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How to Make a Linux Laptop Switch Off Backlight Completely When Keyboard and Mouse Is Not Used

i'm guessing if its a text only system, vbetool may do the trick. For the graphical system "xset dpms force off" may work, if dpms is set up for the x based system (which would need the option for dpms to be in the xorg conf file) while its for a BSD based system this might be a good reference to troubleshooting steps

On a couple of Linux laptops I have the built in screen never turns off it's backlight, regardless if a 'black screen' sort of screen saver is activated (this both for a laptop running an X-based desktop as well as for a laptop only having a text console) or if I even close the lid of the laptop (looking carefully in the dark, I can tell that the screen still has the backlight on, even if the laptop "know" it is closed).

This is a bad thing for a couple of reasons:

It wastes power

It generates heat which when the laptop lid is closed increases the cooling need (the fan goes on more often etc).

Backlights have limited lifetime like all electric components and IIRC, the less a backlight is turned on, the longer it will last.

So, what is the best approach (considering a Gentoo with a 2.6.36 kernel) to remedy this? I recon that there probably are two approaches:

one for text-only laptops which never

displays a desktop, e.g a laptop

sitting there acting like a firewall

or server

one for those running a

Gnome/KDE/XFCE desktop (and a SLIM or

GDM display manager).

The laptops I have in mind is a Dell Latitude CPi (built 1999, yes, it is from another millenea), a Compaq Armada M700 (built 2001) and a Dell Latitude D630.

If this can be accomplished only by configuring things in the Linux OS (be it kernel setup or editing config files) without touching anything in BIOS, that would of course be preferable.

How to Make a Linux Laptop Switch Off Backlight Completely When Keyboard and Mouse Is Not Used 1

