?Are you asking about solid vs. plastic?5. Poll: Paper or Plastic?PAPER INSIDE OF PLASTIC >:D IM KILLING ENVIRONMENT MUAHAAHAHAHA6. How do I clean used nerf guns?most of the gun is plastic just use some kind of disinfectant wipes and just clean then with that. You might then want to wipe them with a very slightly wet towel. Then dry them with a dry towel. just do not soak them too much7. What are the safe woods for cockatiels?They are very naughty so be careful. Plywood is good and for sticks rose wood, but you can buy sticks in home depot, they sold pine sticks which are very safe for Cockatiels. Please do not use plastic they can get hurt8. Project on Plastic drinking straws. Need help!?They are cheap, easy to make and stand up to pressure better than paper. I think the advent of plastic poke-through drink tops really was a death throe for paper, as they would collapse. But paper straws with the bendable rings were fun! That said, I think plastic may be our biggest environmental problem and would gladly use paper, corn starch or some other biodegradable solution instead.9. Canon t2i vs 7D vs 5D Mark II?The features and abilities of the Canon cameras as you move up the chain might not be anything that you might use. For image quality, there is virtually zero gain going from the entry level T2i to the very expensive, and nearly triple the price 7D since they use the same image sensor. Moving up to the 7D will net you a mag alloy body, instead of plastic, better more advance AF sensors, faster shooting etc. Jumping up to the 5D mark II, you will lose some abilities over the 7D (the 7D is about 1 year newer) but the image sensor performance is actually a big jump up over the 7D, but it costs significantly more. If you shoot mostly at low ISO, and you are not getting paid for what you do, stay with what you have, invest in sharpening your skills, and maybe a better/different lens. If you do shoot at high ISOs (like 1600 and above) it's worth looking at the 5D mark II, Nikon D7000, D700, Pentax K 30, Sony A99, Sony A580 etc, but be ready to pay more.10. is there such thing as a plastic oboe reed?There are plastic oboe and bassoon reeds, usually intended for beginners who may not handle them correctly. The sound is compromised by using plastic, though. I would just be more careful, and always take it out when you set your instrument down. Most oboists I see put theirs in their mouth or a little plastic container with water when they are not actually playing. Keeps the reed moist and out of harms way11. Is it bad to leave food in my hot car?I do not think that's such a good idea, do you store your food in a plastic container? the plastic could melt, and then you eat the plastic, which gives you a higher risk at cancer. You could store your food in a glass container if you can find one, i think, because i do not believe that glass gives off any dangerous chemicals like plastic does. Until then, bring your food with you inside to work, in a stylish tote bag or something! :).
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