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5 Best Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2019

We buy our own products and put them under the same testing methodology so that you can easily compare them. Unlike most websites, we do not get our products directly from the manufacturers, which means our units aren't handpicked and actually represent what you would buy yourself. We spend a lot of time comparing the products side-by-side to validate our results and we keep them until they are discontinued so we can continually go back and make sure our reviews are always accurate.

Noise cancelling headphones have had a bit of reputation in the past for being bulkier and less convenient than normal wired headphones. While it's true that some models today still require a wired connection and AA or AAA batteries to operate, some of the best noise cancelling headphones feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth technology for greater ease of use. Noise cancelling headphones can be really cool; once you try a well-built wireless pair it can be hard to go back to regular headphones, especially if you take the bus to work every day or work in a noisy office. We've tested 311 headphones so far, and below you'll find our picks for the best Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones of 2019.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II: Remarkably comfortable over-ears that sound great Type:

Over-ear Enclosure:

Closed-back Wireless:

Yes (can be used wired) The best Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones that we've reviewed so far are the Bose QuietComfort 35 II (QC35 II). They're among the most comfortable headphones that we've tested and are a very good choice for long flights or those with lengthy commutes.

The QC35 II are great at blocking out distracting office chatter and effectively cancel out the low rumbles of bus and plane engines. This makes them well-suited for office use as well as travel, since they're comfortable and block out noise well. They have a great rechargeable battery life that lasts for 20 hours, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery during a road trip or long flight.

Unfortunately, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II leak quite a bit of sound, which could be distracting to your colleagues or to people standing at a bus stop with you, but if you don't listen to your music at extreme volumes it should be fine most of the time. All things considered, the Bose QC35 II are very good Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones for travel and office use if they fit in your budget.

Shop Now Sony WH-1000XM3: Highly customizable over-ears with great noise cancellation Type:

Over-ear Enclosure:

Closed-back Wireless:

Yes (can be used wired) If you need better isolation than what the Bose QuietComfort 35 II provides, get the Sony WH-1000XM3. They're not quite as comfortable as the QuietComfort 35 II, but they have much better leakage performance. They're a better choice for use in situations when you want to be sure you won't disrupt others with the sound of your music leaking out of your headphones.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 have an impressive companion app with tons of customization options like a parametric EQ, media player, room effects, ANC control, and more. They have a great 27-hour battery life, and if you ever forget to charge them before a trip, just 10 to 15 minutes of charging will give you up to 5 hours of playback. You can then use the app to set the auto-off timer to help prolong the battery life further.

Unfortunately, the Sony WH-1000XM3 have a touch-sensitive control scheme that doesn't work properly in the cold. This won't be a problem indoors or for people who live in areas that don't experience below-freezing temperatures, but could be a deal breaker for those who live in colder climates and intend to use their headphones outdoors.

Shop Now Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2: Easy-to-use over-ears with a great battery Type:

Over-ear Enclosure:

Closed-back Wireless:

Yes (can be used wired) If you're looking for Bluetooth noise cancelling over-ears with an even better battery than that of the Sony WH-1000XM3 but don't want to break the bank, get the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2. They're very good headphones for office use, and are decent for commuting too.

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 have an outstanding 30-hour battery life that will last you multiple long days of audio playback. They take only a little over than 2 hours to charge, which is fairly quick, and have additional battery saving features like smart pause and auto-off. The BackBeat Pro 2 have an exciting sound that is rich in bass and well-suited for genres like hip-hop and EDM that have a lot of thump and rumble.

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 have a very bass-heavy sound that is great for fans of bass, but unfortunately do not feature a compatible EQ like the Sony WH-1000XM3 to customize their sound if you don't like the extra bass. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro also aren't as comfortable nor as isolating as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, but they're also much less expensive.

Shop Now Bose QuietControl 30: Comfortable in-ears with impressive isolation Type:

Earbuds Enclosure:

Closed-back Wireless:

Yes If you prefer the fit and portability of earbud-type headphones but still want great isolation, get the Bose QuietControl 30. These earbuds have very good noise isolation and even more remarkable leakage performance, so you'll never have to worry about the sound of your music bothering those around you.

The Bose QuietControl 30 are surprisingly comfortable for earbud-type headphones that isolate so well. They have a very stable fit that makes them a good choice if you find yourself frequently running to the bus stop. They have decent sound that is balanced enough for most music genres and a good battery life of over 11 hours to keep the music going all day.

Unfortunately, their build quality is not the best, and the rubber coating around the neckband tends to peel off after only a few months of light use. The Sony WI-1000X are similar earbuds that seem better-built, but they're less comfortable and don't isolate as well.

Shop Now Anker SoundCore Space NC: Budget over-ears with surprisingly good isolation Type:

Over-ear Enclosure:

Closed-back Wireless:

Yes (can be used wired) If noise isolation is of utmost importance to you but you can't justify the cost of some of the more expensive noise cancelling models out there, get the Anker SoundCore Space NC. They don't sound as good as other Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones we've reviewed, but they isolate noise very well for their price.

The Anker SoundCore Space NC isolate noise very well and cancel out the rumble of plane and bus engines to a good degree without leaking too much sound. Their battery is decent and fairly long lasting, providing 21 hours of continuous playtime, but does take nearly 3 hours to fully charge. They also have a deep, bass-heavy sound that is sure to please fans of music with intense bass.

Unfortunately, their bass-heavy sound won't be for everyone and may disappoint fans of more vocal-centric music. They also do not have a companion app for you to use to EQ their sound if you're not a fan of their sound profile. That said, they have the best isolation performance in this price range and are definitely worth taking a look at if you want bass-heavy headphones with competent ANC.

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5 Best Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2019 1

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