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Can I Get Some Names of Companies Manufacturing Keyboard and Mouse?
Can I Get Some Names of Companies Manufacturing Keyboard and Mouse?
intel.... is the best1. Why can't US corporations use technological superiority to equalize the gap between manufacturing in countries with cheap labor and manufacturing in the U.S.?Once a country got a law that says minimum wages everything is expensive . All living expenses will go up & everything else will go up as well , it a double side sword so to speak. It is best not to introduce it , let market conditions dictate the rates. US will be not easy to bring back the manufacturer base, just can not do it anymore. Go to do a value added & high Technologies that others are not capable of doing right now , any delay others will catch up. Time & tide waits for no man!2. Is manufacturing for US consumers the primary cause of pollution in China?The US has a lot to answer for the pollutiion caused in manufacturing the goods which they need and clamour for.To be honest, the average US citizen do not giving a flying fig what happens to any country which makes the goods that they want and need as long as they get them cheaply.When GW Bush was president, he said that the world hates America because it is jealous of the living style of its people. No, the world does not hate America for that, it loathes the way America shows disdain for the people of the world as if they only exist to serve them and help keep them living in luxury while they slave and for all the wars and mayhem that America fomented since the end of WW2 while spouting Liberty, Honour and Freedom3. Avionics Tooling in Aircraft Manufacturing?most factories supply the tools but if your doing repair work it depends on what type. are you thinking structure or A&P, avionics or interiors? there are to many variables but if you get a job somewhere they all have a minimum tools list that they will supply you. like i said most (including lockeed martin, northrop gruman, and boeing) provide the needed tools.4. List of cheap raw materials for manufacturing products?Umm, most raw materials are dirt cheap, if you get it in the "raw" form (thus raw materials). The expense is in turning them from raw materials, to usable materials, then from there, making the product. So in short, if you want to make something inexpensive, have it made where the labor is cheap (China and the rest of Southeast Asia).5. Do you think that creating jobs is going to be useless unless they stimulate manufacturing ?That's exactly what we did, during the fifties when we produced things and unions had made sure that workers were getting a share of the profits their sweat produced we did well. Even Disneyland knew a good portion of its visitors were men and women who worked the line in Detroit. Or Pittsburgh. Saddest thing I ever saw was the dead, empty factories on the Monongahela that used to employ thousands to make steel and were, in the eighties, just growing weeds. All in the name of profits. All in the name of trickle down, but trickle down does not . It stays in the pockets of the ones at the top. And they spend it on European vacations, not Disneyland. And second homes in Switzerland, not at the shore. And they buy their dresses in Europe, not at Macy's. Today I heard Republicans say that they objected to a provision for new hybrid cars to replace the fleet of government cars. That's spending they say, not stimulus. Obama is right, someone has to produce those cars, why do not Republicans understand that?6. Why do people have to knock the white sox for manufacturing a run?Your a jerk!! GO AJ!7. How deep are western countries involved in manufacturing terrorism?Let me ask you a question. How many attacks on western targets were there in lets say the two hunderd years before 911? And how many were there in the 15 after 911?Exactly. Why is that? Would it have anything to do with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?Look. There is more than enough evidence that the USA was well ready to invade Afghanistan and Iraq BEFORE the 911 events. Osama bin Laden was sure that the USA was going to invade ANYWAY so he made a pre-emptive strike on manhattan 11th of sept. 2001Would he have made the same decision had he not been sure the USA would invade anyway sooner or later? I do not think so. That would be plain dumb because a US invasion solely invited by his attack would lead to a lot of destruction and possibly the eradication of Al Qaida itself and the Taliban government. Far too much to loose. But he knew these things were going to be lost anyway so thats why 911 happened. A preemptive are venge' strike.So why did the USA want Iraq and Afghanistan on their side? Well Iraq is obvious they have the black gold. But Afghanistan? Well if you have a closer look Afghanistan is a very strategically important place (next to Iran, Pakistan) so a US-friendly regime is vital over there to upkeep US interests in central asia. On top of that, Afghanistan would host a major oil pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan in order to sideline Russia! (So yes oil again) And then there are one od the worlds biggest copper and uranium deposits.Actually just before the invasion of Afghanistan, a deal with the Taliban on that very important oil pipeline failed. And just before the invasion of Iraq, Saddam said that Iraq's oil could be paid in euros instead of US dollars. These facts also point in a certain direction do not they.So in a very crooked way US imperialism (their greed and thirst for world domination) has triggered a lot of attacks on them especially durinf and after these two invasions.Also, these adventures triggered Russia to also once again become a world dominating power and Putin has started to expand Russian 'interests' in the Middle East and central Asia. That's why for example Putin will never give up its strategically vital base in Tartous, Syria and is doing everything to protect it.Its a spiral downward since the USA has started 'battling terrorism'So is throwing even more bombs going to stop 'terrorism'? I do not think so. The more bombs are thrown, the more popularity anti-USA groups will gain. Even if ISIL be destroyed completely will that be the end of everything? Are all those anti US sentiments suddenly gone thn?The foreign policy of the West of doninating the Muslim world is the very reason FOR 'terrorism'. So yes in a sense they created it and are still nurturing it.How deep are western countries involved in manufacturing terrorism?.
