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Cleaning Tips for Your Keyboard and Mouse

This article explains how to clean your Mac's mouse, trackpad, and keyboard.

No matter what type of mouse you use, the body is cleaned in a similar manner to remove any oils, such as fingerprints.

• Wipe the mouse body with the microfiber cloth.

• For stubborn spots, dip the cloth in clean water and rub the mouse gently.

• Apply pressure to scrub dirty spots on the mouse. Just do not apply pressure near any scroll wheel, cover, or tracking system.

Start by turning off your Mac and unplugging the mouse, trackpad, and keyboard if they are wired peripherals. If your keyboard, mouse, or trackpad is battery powered, remove the batteries.

Have the following items on hand:

• Can of pressurized air with nozzle straw

• Clean water. It does not need to be purified or distilled.

If you use an Apple Mighty Mouse, the scroll ball also needs to be cleaned. Slightly dampen the microfiber cloth and roll the scroll ball against the cloth. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the scroll ball.

When the scroll ball is clean, use the can of pressurized air to blow out dust and dirt from inside the well where the scroll ball sits. The air also dries the scroll ball after you clean it.

If you have an Apple Magic Mouse, cleaning is vastly simplified. After you clean the touch surface with a wet or dry microfiber cloth, run the microfiber cloth along the two guide rails on the bottom of the Magic Mouse.

If your Magic Mouse seems to have tracking errors, that is, the mouse pointer stalls or jumps about, use the can of pressurized air to clean around the tracking sensor on the bottom of the Magic Mouse.

If you use a third-party mouse, follow the manufacturer's suggested cleaning instructions and clean your mouse. In general, use a microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of the mouse. If the mouse has a scroll wheel, you may find that it routinely becomes clogged with gunk. Use cotton swabs to clean the scroll wheel and the can of pressurized air to clean around the scroll wheel.

In the worst cases, you may need to open the mouse to access the optical sensor in the scroll wheel system. Not all mice are opened up easily, and some are difficult to put back together once they are opened. Do not perform mouse surgery unless you already have a replacement mouse available and do not mind looking for that little spring that sailed across the room.

If you use a trackpad rather than a mouse, you will find they are even easier to clean:

• Remove the batteries from a wireless trackpad. If you use a wired trackpad, unplug it. If the trackpad is built-in on your laptop, turn off the laptop and unplug it if it is plugged in.

• Moisten a clean microfiber cloth with water and use it to clean the flat surface of the trackpad.

• Unplug the keyboard from your computer or remove the batteries from a wireless keyboard.

• Clean the keyboard surface using a microfiber cloth. Wrap a toothpick with a single layer of the microfiber cloth to clean between the keys.

• For stubborn surfaces, dampen the cloth with clean water, but take care not to get moisture in any openings. Never spray liquid on the keyboard.

• Use the can of pressurized air to blow out any additional debris from around the keys.

Keyboards and liquids do not get along. If you spill water or liquid on a keyboard, turn it off or unplug it immediately. Wipe off any visible liquid and flip it upside down to drain on a soft cloth for at least 24 hours before attempting to use it. You may or may not need a new keyboard.

If the spill is on a laptop keyboard, turn off the laptop immediately and take the computer to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for repair. The entire computer is at risk.

When your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard has an unresponsive key or one that sticks when you press it, bring out the compressed air with the straw attached to its nozzle for precision control.

• Hold the laptop at an angle so that the keyboard is close to vertical.

• Spray the keyboard (or a single stuck key) with the compressed air in a left-to-right and back zigzag pattern.

• Rotate the Mac laptop 90 degrees to its right side and spray the keyboard or key with compressed air while moving the air in a zigzag pattern.

• Rotate the laptop 180 degrees to its left side and repeat the spraying process.

This process works on any external keyboard as well.

Why Clean Your Mac Keyboard and Mouse?

The day you unpacked and started working with your new Mac marked the day your Mac's keyboard and mouse or trackpad were working at their best. From that day forward, little bits of grime, dust, and dirt have been building up on these often-used peripherals. The buildup of gunk slowly causes your mouse to feel less responsive and may even cause your keyboard to miss a key click or two now and then.

You could always buy a new Mac keyboard, of course, but frequently cleaning your current one can keep it useful for a good long while.

Cleaning Tips for Your Keyboard and Mouse 1

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