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How to Connect My Wireless Mouse.?

It depends, is it "wireless" or Wireless Bluetooth. They are not the same thing. A Bluetooth mouse will likely work with any Bluetooth dongle, but a simple wireless mouse will only work with its own proprietary dongle

How to Connect My Wireless Mouse.? 1

1. Are there any companies with unlimited wireless data plans?

Tmobile is unlimited they just throttle you down to edge speeds after 5 gigs few things what on earth are you doing to use over 5 gigs? can we say torrents and using it as a home internet connection by tethering? Tethering is not a replacement for home cable internet Also look up fair use laws.........companies put reasonable (ie 20 gigs of data use in NOT reasonable) limits on stuff like this so a bunch of retards do not go using it as a home internet and downloading gigs on top of gigs of torrents

2. Wireless internet in your toliet??

This was Google's April Fools joke this's not real

How to Connect My Wireless Mouse.? 2

3. Will i be able to use the Xbox Wireless Adapter (White one) with a NETGEAR Wireless router?

Yes the xbox 360 can use a,b, g wi-fi signals, so this router will work just fine

4. Broadcom wireless driver doesn't work in ubuntu 14.04. My pci id is [14e4:43b1] (rev 03)

Before we go any further, let's be certain that ideapad-laptop is working as expected. From a terminal:Now do both your wireless switch and touchpad/touchscreen work as expected? If so, please remove the blacklist you added previously. Now for the wireless:Please note and post any errors.

5. Xbox Live & Wireless Connection?

i would suggest you just use an ethernet cord if you are really worried about lag. it offers a lot more bandwidth than the wireless adapter. games like ufc depend on an extremely fast connection online since it's a reaction based game. and you could always sell your wireless adapter on ebay for about 90 bucks. i know those things are pricey. also, once you've decided to go wired. forget the router for your best connection. just go straight from the modem to your xbox.

6. Can I hook a wireless router to my existing wireless router?

You can do this, but you have to be careful about network assignments, because they come hard coded on the private networks they use. Also, if you have devices that are need to talk to each other, creating another network will complicate it. It is best to get a Access Point. An Access Point is like a switch with wireless. So you are extending your network, not creating a new network. All is not lost, most wireless routers can be converted into an AP by turning services (firewall, routing engine,dhcp) off and plugging it in differently. Google the router you want and converting to access point. Most likely someone has done it before. And routers sometimes cost less than access points. You can mix g and n. Most routers have a page that specify which they will support, n only, gn, g only, etc.

7. wich laptop adapter should i buy a Wireless USB adapter or a Wreless PC - Card?

I agree...I've read that USB cards lose connectivity a lot. Wireless built in is the way to go

8. how to choose wireless triggers?

The hotshoe adapter is not for Canon, although it has the Canon TTL pin layout. You can use any flash trigger that will mount in a standard hot shoe. Hopefully you got the adapter with a PC socket as well, because the PC socket will be much more reliable than the hot shoe. At least mine is that way. You would have to go back to Ebay for your triggers, and to search for a diffuser that fits your flash. Or you can get any of the generic cloth "slip on" type, although i do not care for them.

9. Does a TV have to be 'Wireless" to use wireless components?

You are correct Carlene. "wireless capability is in the adapters and additional hardware" is a spot on answer

10. wireless broadband router?

It should work fine switching over to DSL. There are 2 types of Router, wireless and wired. Both are pretty much the same except the wireless one will have more options like WEP/WPA encryption, range adjustments, etc...

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