Vivo Iqoo Flagship Mobile Phone May Support RGB Lighting Effect
Vivo Iqoo Flagship Mobile Phone May Support RGB Lighting Effect
Recently, two models of v1824ba and v1824a mobile phones have been connected to the network of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Previously, the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology only gave the parameters of these two models. Now their ID photos have also been published. V1824ba and v1824a are the same mobile phones. They should be the flagship mobile phones of vivo iqoo to be released on March 1.There seems to be a slender light band in the center of the back of the mobile phone, which may support RGB light effect. In addition, the buttons on the left and right sides of the new machine are also dyed light blue, which is in sharp contrast to the tone of the whole machine. On the right is the volume key and power key, and on the left is a game key. When turned on, the mobile phone will enter high-performance mode, because the design of iqoo new machine is really like a game mobile phone.It should be noted that previously, iqoo officials disclosed that this is an E-sports mobile phone, which will have an extraordinary E-sports experience.In terms of performance, the new iqoo machine also meets the conditions of game phone. It adopts Xiaolong 855 processor, is equipped with 8GB / 12gb memory and 128GB / 256gb body storage. It should have 8GB 128GB and 12gb 256gb versions and run Android 9 system. Prior to the official notice, the aircraft also has a 4000 MAH battery, supports 44w super fast charging, as well as type-C interface, NFC, 4D vibration motor, etc.Iqoo new machine has at least two colors of blue and gold, and the body size is 157.69 × seventy-five point two × 8.51mm, 196g, equipped with 6.41 inch AMOLED screen, resolution 1080 × 2340, support screen fingerprint. There are three rear cameras, 13 million pixels, 12 million pixels and 2 million pixels respectively. The third camera may be a depth of field lens for background virtualization. The new machine also supports super HDR, with a front camera of 12 million pixels.
Rapoo V808rgb Game Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Is the Top Level in Quality and Feel
Rapoo V808rgb Game Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation Is the Top Level in Quality and Feel
When it comes to mechanical keyboards, many players may think of cherry for the first time. Cherry MX axis has become the symbol of most high-end mechanical keyboards because of its reliable quality and excellent hand feel. Rapoo has launched many mechanical keyboards equipped with cherry MX axis before. Recently, rapoo's new v808rgb game mechanical keyboard is still equipped with cherry axis, Let's take you to understand it carefully.Evaluation of rapoo v808rgb game mechanical keyboard: unpacking & appearance analysisOn the package, rapoo v808rgb still adopts the family style. The product rendering drawing, model and other marks are printed on the front, and the shaft type is also marked on the left. Rapoo v808rgb has four shaft types. This time, we received the red shaft version.In terms of accessories, rapoo v808rgb is equipped with a micro USB data cable and a traditional red key dialer due to its separate key line design.Rapoo v808rgb does not use too many fancy designs in appearance design, and its circumference reaches 445mm × 144mm × 41mm, and although the surface material adopts ABS, the keyboard weight still reaches 1.1kg, giving people the first impression that it is very low-key, calm and solid.Above the keypad is the indicator area, which respectively indicates the keypad locking, win key locking, case and other functions. At the same time, rapoo v808rgb has full key programmable function, and the top multimedia keys can be customized by driving.It can be seen from the side skirt that the keyboard still has a certain thickness, which can better fit the hand even without the use of foot support. The design of embedding the key cap into the keyboard can also reduce the occurrence of dust to a certain extent and better protect the shaft. However, compared with the suspended key cap, the cleaning is not so convenient, and the key cap needs to be removed to be better cleaned.The bottom of the keyboard is also made of black frosted ABS, with an information nameplate in the middle and a drain hole below, indicating that rapoo v808rgb has a certain waterproof ability, which can quickly discharge the liquid in case of liquid intrusion and avoid damage caused by backlog inside. It is equipped with four long strip anti-skid foot pads, and the foot support part adopts two-stage design, which can be adjusted to the appropriate height more accurately.The keyboard adopts a general micro USB interface and is equipped with a three-way cable slot.Evaluation of rapoo v808rgb game mechanical keyboard: axis analysisRapoo v808rgb adopts the original cherry MX shaft. There are four kinds of shaft available: red, black, green and tea. The one in our hand is the red shaft version. The pressure of the red shaft is not large in the hand feeling. When pressing, it goes straight up and down, with good