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Best Gaming Combo for the Gamer in Your Life

A player's best gaming combo should be chosen and saved for when the time comes. Otherwise, he/she will have to carry a lot of stuff with him at once.

Best Gaming Combo for the Gamer in Your Life 1

Gamers are killers in training?

The main problem is the parents that buy these games for their little kids. Kids that are not old enough should not be playing these games

I am a heavy gamer looking for a laptop graphic upgrade?

You do not . Period. End of story. Not even remotely possible. You want more horsepower? Get a new laptop

Best Gaming Combo for the Gamer in Your Life 2

How come Guys are so interested in Gamer girls?

alot of guys tend to like video games also, theres not to many girls who like video games so its something u have in common

Need a cool/funny xbox gamer tag!!?

DRWOOLYNIPPLES crouching noob

Has any girl ever dated a hardcore gamer?

you are kidding, maximum impressive? properly, you be conscious of ways guy game enthusiasts have all distinctive personalities and tastes and appearances? properly, female game enthusiasts are - marvel horror - the comparable! some female game enthusiasts are bubbly. some are shy. some like enjoying RPGs like Baldur's Gate. Others desire taking photos video games like COD (bleurgh). some play their video games on the pc. Others play Xbox. some are brunettes. some are blondes. some are rangas. some are tall. some are skinny. some placed on glasses. some have vast ft. some have tiny palms. some have long hair. some have brown eyes. "what is that, Ninja? female game enthusiasts are different?" No shlt

What do I need to be a PS4 gamer?

A tv, a ps4 and gamesjust play what you want whenever you want and you are a ps4 gamer you do not need to have all the expansive accessories to be a gamer even if you play casually you are a ps4 gamer

what a good game to give to a gamer?

of course games like devil may cry,pro evolution soccer and sims... ;-)

A question for video gamers...?

1) Yes. 2) FPS, RTS, MMORPG, RPG 3) Halo 3, World of Warcraft, Fable 4) Yes, too many times. :P 5) Yes. 6) I think video game violence is acceptable under the correct circumstances. Violence for the sake of violence in any form is bad. If the plot has a legitimate support for it, however, I believe it is perfectly acceptable. 7) Jade Empire, Star Wars:Obi-Wan, Bard's Tale, Tony Hawk: Project 8 8) Every now and then, more my computer than my gaming specifically. 9) Fable 2, Halo Wars, Frozen Throne 10) Sega Genesis, Playstation, N64, Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance

Guys especially gamers: What

3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf

To all Gamers, Please help?

I am sorry if this is a little funny for me. But I guess you learn from mistakes. You should ALWAYS check there before buying/trading it. You should ask him to plug it into the wall and test it, check connection. EVERYTHING. Make sure all the games are there ect. If he denys for any reason, theres something wrong. I am not sure where you can call? Police? Laywer? Theft company? Because that is fraud. I would talk to him, but I am only 13. I am not entirely sure on what you are asking from us though. It is however, partly your fault for not making sure everything was alright. But I can not blame you for not checking as I am sure that when you meet up with this guy it seemed all legit, and what he did is probably illegal. Thats all I can do to help.

Xbox live gamer tag ideas?


Calling all old school gamers!!?

:D Silent Hill of course, Resident Evil, Contra,(it was from Konami,oooold) Mortal Kombat(HUUUUUGE FUN, had a crush on Sub-Zero,loool) All the Mario's Tetris, Street fighter, Alex Kid, and so ooooon:)

Ok. Gamers what's your opinion on this?

I would say it depends on the individual. If you are someone who is prone to random acts of violence, or someone with a sadistic, cruel or aggressive nature, it is probably wise of her not to let you play the game. If you are a mature person who understands that it is just a game and you realize that most of the things in the game are not to be copied in real life; then you should be allowed to play it. It all comes down to how mature you are. If you are a mature person then point that out to your stepmum and explain to her that you understand it's just a game. And just for your information, I am 18 and I do not really feel any different now as when I was 16.

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