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Can You Fix a Computer Mouse?

if it has a ball: take out the ball and clean the rollers by scratching them with ur fingernail then replace the ball if this is and opical mouse see if the laser is is on (glows red) if it is on the try using the mouse on another surface (ex, pants leg) if it is off ur mouse is broken and it cant be repired or it has become unpluged from ur computer

Can You Fix a Computer Mouse? 1

1. how to prevent hair from getting frizzy.?

Hi ! try extra hold hair spray. or a gel. no mouse, mouse is for curls. or try a dehumid hair dry blower. i have one, but they tend to not work. so i would just go with the extra hair spray. good luck, i hate when that happened to me

2. How can I increase the mouse sensitivity of Magic Mouse?

com. Some utilities are probably updated now. I've used USB Overdrive with certain success

Can You Fix a Computer Mouse? 2

3. Mouse Lagging...?

my best guess would be delete your mouse then plug it back in and see if it finds new hardware

4. Can my mouse contain a virus? Its a wireless mouse.?

maybe, Because few years ago i faced that type problem. I was try to use a unused mouse for my laptop. so far i found 4.5k virus on my laptop within 25 mints

5. Is this okay for a mouse?

Mice and rats do a good job of grooming themselves, but will need to have their cages cleaned once a week. Never grab a mouse by the end of the tail as this can cause injury Mice and rats are always looking to escape - use caution when cleaning the cage or handling your pet Provide your pet with a sturdy chew toy to help keep teeth at the optimal length. when choosing bedding for the cage, avoid cedar chips - cedar produces an odor that is toxic to rodents. A deep pile of wood shavings, shredded paper or processed corn cobs will give rats a comfortable place to nest and hide, as rats prefer to burrow more than mice. Fiberglass cages allow the pet owners to observe their pets, but also serve as a secure area for mice and rats that are more apt to escape than stay in their cage.

6. Mouse not working any ideas?

the problem is due to the usb cable of your mouse, the only way to confirm it is by opening the mouse or pluging the mouse to another pc. the screws are hidden under the grip or frictionless stickers under the mouse

7. What kind of mouse is this?

it's either Mickey, or Minnie

8. best brand of mouse pads?

i agree that 3M Precise Mousing Surface mouse pads which is best brand of mouse pads.

9. Are there guides I can read to improve my aim on FPS games in consoles?

Different console FPSs do controls differently. A big reason why the Halo series did so well is how they tuned the controls for the game; not every company making a console FPS pays that much attention to it. You are pretty much just going to have to practice each game individually until you get the feel for it, like any game. Bonus point: I HAVE heard of people playing on a PS3 with mouse and keyboard, so there is that option

10. I caught a mouse in a mouse trap that isnt dead? :-(?

Do not feel bad for crying out loud, mice are rodents and they spread disease. Putting it in the freezer is fine, but a faster death would have been in a a bucket of water, mouse, trap and all

11. My laptop's keyboard and touch tone mouse are disabled, please help!?

Sounds like you need a driver update. Go to the Acer website and find driver updates for the keyboard and mouse for your exact model of laptop. You could also check your control panel and make sure that these devices are enabled and working correctly in device manager but it sounds more like a driver issue.

12. Frozen, mouse still moves

RAM is used to hold your active working applications. Any unused RAM is used as a disk/file buffer/cache. By setting vm.swappiness=10, you reduce swapping, but you potentially also reduce this disk/file buffer/cache space that is used for large file copies. Since we tried sudo sysctl vm. swappiness=60, that seemed to work for you.To set vm.swappiness=60 permanently, do it this way...sudo -H gedit /etc/sysctl.conf # edit this fileSearch for an existing vm. swappiness= entry. ..CTRLf vm. swappinessIf found, edit it to say vm. swappiness=60If not found, add vm. swappiness=60 at the end of the fileSave your edits and quit geditsudo sysctl -p

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