rebound strength at the bottom. It is light, flexible and labor-saving. It can respond quickly in the game without causing fatigue after long-term use, It will not have obvious noise like the green axis. It can be said that it is a more versatile axis body, which is very suitable for small partners who want code words and like playing games.The long axis body still adopts the common satellite axis design. In the long key position such as the space bar, the hand feeling will inevitably be softer, while the hand feeling of key positions such as shift key is not much different.The key cap is made of ABS material with two-color injection molding. The surface is frosted and feels comfortable. The concave design in the middle is more in line with the ergonomic design. There are stiffeners in the key cap to ensure the strength. There is no burr inside and the edge is relatively flat. The workmanship still meets the standard of flag ship.Rapoo v808rgb game mechanical keyboard evaluation: RGB colorful backlightRapoo v808rgb is equipped with about 16.8 million color magic RGB backlight system, and has a variety of lighting modes. It can be quickly switched through FN key combination, and the brightness of five gear backlight can be adjusted. Through the drive, there are more adjustment options, and the playability is very rich.Evaluation of rapoo v808rgb game mechanical keyboard: Performance & Game measurementRapoo v808rgb supports full key non impact function, which can avoid misoperation caused by key conflict in the game.Apex HeroesIn terms of games, we choose apex hero, the hottest FPS game at present. In such games, whether there can be coquettish walking depends on the keyboard. In the game, rapoo v808rgb brings good response speed, and the operations such as sliding and jumping are relatively easy. The red axis straight up and down can also make your operation faster, combined with the colorful RGB backlight, The sense of game is absolutely amazing.Evaluation summary: Overall, rapoo v808rgb is a relatively stable update of 800 series. Although there are no free hand holders and other accessories, combined with the price of 499 yuan, it is also a cost-effective choice in high-end keyboards.In terms of hand feel, it is the least worrying point. The original cherry MX shaft is at the top level in quality and hand feel. Rapoo v808rgb shows the characteristics of the original shaft well. Combined with 16.8 million color and colorful RGB backlight and rich function driver, it makes the keyboard play more diverse. Rapoo v808rgb will be a good choice if you want to taste the original cherry MX shaft.
How Can I Fix Computer If Keyboard and Mouse Don't Work?
How Can I Fix Computer If Keyboard and Mouse Don't Work?
How can i fix computer if keyboard and mouse don't work?I think the USB driver softwares has been damaged.or the keyboard and mouse wire has gone bad.try checking those— — — — — —Laptop is working, keyboard is not, what are my options?get the keyboard replaced. you can buy a replacement on ebay and take it to a tech so they only charge labor— — — — — —What is the best way to keep a computer keyboard clean?Low pressure canned air that can be purchased at any supermarket and turning the keyboard upside-down and shaking lightly— — — — — —Microsoft keyboard: Letter keys to Numbers?Restart computer If still happening, try another keyboard. If is stops, the keyboard is bad. — — — — — —Piano vs. keyboard? what should i do?try the keyboard for starters . It's cheaper than a piano . Besides the keys are the same but on a different scale . It's like that old wives tale , you start out on a acoustic guitar , before you can play electric nonsense you can start on a electric guitar , they are both same configuration except one is electric and ones acoustic that's all. Same thing with keyboards and piano one is electric and pianos acoustic that's all . If you are into Techno music that will great place to start— — — — — —My keyboard on Windows 10 is all messed up?Go on eBay and search for the keyboard for your make and model you can get one for under $20 then watch the video on YouTube for your particular make and model on how to replace the keyboard is going to charge you $125 to replace the keyboard it's a five-minute job just watch the video it's very easy— — — — — —Something's wrong with my keyboard?Are you talking about a laptop keyboard or standard PC keyboard it can change how you deal with it. Because you are having issues with the P I would say the keyboard could be going bad or depending on what kind of keyboard it could just be dirty under the keys. Make sure to check to see if the caps lock and number lock are on or off. If that's not a issue just clean the keyboard. Flip it over, pat it to get anything in it out. Laptop keyboards can be caused by the same thing so try doing the same and get some compressed air to blow anything in it out. I am a computer Design Engineer and Tech, if I knew what keyboard you had I could be more helpful. I have a ASUS Republic of Gaming Notebook and had stickey keys because my Son plays video games too much. I used air and cleaned it up and do not have anymore issues. If you can tell me more I can help you. I am on my cell phone but can login to my yahoo after I get my computer back from my son, so tell me what kind of keyboard, computer or laptop it is— — — — — —Enharmonic keyboardAn enharmonic keyboard is a musical keyboard, where enharmonically equivalent notes do not have identical pitches. A conventional keyboard has, for instance, only one key and pitch for C and D, but an enharmonic keyboard would have two different keys and pitches for these notes. Traditionally, such keyboards use black split keys to express both notes, but diatonic white keys may also be split. As an important device to compose, play and study enharmonic music, enharmonic keyboards are capable of producing microtones and have separate keys for at least some pairs of not equal pitches that must be enharmonically equal in conventional keyboard instruments.— — — — — —How do I clean a modern keyboard?Unless you spill something on and inside the keyboard them all you need is a can of compressed air— — — — — —Apple Wireless KeyboardThe Apple Wireless Keyboard is a wireless keyboard built for Macintosh computers and compatible with iOS devices. It interacts over Bluetooth wireless technology and unlike its wired version, it has no USB connectors or ports. Both generations have low-power features when not in use. It was discontinued on October 13, 2015, and was succeeded by the new Magic Keyboard.— — — — — —how do i clean my keyboard on my laptop?Pictures of the replacement keyboard show obvious indications of screws holding the keyboard down on this laptop, so you might be able to remove the top bezel (just under the screen) by removing the battery and pressing up on some clips that hold it into place. This plastic plate may also require a prying tool to pop up. Once that's done, there's a ribbon flex cable under the keyboard that needs to be carefully removed. Once that's out, you can take the keyboard and shake it over the sink. The operation requires no more than a few make-shift tools and a screw driver to do, and takes about 10 minutes. I do not know your particular laptop, but that should give you some clue about where to start. I linked a video to illustrate what I mean, and I hope it gives you a good step about where to start.
VONTAR I8 Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4GHz
VONTAR I8 Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4GHz
VONTAR Mini i8 Backlight Wireless Keyboard — English Russian Hebrew Spanish VersionHighlights Tip: when choosing sets, please be aware of language, backlit function and Battery version, we will send out goods according to your choice, so please take care. — Wireless mouse2.4G Wireless Connection Range: Radius 3 m — High sensitivity touch template, template DPI adjustable function touch — Mini QWERTY 92-key keyboard multimedia control keys and PC gaming control keys — Automatic sleep / wake patterns — Product With Backlight — Ergonomic handheld design is easy to carry and operate I8 keyboard ( AAA battery version) In this version, we do not send battery inside. It has 3 langugae for choose: only English/ English & Russian/ English & Hebrew and no backlit. Two body colors for choose: Black/ White I8 lion no backlit (Li-on battery version) In this version, we will send a Li-on battery inside the package. Only English keyboard and no backlit. I8 keyboard (3 colors Backlit Li-on battery) In this version, we will send a Li-on battery inside the package. It has 3 colors backlit for choose: Red, Green, Blue, you can change the color by yourself. It has 2 language for choose: only English/ English & Russian About the set up: -FnF2: Open or Close Keyboard (Backlight/ Backlit) -Fn Space: Speed up the mouse move -Fn F11: Full screen to browser -FnF1(RF): Activation keys -Press FN and the edge of the bottom of touchpad from Left to Right, Backlit Color will change constantly(Goods from Russia wearhouse has no this fuction) I8 keyboard (White Color Backlit Li-on battery) In this version, we will send a Li-on battery inside the package. It has 1 colors backlit : White It has 2 language for choose: only English/ English & Russian It has 2 colors of the keyboard color: White or Black About the set up: -FnF6: Open or Close Keyboard (Backlight/ Backlit) -Fn Space: Speed up the mouse move -Fn F11: Full screen to browser -FnF1(RF): Activation keys Note: All the type mini keyboard is not compatible to all smart TV! Technical Data — 92 keys, 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad. — Mini QWERTY keyboard with multimedia control keys and PC gaming control keys. — Suitable for Google TV, HD player, set top, Android TV box, foriPhone and Web TV. — Maximum operating distance: ≥3m without signal disturbance and no direction limit. — With USB interface adapter. — Suitable for people to watch internet TV plays on via broadband/PC like NBC, ABC, fox and IPTV. — Select viewing pleasures without walking to computer to change channels/scroll through options. — Adjustable touchpad. — Scroll wheel function. — Comparable to real notebook touchpad. — TPU keys are very comfortable for typing experience. — Microsoft for Windows multimedia controls. — Wireless controls multimedia PC/smart mobile phone. — Color: Black — Operational voltage: 3.3V — Charge Voltage: 4.4V 5.25V — TX Power: less than 5dBm — Power consumption: 55mA(on), 1mA(sleep) Built-in lithium-ion battery Support system: — Windows 2000. XP. Vista. Windows CE. Windows 7 Android — Linux (Debian-3. 1. Redhat-9. 0 Ubuntu-8. 10 Fedora-7. 0 tested) — Mac OS X. Android 3. 0 — keyboard not suitable for smart tv What is in Box? — 1 x Keyboard — 1 x USB Wireless Receiver — 1 x USB Charging Cable(only for backlit keyboard) — 1 x User Manual PicturesLi-on battery white color BacklitLi-on battery no backlit versionLi-on battery 3color Backlit versionLi-on battery White Backlit versionAAA battery version(no backlit)Read the full articleWhere do I get a driver for Windows 7 for the zydas mini wireless usb adapter?If its linksys... you get it from linksys's site. If its netgear... you get it from netgear's site. so... if its zydas... you get it from...? Yes IF you dont know the site... google it.Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901: Remap orange "My Computer” buttonNote for those that want a quick fix for this that does not require any 3rd party software: Open regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAppKey17Change the ShellExecute value from the current value (::20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D, which identifies "My Computer") to whichever app you want to run (ex. notepad).Keep in mind this will re-map the "My Computer" key on any keyboard (my Dell at work has one, I did this to re-map the WMP key it has to open a cmd prompt).This works with most of the standard quick launch-type keys.
Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Is Released at 99 Yuan
Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Is Released at 99 Yuan
On December 20, Xiaomi quietly launched the "Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mouse suit", which requires no driver, plug and play, and costs 99 yuan.Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mouse kit locates mainstream office users, adopts slim and lightweight design, supports 2.4GHz wireless connection, supports power-saving sleep technology, and meets the needs of most office users.Among them, the keyboard adopts 104 full-size key position layout, including complete functions such as conventional keyboard, keypad and direction key. The keyboard is equipped with FN composite keys, and the combined keys of FN F1 - F12 support common shortcut key functions such as volume, media, mute, cutting songs, etc.There are four indicators in the upper right corner of the keyboard, one of which is the power indicator. When it is not used for a long time, it will flash for three seconds, then it will automatically turn off, and then go into the intelligent sleep mode.The keyboard also adopts the traditional film shaft body Chocolate key cap, the key cap finger groove radian design, and the laser engraved characters are clear and sharp, which is not easy to wear. There is a 6 ° natural inclination design at the bottom of the keyboard, which is in line with the ergonomic design. It is more comfortable to use and not easy to fatigue.The mouse adopts lightweight design, only 60g, medium size, full and comfortable grip, symmetrical design, both left and right hands can be used. The mouse is equipped with a primary phase 1000dpi optical sensor. Powered by a No. 7 battery, the receiver can be stored at the bottom of the mouse for drive free plug and play.
Best Gaming Combo for PC/Xbox/PS4
Best Gaming Combo for PC/Xbox/PS4
Since the consumer is always on the look out for a great gaming experience, it becomes more important to get the best gaming experience possible. It doesn't matter whether you are playing on PC or console - the best gaming combo should be an effective one.the new console ps4 & xbox one?PS4 i also going to have news games such as dayz and planetside 2 and even moreShould i trade in everything for PS4?i would just sell everything from sony and not things from nintendo like the DS, gameboys, gamecube... all the games on your ps2, ps2, psp you will probably be able to download them on the ps4 so theres no need to keep those. i sold all my sony systems too in anticipation for the ps4. it is not worth your nintendo consoles and games thoughDo You Like The PS4?Ya I like it, haven't played it much since no good games are out yetAnyone know the Release date of PS4?Not anytime soon, but ps vita comin out next year which is a psp basicallyPS3 To PS4 Game Update?AC4: Black Flag is one of the titles where, if you buy the digital download on the PS3, you can upgrade to the PS4 version for $10. Game sharing rules are apparently a little different on the PS4 from what I've heard -- it sounds like it will be more like the 360 where the game will always work on the console where it was purchased but to use it on any other PS4 you will need to be signed in with the PSN account that bought it. This is different from the PS3 where it's always available to any account on the two activated consoles.Any Ps4 console available in USA ?i got one for saleF% Xbox one, I'm getting a ps4. So let's talk ps4?i hate to break it to you the ps4 charges for online and xbox one changed the points to money nowHow long will everyone wait to get a PS4?I personally would get it on the launch date. But I have to wait till Christmas, because I am broke haha but anyway, I would get it because of the exclusives it will have. Not only that, but the PS thing will be 10 bucks cheaper than Xbox Live, and the graphics are AMAZING. People are saying to wait till after the launch window, but I would rather get it when it releases and be done with itShould I buy a ps3 or ps4?Ps4. Ps3 is like ancient, dude come onI have been seeing flickering horizontal white lines on my new monitor and I donu2019t know what they are. I have tried another HDMI cable but it still happens. What could it be? I play on PS4.High chance a broken monitor.If its a brand new one. Go back to the store and ask for a new oneDo not forget to make a video of the screenI have been seeing flickering horizontal white lines on my new monitor and I don't know what they are. I have tried another HDMI cable but it still happens. What could it be? I play on PS4Ps4 e3 conference details?Learn to use punctuation and proper use of capitals, and your question will be easier to read and therefore answered sooner. As far as I know, Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts will be coming out on the Xbox 360 and not the Xbone, so I would imagine they would also be PS3 only and not PS4 Edit: I said as far as I know. Aka, I may be wrong about BF4 and COD being only on 7th gen consoles. So suck itWrong PS4 controller button mappingIt seem to be the kernel to causing the problem. Using Grub Customizer I changed my kernel from 4.10.0-28 to 4.8.14-040814. Now the controller work correctlyWhich PS4 games are the best in 2018?God of War 4 got GOTY last year, so while I have not played it myself you should enjoy it.The only games from 2018 I got on PS4 are Red Dead Redemption II and Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight. Red Dead is great though, I recommend it too.
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